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FC Ingolstadt 04
Full name Fußball-Club Ingolstadt 04 e.V.
Nickname(s) Die Schanzer
Founded 2004
Ground Tuja-Stadion
(Capacity: 11,418)
Chairman Werner Roß
Manager Michael Wiesinger
League 3rd Liga
2008-09 2. Bundesliga (II), 17th
Home colours
Away colours

FC Ingolstadt 04 is a German football club based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. The club was founded in 2004 out of the merger of the football sides of two other clubs: ESV Ingolstadt and MTV Ingolstadt.




ESV Ingolstadt

ESV Ingolstadt.png

ESV Ingolstadt (Eisenbahner-Sportverein Ingolstadt-Ringsee e.V.) was founded in 1919 as FC Viktoria. Two years later the football players of Turnverein 1861 Ingolstadt joined the club to form VfR Ingolstadt. A number of other clubs from the Ringsee district fused with this club, but to little effect. The club's achievement amounted to not more than a couple of seasons spent in the Gauliga Bayern in 1936-38. After World War II, the club was re-constituted as VfR Ingolstadt, changed its name to Erster Sportverein Ingolstadt (First Sports Club Ingolstadt) in 1951 and then changed it again to its current form in 1953 when "E" came to stand for Eisenbahner to reflect its affiliation with the railway.

ESV Ingolstadt joined the Regionalliga Süd (II) in 1963 when the Bundesliga – Germany's professional football league – was formed. After bouncing between tiers II and III, capped with two seasons spent in 2nd Bundesliga Süd from 1979-81, the club began a descent through tier III to Landesliga Bayern-Süd (IV), last playing in 1993-94. The sports club itself carried on until it went bankrupt in the summer of 2004 and those football players there were left to join FC Ingolstadt 04. ESV continues to operate today offering a number of other sports activities while acknowledging FC 04 on its website.

MTV Ingolstadt

MTV Ingolstadt.png

MTV Ingolstadt ( Männer-Turn-Verein von 1881 Ingolstadt) is the city's largest sportsclub with 3,400 members and has an on-and-off relationship with its football side. The club was founded in 1881 and took up football in 1905. The footballers set up a separate club in 1924, but returned to the fold in 1933 at the direction of sports authorities in the Third Reich. After World War II occupying Allied authorities ordered the dissolution of all organizations in Germany, including sporting associations. The club was re-founded as Städtischer SV Ingolstadt 1881. Their original name was restored in 1948.

MTV spent two seasons in 2.Bundesliga Sud after Amateurliga Bayern champion 1. FC Hassfurt declined promotion in 1978. When ESV faced bankruptcy in 2004, MTV allowed its footballers to leave to help form FC Ingolstadt.


In 2004-05, newly formed FC Ingolstadt began play in the Oberliga Bayern (IV) and managed a credible second-place finish in their first season. Their success continued in 2005-06 when they easily captured the divisional title and won promotion. They finished their debut Regionalliga Süd (III) campaign 2006-07 in a respectable 5th place. League restructure was planned for the 2008-09 season with the introduction of a national 3rd division. FC Ingolstadt would have to finish the 2007-08 Regionalliga season in the top 10 to qualify. They topped their own ambitions by finishing second to capture their 2nd promotion in 4 years. FC Ingolstadt got off to great start in the 2nd division by leading the table after the first match. The following months proved less successful for the club and by the mid-winter break they had dropped to 12th place. The latter half of the season proved even worse with the club only realizing 1 win in 18 matches. FC Ingolstadt finished the season in 17th place and were subsequently relegated to the 3rd division.

Reserve team

FC Ingolstadt II spent the 2006-07 and 2007-08 season in the Landesliga where it finished sixth and then second, resulting in promotion through a promotion round to the Oberliga for FCI's second team. They are currently coached by Joe Albersinger.

Club culture

Attendance at the club's matches averaged 1400 in their first Regionalliga season. This season they have been able to attract an average of over 5800 spectators to date. Until recently, Ingolstadters tended to show more interest in longtime Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich and local ice hockey team ERC Ingolstadt. Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga and the current dismal performance of the ice hockey team have helped raise crowds at the Tuja-Stadion.


  • The club nickname, Die Schanzer, is taken from the town and has a military sense meaning trenchmen or rampartmen.

Famous Players

Current squad

As of 28 July 2009 (2009 -07-28)

No. Position Player
1 Germany GK Michael Lutz
2 Germany DF Tim Pollmann
3 Germany DF Steven Ruprecht
4 Germany DF David Pisot
5 Germany DF Sören Dreßler
6 Germany MF Stefan Leitl
7 Germany FW Ersin Demir
8 Germany MF Markus Karl
9 Germany FW Moritz Hartmann
10 Germany MF Fabian Gerber
11 Germany MF Andreas Neuendorf
13 Germany DF Michael Wenczel
14 Germany MF Emin Ismaili
15 Germany DF Tobias Fink
16 Germany MF Andreas Buchner
No. Position Player
17 Germany MF Robert Fleßers
18 Burkina Faso DF Moise Bambara
19 Germany DF Malte Metzelder
20 Germany DF Ralf Keidel
21 Germany GK Marco Sejna
22 Germany FW Stefan Müller
23 Germany FW Steffen Wohlfarth
24 Germany MF Patrick Mölzl
26 Germany MF Alexander Buch
27 Germany GK Christopher Sommerer
28 Germany GK Christian Krüger
30 Netherlands FW Robert Braber
33 United States DF Ian Joy

FC Ingolstadt 04 II squad

  • Manager: Germany Joe Albersinger
No. Position Player
Germany GK Andreas Hoffer
Germany GK Christopher Sommerer
Germany GK Christian Krüger
Germany DF Markus Rosenwirth
Germany DF Bernd Geiss
Germany DF Johannes Müller
Germany DF Benjamin Kauffmann
Germany DF Christoph Breu
Canada MF Fabrice Lassonde
Germany MF Tobias Strobl
Serbia MF Milan Grujić
No. Position Player
Germany MF Jakob Dallevedove
Germany MF David Kaufmann
Germany MF Herbert Obele
Germany MF Daniel Miethaner
Germany FW Tobias Hofmeister
Germany FW Christian Doll
Germany FW Serge Yahoua
Kenya FW Jarren Trethowan
Germany FW Michael Wende
Hungary FW András Tölcséres


FC Ingolstadt 04

MTV Ingolstadt

ESV Ingolstadt

Recent managers

Manager Start Finish
Jürgen Press 1 July 2005 1 January 2008
Thorsten Fink 5 January 2008 21 April 2009
Horst Köppel 27 April 2009 present

FC Ingolstadt 04 seasons

First team

Year Division Position
2004-05 Oberliga Bayern (IV) 2nd
2005-06 Oberliga Bayern 1st ↑
2006-07 Regionalliga Süd (III) 5th
2007-08 Regionalliga Süd 2nd ↑
2008-09 2nd Bundesliga (II) 17th
2009-10 3rd Liga (III)

Reserve team

Year Division Position
2004-05 Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern (VI) 5th
2005-06 Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern 2nd ↑
2006-07 Landesliga Bayern-Süd (V) 6th
2007-08 Landesliga Bayern-Süd 2nd ↑
2008-09 Oberliga Bayern (V) 6th
2009-10 Oberliga Bayern

DFB Cup appereances

The club has qualified for the first round of the German Cup three times:

Season Round Date Home Away Result Attendance
DFB-Pokal 2005–06 First round 20 August 2005 FC Ingolstadt 04 1. FC Saarbrücken 1-1 aet (3-5 pen)
DFB-Pokal 2008–09 First round 9 August 2008 FC Ingolstadt 04 Hamburger SV 1-3 11,000
DFB-Pokal 2009–10 First round

Source:"DFB-Pokal (German)". Retrieved 2009-06-14.  

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