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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia's chain of command is divided as follows:

  1. Commander in Chief of the FARC-EP, ultimate decision maker. Alfonso Cano currently holds this position.
  2. The Secretariat is the seven member leadership
  3. The Central High Command (Estado Mayor Central): composed of some 30 top commanders including the seven leaders of the top command; the secretariat is the superior organism of direction and command of the FARC-EP. Its agreements, orders and decisions rule over the entire movement and all its members. It designates the High Command of each bloc and co-ordinates the areas of the respective blocs.
  4. Bloc: consists of five or more fronts. 7 blocs have divided the country's territory strategically to allow greater maneuverability and control.
  5. Front: Consist of anywhere between 50 and 500 men. Control and attack certain areas of the country.
  6. Column: Larger fronts are divided into columns.
  7. Company (Compañía) : These men, usually around 50, stay together and plan ambushes or other surprise attacks.
  8. Guerilla: consists of two squads.
  9. Squad: the basic unit consisting of 12 combatants.



The Central High Command is composed of seven ideological and military leaders of the FARC-EP. It is speculated that some of them could be hiding in the Colombian frontiers with Ecuador and Venezuela, which has been one of the reasons for Colombian military operations in the area. Others are thought to be somewhere in the southeastern-most regions of the country. In a March 2006 United States Department of Justice indictment, $5 million US dollars were offered for information leading to the capture of 47 key FARC figures that remain at large, including the members of the Secretariat.

Alias Name Note
Alfonso Cano
Guillermo León Sáenz Vargas Promoted to Commander in Chief after Manuel Marulanda's death. Political Figure
Mono jojoy - EEUU.jpg
Jorge Briceño Suárez, "Mono Jojoy"
Victor Julio Suárez Rojas Chief Commander of Military Wing
Timoleón Jiménez, "Timochenko"
Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri
Iván Márquez
Luciano Marín Arango Chief of North-West Bloc
Joaquín Gómez, "Usuriaga"
Milton de Jesús Toncel Redondo Replaced Raúl Reyes after his death.

Mauricio Jaramillo, "El Médico"
Jaime Alberto Parra Replaced Iván Ríos after his death.
Pablo Catatumbo
Jorge Torres Victoria Entered the Secretariat after Manuel Marulanda's death.
Manuel Marulanda Vélez, "Tirofijo"
Pedro Antonio Marín Historical Founder of FARC-EP. Commander in Chief. Died of natural causes in 2008.
Jacobo Arenas
Luis Morantes With Marulanda, founder of FARC-EP. Political chief. Died of natural causes in 1990.
Iván Ríos
Manuel Jesús Muñoz Ortiz Peace Negotiator, Head of Central Bloc, killed by one of his security chiefs in 2008
Raúl Reyes
Luis Edgar Devia Silva Traditional "Spokesman of FARC", KIA in 2008 while Colombian troops air raided a FARC camp on the border with Ecuador.
Mauricio jaramillo - Farc.jpg
Efraín Guzmán
Noel Matta Died of natural causes in 2003.


Eastern Bloc

Up to 6700 members.

Alias Name
Germán Briceño Suárez, "Granobles" Noé Suárez Rojas
Jorge Briceño Suárez, "Mono Jojoy" Victor Julio Suárez Rojas
Carlos Antonio Lozada UNKNOWN NAME
Romaña Henry Castellanos Garzón

Western Bloc

Up to 1000 members.

Alias Name Note
Pablo Catatumbo Jorge Torres Victoria
Gustavo López Gómez, "Pacho" Miller Munar Munar
Marco Aurelio Buendía Luis Alfonso Guevara Álvarez KIA in 2003.

Southern Bloc

Up to 2500 members.

Alias Name Note
Fabián Ramírez José Benito Cabrera Cuevas
Joaquín Gómez, "Usuriaga" Milton de Jesús Toncel Redondo
Sonia Omaira Rojas Cabrera Captured and extradited in 2004.

Central Bloc

Up to 1200 members.

Alias Name Note
Jerónimo Raúl Duarte
Alfonso Cano Guillermo León Saenz Vargas
Iván Ríos Manuel Jesús Muñoz Ortiz KIA in 2008

Middle Magdalena Bloc

Up to 1300 members.

Alias Name
Pastor Alape Félix Antonio Muñoz Lascarro

Caribbean Bloc

Up to 1200 members.

Alias Name Note
Bertulfo Emilio Cabrera Díaz
Martín Caballero Gustavo Rueda Díaz KIA in 2007
Simón Trinidad Ricardo Palmera Pineda Arrested and extradited in 2004

Northwestern Bloc "Iván Ríos Bloc"

Up to 2500 members.

Alias Name
Iván Márquez Luciano Marín Arango

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