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Mr. Fu is a Filipino radio-TV personality.


Early Life/Career

Mr. Fu is Jeffrey Espiritu was born in 1975, a UST graduate who has had his TV stint as police reporter of RPN-9’s “Direct Line” back in 2001. There, he was given the moniker “Mr. Follow-up” (of viewers’ grievances on government agencies) which he shortened to Mr. FU because it was “too formal for his personality” and that he looks Chinese, though he is actually not.

“Mr. Fu is not a character but a genuine, sincere personality. I try not to portray anyone I am not and just try to show the people the real me – be it in my jokes, my one liners, my expressions. The voice that people hear on the radio reflects my true personality up close and personal,” says Jeffrey who likewise is Energy FM’s Network Sales Manager.

The said FM frequency is best identified with the “Hi Pangga!” expression, in the same breadth that other popular “masa” stations like Love Radio and Yes FM are known for “Kailangan Pa Bang I-Memorize Yan?” and “Automatic Yan,” respectively.

Mr. Fu’s programs, one in the morning (8-11) called “Araw Mo with Mr. Fu,” and the other in the evening (7-9) titled “The Night Show with Mr. Fu,” are said to be giving many commuters, office workers, students, and drivers a lot to laugh and think about. With his quick-wit and naturally funny delivery of anecdotes and ideas, he has definitely captured the attention of listeners and turn himself into a voice with his own cult of following.

“I don’t resort to green jokes to be funny,” he insists. “My comedy is wholesome because that’s the real me and that’s what Energy FM is all about, wholesome entertainment.”

The well-loved DJ recalls that his TV exposure resulted to invitations to host corporate shows and other events. It was on one of these gigs last year that Energy FM president Rebecca Ann Sy and managing director Manny Luzon approached and asked him to try radio. Though scared of its technical aspect, reluctantly he did and now he is deejaying and enjoying it.

One radio jock has fast become a favorite among listeners simply because he brings to air a personality which tickles the funny bone and makes sense in a natural way.

Mr. Fu of Energy FM 91.5 is currently one of the station’s biggest attractions with his hilarious punch lines and effective use of now-famous one-liners “May Ganon?!” and “Dahil Diyan, Close Na Tayo.”

Mr. Fu began with the night show and laughed his way to adding a morning cast, but which is set on a more serious tone trying to generate public opinion through survey questions covering social issues. He shares the origins of his trademark throws: “May Ganon?!” is really my expression. I don’t know exactly where I got it from but I am happy that it gives me a good recall. “Dahil Diyan, Close Na Tayo,” on the other hand, was my usual response to people who would recognize me in public during my RPN years. I tried using it on air and people just caught on and started using it as well.”

Asked about his ingredient for success, he managed to give credit to the ears outside the radio booth. He observes, “I do believe that today’s listeners have only become more intelligent that they are not easily won over by mere “voices.” They tune in and listen to people they enjoy, personalities they can emulate. Maybe, a lot them can just identify with Mr. Fu.”


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  2. (philately) fine used (in stamp descriptions)
  3. (vulgar) fuck you

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