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Fables of the Green Forest
山ねずみ ロッキーチャック
(Rocky Chuck the Mountain Rat)
Genre Adventure
TV anime
Studio Mushi Productions
Network Japan Fuji TV
Canada TVO (both English and French versions)
Germany Bayerischer Rundfunk
Romania TVR 1
Portugal RTP
Venezuela VTV
Original run 7 January 197330 December 1973
Episodes 52
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Fables of the Green Forest (山ねずみロッキーチャック Yama Nezumi Rokkī Chakku ?, lit. "Rocky Chuck, the Mountain Rat") is an anime adaption based on a series of books published in the 1910s and 1920s by Thornton W. Burgess which ran on the Japanese network Fuji TV from 7 January 1973–30 December 1973. It consists of 52 episodes and was created by the animation studio Zuiyo Eizo (the predecessor to Nippon Animation).

The series has been aired in many countries outside Japan. The release of the series into Canada was done through Ziv International in 1978.




  • Rocky Chuck
  • Polly Chuck
  • Peter Rabbit (a rabbit)
  • Sammy Blue Jay
  • Josie Otter
  • Bobby Raccoon (a raccoon. He wears yellow pants and suspenders in the anime.)
  • Bob Quail
  • Chatterer the Squirrel (a squirrel)
  • Buster Bear (a black bear)
  • Reddy Fox (a fox)
  • Rocky-papa
  • Rocky-mama
  • Johnny Chuck (a woodchuck)
  • Grandpa Frog (a frog)
  • Paddy Beaver (a beaver)


  • Opening Theme: Midori No Hidamari by Micchī (Mitsuko Horie) and Chatterers
  • Ending Theme: Rocky To Polly (Rocky and Polly) by Micchī and Chatterers

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