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F4, F.IV, F04, F 4, F.4 or F-4 may refer to:

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F4, F.IV, F04, F 4, F.4 or F-4 may refer to


  • Caproni Vizzola F.4, an Italian prototype fighter of 1941
  • Hunter F 4, a Hawker Hunter variant
  • Flanders F.4, a 1910s British experimental military two-seat monoplane aircraft
  • Fokker F.IV, a 1921 Dutch airliner
  • F-4, the first version of the P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft
  • F4D Skyray, a United States Navy fighter aircraft used in the 1960s
  • F4F Wildcat, a United States Navy fighter aircraft in World War II
  • F4U Corsair, a United States Navy fighter aircraft in World War II and the Korean War
  • F-4 Lightning, a reconnaissance variant of the P-38 WW II fighter
  • F-4 Phantom II, a supersonic fighter-bomber made by McDonnell Douglas


  • F4 or 65,537 - the largest known prime Fermat number
  • F4, one of the five exceptional simple Lie groups
  • F4 (band) or JVKV, a Taiwanese band
  • F4 (corporation), a video game developer
  • F 4 Frösön, a former Swedish Air Force wing
  • F4 lattice, one of three regular space-filling tessellation in Euclidean 4-space
  • F4 layout, a front-engine, four-wheel drive auto layout
  • F4 (paper), a paper size of 210 mm by 330 mm
  • F4 Records, a record label descended from Factory Records
  • Faugère F4 algorithm
  • Form F-4, an SEC form used to register securities in the United States
  • MV Agusta F4 series, a series of motorcycles
  • Nikon F4, a camera
  • USS F-4 (SS-23), a United States submarine that sunk near Honolulu harbor in 1915
  • F4 Object or Rákosi bunker in Budapest, Hungary
  • Albarka Air's IATA airline designator
  • F4, a tornado intensity rating on the Fujita scale
  • Fantastic Four, fictional Marvel Comics superhero team
  • Flower 4, or F4, the four handsome boys appearing in Boys Over Flowers
  • a function key on a computer keyboard
  • F-number f/4, a standard expressing the diameter of the aperture on a camera
  • F04: Organic amnesic syndrome, not induced by alcohol and other psychoactive substances ICD-10 code

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