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FC Braşov
Fc brasov.png
Full name Fotbal Club Braşov
Nickname(s) The Flagers (Stegarii)
Short name FC Braşov
Founded 1937
Ground Tineretului
(Capacity: 12,670)
Owner Romania Ioan Neculaie
Chairman Romania Dinu Gheorghe
Manager Romania Viorel Moldovan
League Liga I
2008-09 Liga I, 9nd
Website Club home page
Home colours
Away colours
Current season

FC Braşov is a professional football club based in the city of Braşov, Romania. Their jersey colours are yellow and black.




Early modern football in Brasov

"Prehistoric" football Brasov start of the 1912-1914. In 1927 Colţea Brasov won a major title.

The second edition of Division C (1937–1938), the band has given way to new team center is "Astra" Brasov, and the current team from the foot of the mountain is FC Brasov. Players that precursor of FC's in '37 may be considered a first generation. Ten of the team then are mentioned by the press: NAFTANAILA (no relation to Lulu NAFTANAILA later), Aurel Stroe, Pitu, Chicomban (known family of round athlete), Danciu, Pedra, rent, Dumitrescu, A. Iftimie, Danail.

Generation of Silviu Ploieşteanu

Second World War paralyzed the work of football. Competitions have been equipped with various trophies, "Cup of Bessarabia" or "Heroes Cup". Immediately after the armistice, began to organize bands of football, in addition to industrial establishments, universities and military teams appear first.

Brasov we find again in Division C - series XII, as "UAB". The predecessor of the team that Silviu Ploieşteanu with hand strength and professionalism, took her to second place in first division and winning the first Balkan Intercluburi Cups. A second generation believe that, after interminabilul dam broke in 1950 in Division B.

The generation that has built Silviu Ploieşteanu great team to win then "Balkan Cup" intercluburi, which will occupy the leading places on the first stage and in 1960 took second place on the first stage. The generation of Nicolae Proca Fusulan George, George Ciripoi, Tica Constantinescu, Gheorghe Perce, Octavian Zaharia, George Raicu, then supplemented with Stephen Hidişan (later as coach, a discoverer of talent), Nicolas Campo, John Szigeti, Alexander Meszaros, Vasile Szeredai Dorin Gane, Târnăveanu Valer, Necula Dorin.

Generation of Mexican trio

The trio followed generation, Nicholas Pescaru - Stere Advice - Michael Ivăncescu, that generation which has three players to national Nafionalul World Mexican. For the province was a team performance, especially for a band that came from "B", even if the demotion was undeserved. Returning to this generation, she demoted in 1968, but the demotion was due to factors unrelated to the value team.

Death of Julius NAFTANAILA on August 28, 1967 shattered the club, which did not recover. Not enough death of one of the greatest talents in Brasov, has also contributed and obtuseness of the federation, which has not agreed to postpone the match with U Cluj, just 48 hours after the funeral. Still under psychological empire, the team gave up and could not recover. Demotion resulted in changes Silviu Ploieşteanu coach, who has not sat on the bench than eight stages in the next edition of "B", after which, Valentin Stanescu took place. Shock change at the helm of the team, after 21 years, has caused the death the following spring, on April 13, 1969. For this generation link his name Csaba Gyorffy, Julius Jenei, Calin Gane, Marcel Goran, Pete Cadar, Caesar Ardeleanu Adrian Hârlab, Virgil Greece generation built with some of those old service member.

Generation of '80

Generation 80s brought back the band "ensign" in the first stage, after five years of penance by Second Division. Last generation Papuc Vasile Vasile Gherghe, Marian Paraschivescu, Valer awls, Costel Spirit, Basil Bent, Gerasimos Chioreanu Adrian Ant, Manciu Constantin Nicolae Bucur, Nicholas Adam, Michael Panache, Petre Marinescu.

Along the way were implanted Marius Lacatus, Ion Batacliu, Văidean Nistor, Ion Mandoca, Dumitru Stângaciu, generation season got off to a team in "B", but that all she brought her face. Had no brilliance of high places, as the first generation, but has maintained a long time the highest standard of Brasov mast. Generation 80s continued and merged with the generation end of the decade eight, which occurred on sky Marin Barbu, Alexandru Csaba Andras, Marian Margarita, Eugen Moldovan, Petre Lucian Andrei Santa, Stefan Balan.

Spring over time at American World Cup '94

Doing a spring over time, beyond the events of December '89, we reach the generation that sent American World Cup '94 Marian Ivan. The generation Tibor Selymes, Ionel Parvu, Laszlo Polgar, Emil Spirit, Sandu Andras, Iulian Chirita, Dorel Purdea, Marius Todericiu, generation I still have some of the most worthy players of previous generations. The generation which, as I said, sent Marian Ivan the world after 24 years of the Mexican trio.

The new generation, a generation of indigenous

Some of the previous generation, came to the foot of Tampa have adapted the earth and remained faithful to these lands, with those that have grown and developed here. In recent years, the junior teams of "ensign", began to produce young talented Conveyor elements. The best of the best have been incorporated into the group "high", others were borrowed from the categories of small teams, to grind. Alexandru Traian Marc, Marius Constantin, Semedo, John Coman, Silviu Pintea, Ionut Vasiliu, Dragos Luca, is generating increased the "City" or "ICIM, is the generation that beats strongly at the gates of consecration, is the generation that made headlines vice-champions or at the foot of Tampa after a very long time. The generation that was thrown into battle, with names that have spent on land in Brasov: Cosmin Bodea, Daniel Isăilă, COCAN Octavian Mihai Stere, Robert Dani, Florin Left and the list could continue. A list that is sure to be filled with other names will come from juniors, painstakingly prepared the "center".

At the end of the 2008-09 season, the team finished 9th in the Liga I.

2009/10 season

The club started the 2009/10 season fairly well, ranking 7th in the championship at the end of the firsh half, just 7 points behind the 1st placed team. In the Romanian Cup, they managed to reach the semi-finals, after eliminating one by one, CS Otopeni, Unirea Urziceni and Gloria Bistriţa. By doing this, they managed to equalise their all time best performance in this competition, after the ones achieved in the 1951, 1957–58, 1961–62, 1969–70, 1978–79 and the 1986–87 seasons. They were drawn against FC Vaslui. Neither team has ever reached the final.



Liga I:

Liga II:

  • Winners (6): 1956, 1967–68, 1979–80, 1983–84, 1998–99, 2007–08
  • Runners-up (2): 1976–77, 1978–79


Balkans Cup:

  • Winners (1): 1960-61

Current squad

As of 5 March 2010. Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Romania GK Dănuţ Coman
2 Portugal DF Rui Duarte
3 Brazil DF Ezequias
4 Romania DF Octavian Abrudan
5 Romania MF Alexandru Chipciu
6 Cape Verde MF Néné
7 Romania MF Cătălin Munteanu (2nd vice-captain)
8 Romania MF Nicolae Grigore
9 Romania FW Attila Hadnagy
10 Romania MF Róbert Ilyés (captain)
11 Romania FW Dorel Zaharia
12 Romania DF Cristian Ionescu
13 Romania GK Gabriel Kajcsa
14 Romania MF Mihai Roman
No. Position Player
15 Romania DF Cristian Oroş
17 Romania FW Cătălin Dedu
18 Romania MF Marian Cristescu
19 Republic of Macedonia FW Dušan Savić
20 Romania DF Ionuţ Voicu
21 Romania FW Sabrin Sburlea
23 Romania DF Nicolae Constantin
24 Peru MF Julio Landauri
25 Romania DF Stelian Stancu
26 Romania MF Alexandru Mateiu
27 Romania MF Marius Măldărăşanu (1st vice-captain)
32 Romania GK Mihai Mincă
55 Portugal DF Nuno Diogo

Players In

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
24 Peru MF Julio Landauri (from Universitario de Deportes)
19 Republic of Macedonia FW Dušan Savić (from FK Rabotnički)
No. Position Player
25 Romania DF Stelian Stancu (free agent)

Players Out

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
25 Romania MF Adrian Senin (at Delta Tulcea)
19 Romania MF Bogdan Nicolae (at Juventus Bucureşti)
No. Position Player
28 Romania FW Alexandru Piţurcă (at Universitatea Craiova)
29 Romania MF Alexandru Bălţoi (at Concordia Chiajna)

Notable players

South America

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