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The FA Women's Premier League is currently the major women's football competition in England. It is to be superseded by the FA Women's Super League in 2011.[1] The Women's Premier League has been run by The Football Association since the 1992-93 season. 36 teams compete in the three divisions of the Women's Premier League.

The competition is run in a pyramid format, with the FA Women's Premier League National Division at the top, and the Northern and Southern divisions running on an equal basis underneath the National Division. The winners of these leagues each season are promoted to the National Division. The terms Women's Premiership and Ladies Premiership are generally used for the National Division only.

Underneath the top flight leagues, are four Combination leagues - the South West, South East, Midland and Northern Combinations.


Honours History

These are the top honours that the FA Women's Premier League clubs are eligible for and their holders over its history, counted from the time the (National) Premiership was formed; the FA Cup dates from 1970, the League Cup from 1991, and the Community Shield (formerly the Charity Match and the Charity Shield) from 2000. The FA Cup was run by the Women's FA from 1970/71 to 1991/92 inclusive, and was taken over by the FA from the 1992/93 season.

Season Premiership FA Cup League Cup Community Shield
1992-93 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
1993-94 Doncaster Belles Doncaster Belles Arsenal
1994-95 Arsenal Arsenal Wimbledon
1995-96 Croydon WFC Croydon WFC Wembley
1996-97 Arsenal Millwall Millwall
1997-98 Everton Arsenal Arsenal
1998-99 Croydon WFC Arsenal Arsenal
1999-2000 Croydon WFC Croydon WFC Arsenal Arsenal
2000-01 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
2001-02 Arsenal Fulham Fulham Fulham
2002-03 Fulham Fulham Fulham Fulham
2003-04 Arsenal Arsenal Charlton Athletic Charlton Athletic
2004-05 Arsenal Charlton Athletic Arsenal Arsenal
2005-06 Arsenal Arsenal Charlton Athletic Arsenal
2006-07 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
2007-08 Arsenal Arsenal Everton
2008-09 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
2009-10 Leeds Carnegie

Croydon W.F.C. changed their name to Charlton Athletic in the summer of 2000, and competed as Charlton Athletic for 2000/01 and subsequent seasons. Leeds United L.F.C. changed their name to Leeds Carnegie in 2008/09.


Regional Championship Winners (promoted to Premiership)

Season Northern Championship Southern Championship
1993-94 Wolverhampton Wanderers Bromley Borough
1994-95 Aston Villa Maidstone Tigresses
1995-96 Tranmere Rovers Southampton Saints
1996-97 Bradford City Berkhamsted
1997-98 Ilkeston Town Southampton Saints
1998-99 Aston Villa Reading Royals
1999-2000 Sunderland Barry Town
2000-01 Leeds United Brighton & Hove Albion
2001-02 Birmingham City Fulham
2002-03 Aston Villa Bristol Academy
2003-04 Liverpool Bristol City
2004-05 Sunderland Chelsea
2005-06 Blackburn Rovers Cardiff City
2006-07 Liverpool Watford
2007-08 Nottingham Forest Fulham
2008-09 Sunderland Millwall

Women's FA Cup Winners (1970/71 to 1991/92)

1970/71 Southampton
1971/72 Southampton
1972/73 Southampton
1973/74 Fodens
1974/75 Southampton
1975/76 Southampton
1976/77 Queens Park Rangers
1977/78 Southampton
1978/79 Southampton
1979/80 St Helens
1980/81 Southampton
1981/82 Lowestoft
1982/83 Doncaster Belles
1983/84 Howbury Grange
1984/85 Friends of Fulham
1985/86 Norwich
1986/87 Doncaster Belles
1987/88 Doncaster Belles
1988/89 Leasowe Pacific
1989/90 Doncaster Belles
1990/91 Millwall Lionesses
1991/92 Doncaster Belles


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