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Carl Zeiss Jena
Full name Fußballclub Carl Zeiss Jena e.V.
Nickname(s) FCC
Founded May 13, 1903
Ground Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld
(Capacity: 15,610)
Chairman Germany Hartmut Beyer
Manager Netherlands René van Eck
League 3. Liga
2008-09 3rd Liga, 16th
Home colours
Away colours

FC Carl Zeiss Jena is a German football club based in Jena, Thuringia.



The club was founded in May 1903 by workers at the Carl Zeiss AG optics factory as the company-sponsored Fussball-Club der Firma Carl Zeiss. The club underwent name changes in 1911 to Fussball Club Carl Zeiss Jena e.V. and then again in March 1917 to 1. Sportverein Jena e.V.


The 1930s and World War II

In 1933, 1. SV Jena joined the Gauliga Mitte, one of sixteen top flight divisions formed in the re-organization of German football under the Third Reich. The team captured the division title in 1935, 1936, 1940, and 1941. This earned Jena entry to the national finals, but they performed poorly and were never able to advance out of preliminary round group play. After the 1943-44 season the Gauliga Mitte broke up into a collection of city-based leagues as World War II overtook the area.

Postwar play in East Germany

In the immediate aftermath of the war, associations of all types including sports and football clubs, were banned in Germany by the occupying Allied authorities. Jena was re-constituted in June 1946 as SG Ernst Abbe Jena and like many other clubs in East Germany would undergo a number of name changes and was known variously as SG Stadion Jena (October 1948), SG Carl Zeiss Jena (March 1949), BSG Mechanik Jena (January 1951), BSG Motor Jena (May 1951), and SC Motor Jena (November 1954).

In 1950, the club became a founding member of the DDR Liga (II) and in their second season captured a divisional title to win promotion to the top flight DDR Oberliga for a single season appearance. Re-named SC Motor Jena in 1954, they played their way back to the upper league by 1957. Jena won its first honours with the capture of the East German Cup in 1960 and followed up with the East German national title in 1963. The club was "re-founded" as FC Carl Zeiss Jena in January 1966 and became one of East Germany's football clubs, football's "focus centres" for the development of talented players for the national side. Jena would go on to become a dominant side in the DDR-Oberliga between then and 1975. They took two more national titles in 1968 and 1970, but finished in second place another half dozen times to sides like Vorwärts Berlin, Dynamo Dresden, and 1. FC Magdeburg. In addition to their national titles, FCC captured East German Cups in 1972, 1974, and 1980. The club also appeared in the 1981 European Cup Winners' Cup final, losing 1:2 to Dinamo Tbilisi. This was arguably the clubs greatest ever achievement.

German reunification

After German reunification in 1990, Jena was seeded into the 2. Bundesliga. Their second place finish in 1992 deteriorated into a seventeenth place finish in 1994 and relegation to Regionalliga Nordost (III). They won immediate re-promotion and played three more years at the tier II level. For most of the time since 1999 the team has played tier III and IV football, but a second place finish in the Regionalliga Nord secured Jena promotion to the 2. Bundesliga for the 2006-07 season. Jena remained in the 2. Bundesliga in 2007-08, having been saved from relegation by winning 2-1 away against FC Augsburg in their final match of the season. They would finish last in the 2. Bundesliga in 2007-08 and return to the third tier. However, this will not be one of the Regionalligen; the German Football Association (DFB) will launch the new 3. Liga for 2008-09, of which Jena will be a charter member. On 09 November 2009 the Chairman Peter Schreiber announced his Retirement[1] and on 13 November 2009 the completely Executive Board declared his Demission[2], on 25 November 2009 was Hartmut Bayer named as the new Chairman.[3] The second team is involved in the 2009 European football betting scandal[4], loudly prosecution was the game against ZFC Meuselwitz arranged[5]. On 10 December 2009 the club announced that the club is in financially distressed[6], Carl Zeiss fails over 1. Million €uro[7]. In January 2010 the players to abandon a part of his salary[8][9].

Recent seasons

Year Division Position
1999-2000 Regionalliga Nordost (III) 4th
2000-01 Regionalliga Süd (III) 18th (relegated)
2001-02 NOFV-Oberliga Süd (IV) 3rd
2002-03 NOFV-Oberliga Süd 2nd
2003-04 NOFV-Oberliga Süd 2nd
2004-05 NOFV-Oberliga Süd 1st (promoted)
2005-06 Regionalliga Nord (III) 2nd (promoted)
2006-07 2. Bundesliga (II) 13th
2007-08 2. Bundesliga 18th (relegated)
2008-09 3. Liga (III) 16th
2009-10 3. Liga

Current squad

As of 28 December 2009 (2009 -12-28)

No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Carsten Nulle
2 Germany DF Tim Petersen
4 Netherlands DF Quido Lanzaat
5 Republic of the Congo DF Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti
6 Germany MF Carsten Sträßer
7 Germany MF Torsten Ziegner (captain)
8 Germany DF Ralf Schmidt
10 Netherlands Antilles FW Orlando Smeekes
11 Germany FW Sebastian Hähnge
12 Germany GK Patrick Siefkes
13 Germany DF Jan-André Sievers
14 Germany DF Marco Riemer
16 Ukraine DF Denis Osadchenko
17 Germany MF Timo Nagy
18 Germany DF Tim Wuttke
19 Germany MF Davy Frick
No. Position Player
20 Democratic Republic of the Congo FW Exaucé Mayombo
21 Germany MF Jens Truckenbrod
22 Germany MF Felix Holzner
23 Germany FW Martin Ullmann
24 Algeria FW Soufian Benyamina
25 Germany GK Martin Dwars
26 Germany MF Patrick Amrhein
27 Germany MF Sören Eismann
28 Germany DF Christoph Grabinski
29 Germany FW Stefan Kolb
30 Germany MF René Eckardt
31 Netherlands FW Melvin Holwijn
32 Germany DF Benjamin Fuss
33 Germany DF Philip Röppnack
34 Germany MF Stefan Kühne



Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Goalkeeper Coach

  • Stephan Fleischhauer

Team Chef

  • Uwe Dern


  • Stefan Treitl



  • Dr. Heribert Zitzmann


  • Mario Röser
  • Marco Lohmann


  • Stefan Andreas


Director of Sport

Chief Executive

  • Andreas Trautmann

Vice President

  • Michael Meier

Fan Guardian

  • Hans-Heinrich Tamme

Leader Juniorcentrum

  • Hans-Jürgen Backhaus

Leader Supporters Club & Vice President

  • Tasso Carl


  • Hartmut Beyer

Board of Directors

Honor Council

  • Udo Gräfe (Board Chairman)
  • Helmut Müller
  • Winfried Patzer
  • Jürgen Werner

Disciplinary Commission

  • Klaus Schwarz (Board Chairman)


  • Ulrike Baier
  • Uwe Barth
  • Uwe Dern
  • Christa Jatho
  • Thomas Petzold

Delegation Passive Member

Department „Supporters Club“

  • Hans-Heinrich Tamme (Board Chairman)
  • Sven Nilson (Acting Board Chairman)
  • Andreas Wiese (Acting Board Chairman)
  • Andreas Larws (Treasure)

Reserve Squad

No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Daniel Kraus
2 Germany DF Christopher Griebsch
3 Germany DF André Schmidt
4 Germany DF Patrick Kühn
5 Germany DF Robert Häring
6 Turkey DF Ömer Cay
No. Position Player
8 Bosnia and Herzegovina MF Enis Salković
10 Germany MF Christian Rödiger
12 Germany GK Tim Ackermann
14 South Korea MF Konho Lee
22 Poland GK Florian Switala
35 Germany DF Christian Hauser

Notable Players

See also Cat:FC Carl Zeiss Jena players.

FCC sent 33 players to the DDR (East German) national side.

Before the end of World War II Jena sent 3 players to the German national side (Willy Krauß 1911/12, Heinz Werner 1935, Ludwig Gärtner 1939-41)

Former Head Coaches


FC Carl Zeiss Jena hold the first place in the DDR-Oberliga all-time table.

Other Notable Achievements


Team trivia

  • In the immediate aftermath of World War II, East German authorities had a penchant for tagging sports teams with the names of socialist heroes: Ernst Abbe was a local son and physicist who had an association with the Zeiss optical factory. He made an early contribution to easing the plight of workers by introducing the 8-hour work day at the Zeiss plant, a significant milestone for labour in the late 19th century.

Former Personal

  • Carsten Linke Director of Sport (2008-2009)
  • Stephan Lehmann Mental Coach (2009)
  • Roland Weissbarth Chief Executive Marketing (2009)
  • Peter Voß Vice President
  • Peter Schreiber President (1998-2009)
  • Michael Meier

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