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FSU Cowgirls
Formation 2005
Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida
Location United States United States
Website Official website

The FSU Cowgirls are a small group of Florida State University female co-eds that first came to attention as a trio on an ABC televised football game.



On September 5, 2005, during a Florida State home football game against the University of Miami, ABC televised a bleacher shot of FSU co-eds Jenn Sterger and Fabiola Romero, dressed in minimal tops, short shorts and cowboy hats. ABC sportscaster Brent Musburger commented, "I think fifteen hundred red-blooded American men just decided to apply to Florida State."

After the broadcast the FSU Cowgirls, as they call themselves, quickly became the subject of much attention on the internet. Sterger has stated that in addition to Danae Sims, Romero, and herself there are an additional four Cowgirls who cheer the FSU football team from the stands.

In February 2006, Jenn Sterger, Fabiola Romero, and Chrystal Durnan posed for Maxim in a special section entitled "FSU Cowgirls". Sterger and Romero also did a Playboy spot representing Florida State which appeared in the May 2006 edition. Jenn Sterger now works for the New York Jets as a reporter. Fabiola Romero is now a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

In 2008 announced 3 contests to be held in order to find the new Florida State University Cowgirls. In the first contest held on April 11, 2008, Jessica Denny and Nikki Lauren won the first two Cowgirls spots. Becky Thompson was the winner of the third Warchant cowgirl search. Emily Gosser the final Cowgirl contest winner was announced on September 1. As time passes and individual Cowgirls leave, new ones are selected to take their place in similar contests. In 2009, 2 new Cowgirls needed to be chosen as Lauren and Gosser moved on. Jorja Fredrick was chosen on June 21, 2009.

Present members (FSU Warchant Cowgirls)

  • Jess Denny. First Contest Winner.[1]
  • Becky Thompson. Third Contest Winner.[2]
  • Jorja Fredrick. Fifth Contest Winner.[3]

Past members


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