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Promotional film poster
Directed by John Woo
Produced by David Permut
Barrie M. Osborne
Terence Chang
Written by Mike Werb
Michael Colleary
Starring John Travolta
Nicolas Cage
Joan Allen
Alessandro Nivola
Music by John Powell
Michael A. Reagan (source music)
Cinematography Oliver Wood
Editing by Steven Kemper
Christian Wagner
Distributed by North America:
Paramount Pictures
Touchstone Pictures
Release date(s) June 27, 1997
Running time 141 min.
Country U.S.A.
Language English
Budget $80 million
Gross revenue $245,676,146 [1]

Face/Off is a 1997 film directed by John Woo, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The two both play an FBI agent and a terrorist, sworn enemies who assume the physical appearance of one another.

The film exemplifies gun fu and heroic bloodshed action sequences, and has Travolta and Cage each playing two personalities. It was the first Hollywood film in which Woo was given complete creative control and was acclaimed by both audiences and critics as a result. Eventually grossing $245 million worldwide, Face/Off was a financial success.[2]



Freelance terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) is relentlessly pursued by FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta). Years earlier, Castor, in an attempt to kill Archer, shot Archer's young son, Michael, who died of his injuries.

The FBI receives information that Castor's brother, Pollux (Alessandro Nivola), has chartered a plane at LAX airport. Archer knows that Pollux will not fly without Castor, so he leads a FBI team to chase the plane down, which crashes into a hangar. In the ensuing chaos, Pollux is captured by the FBI and Castor is knocked into a coma after bragging to Archer about a bomb that will destroy Los Angeles.

Although he learns the date of the bombing, Archer is unable to find any information about the location of the bomb itself. Knowing that the only way to obtain the location is from Pollux, Archer's colleagues present him with a top-secret mission: he will undergo an experimental surgical procedure to temporarily graft Castor's face onto his skull, infiltrate the prison where Pollux is being held, and get the location of the bomb.

Arrangements are made for Archer (as Castor) to be incarcerated with Pollux in Prison, where Archer successfully learns the bomb's location. Meanwhile, Castor unexpectedly awakens from his coma and, realizing what has happened, calls his men to kidnap the doctor who performed the surgery. Castor then forces the doctor to give him Archer's face.

Castor (as Archer) visits Archer in prison, informing him that he killed everyone who knew about Archer’s mission and destroyed all the evidence. He leaves, telling Archer his plans to take advantage of his job and family. Castor then has the FBI negotiate a deal with Pollux for his release, in return for revealing the bomb's location. Castor proceeds to disarm the bomb and revels in the praise from Archer’s colleagues and the media.

After Castor's disarmament of the bomb, Archer begins an escape attempt. After a violent battle with the prison guards, Archer causes a riot and makes it outside, revealing the prison to be on an offshore oil platform, and swims to shore. Later, Archer visits Castor’s crew and successfully fools them into thinking that he is the real Castor. Archer then asks them to help kill “Archer”.

Elsewhere, Castor is more tender and affectionate with Sean's wife Eve (Joan Allen) and even bonds with Archer's teenage daughter Jamie (Dominique Swain). Meanwhile, Archer finds himself having to take drugs to impress Castor’s crew. Also present is Sasha Hassler (Gina Gershon), Castor's ex-girlfriend, and their son Adam. Earlier, Archer threatened to put her son into foster care. He now realizes that she is a devoted mother who is trying to raise Adam away from a life of crime. Archer (as Castor) promises her that Archer won’t bother her anymore.

Pollux, watching Castor’s old safehouse, informs Castor of Archer's arrival. Castor sends an FBI team to kill Archer. A gunfight ensues, killing most of Castor’s crew, while Sasha and Adam escape with Archer’s help. As he makes his own escape, Archer catches Pollux and drops him through the apartment skylight, killing him.

Later, the FBI Director berates Castor for the unnecessary carnage at Castor's safehouse. Castor confesses his true identity and kills him, blaming his death on a heart attack. As a result, Castor is promoted to FBI Director. Meanwhile, Archer returns to his suburban home and tries to convince Eve that he is really Archer; she is only convinced after he tells her the story of their first kiss.

Sometime later, Sasha and Archer track Castor to the former director’s funeral, where Castor reveals he is holding Eve and Jaime hostage. A gunfight ensues, in which Sasha and Castor's crew are killed. Castor and Archer engage in several gun fights and hand-to-hand battles. Eventually, Castor steals a speed boat and is pursued closely by Archer in his own boat. After a lengthy chase, both Archer and Castor are thrown ashore by an explosion resulting from their boats colliding. The two engage in a final hand-to-hand confrontation which results in Archer eventually killing Castor.

Later, Eve is able to explain the entire situation to the FBI, successfully convincing them of Archer's true identity. Archer is then taken to the hospital and his face is restored. Sometime later, Archer arrives home with Adam, bringing him into his family in order to fulfill his promise to Sasha of not allowing Adam to grow up to be a criminal.


  • John Travolta - Sean Archer: A tough, stern FBI agent, relentless pursuing castor Troy for the killing of his son Michael. After assuming Castor's identity and finding Castor has assumed his, he goes on through a series of battles to reclaim his identity and protect his family. Main Protagonist.
  • Nicolas Cage - Castor Troy: A maniacal, sadistic terrorist, who is responsible for the death of Sean's son. After unexpectedly awaking from his coma to find his face removed, he assumes Archer's identity to use for his own gain. Main Antagonist.
  • Joan Allen - Dr. Eve Archer: The neglected wife of Sean, who is successfully charmed and seduced by Castor when he assumes Sean's identity. When realizing the truth, she helps her husband in his final battle against Castor, and happily embraces her restored husband in the end.
  • Alessandro Nivola - Pollux Troy: The paranoid, schizophrenic brother of Castor, who assists his brother in his crimes. One of the few people Castor genuinely cares about.
  • Gina Gershon - Sasha Hassler: Castor's ex-girlfriend, the sister of Dietrich and the devoted mother of Adam, who Castor is the father of. An ex-felon for helping Castor on past occasions. She dies helping Sean in his final battle against Castor by saving his wife.
  • Dominique Swain - Jamie Archer
  • Nick Cassavetes - Dietrich Hassler
  • Harve Presnell - Victor Lazarro
  • Colm Feore - Dr. Malcolm Walsh
  • C. C. H. Pounder - Dr. Hollis Miller
  • John Carroll Lynch - Walton the Erehwon prison guard
  • Robert Wisdom - Tito
  • Thomas Jane - Burke Hicks
  • Margaret Cho - Wanda
  • Matt Ross - Loomis


Face/Off was a spec script which writers Mike Werb and Michael Colleary tried to sell to a studio from as early as 1990. It took numerous studios, producers and rewrites before John Woo became attached several years later.[3]

Originally the film was to be set in the far future and was to star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone[citation needed] in the lead roles. Other pairings that was considered was that of Harrison Ford and Michael Douglas[4] as well as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro[citation needed]. When the film was eventually made, Douglas was an executive producer. Werb and Colleary have cited White Heat (1949) and Seconds (1966) as influences on the plot.[3]

John Woo was offered a chance to direct but declined unless the studio agreed to give him more creative control than he had received on his previous American films. Travolta had previously starred in Woo's Broken Arrow (Cage was later to star in another Woo film Windtalkers). Woo set the movie in the present so he could focus on the psychological elements of the story, such as how the feud between the two men affects those close to them — such as Sasha and Adam and Archer's family.

The names Castor and Pollux come from a pair of brothers from Greek mythology which also features the city of Troy. The story itself, most notably the hatred between Archer and Troy, is very similar to that of Hector and Achilles, who fought against each other in the Trojan War. Castor and Pollux are also the brothers that make up the Gemini constellation. The Archer is also a constellation.

Pollux is held at Erehwon prison, a secret jail for top terrorists. The inmates do not even know which part of the country they are in. "Erehwon" is "nowhere" in reverse. The reversal is taken from the title of an allegorical novel by Samuel Butler.

The battle in the church, which includes doves flying around and religious artifacts being destroyed, is similar to the final confrontation in Woo's classic 1989 Hong Kong film The Killer.

Costing $80 million to make, Face/Off made heavy use of action set pieces including several violent shootouts and a boat chase. It was filmed in the Los Angeles area.[5][6]

The film was part of a trio of films in the late 1990s starring Nicolas Cage that were co-productions of Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures, with Snake Eyes (1998) and Bringing Out the Dead (1999).


Face/Off was released in North America on June 27, 1997 and earned $23 million on its opening weekend. It went on to become the 11th highest domestic and 14th worldwide grossing film of 1997, earning a domestic total of $112,276,146 and $133,400,000 overseas for a total of worldwide gross of $245,676,146.[5][7]

The Region 1 DVD of Face/Off was one of the first films to be released on the format on October 7, 1998.[8] A 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition was released on DVD September 11, 2007 and HD DVD October 30, 2007 in the United States.[9] The new DVD is a 2-disc set including 7 deleted scenes, an alternate ending and several featurettes.[10]

The film was released on Blu-ray Disc in the United Kingdom on 1 October 2007 by Buena Vista, and was released in the United States on 20 May 2008 by Paramount Pictures[11].


Garnering largely positive reviews and high box office earnings, the film was a critical and financial success. The role reversal between Travolta and Cage was a subject of praise, as were the stylized, violent action sequences. Critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times remarked that "Here, using big movie stars and asking them to play each other, Woo and his writers find a terrific counterpoint to the action scenes: All through the movie, you find yourself reinterpreting every scene as you realize the 'other' character is 'really' playing it."[12] Rolling Stone's Peter Travers said of the film, "You may not buy the premise or the windup, but with Travolta and Cage taking comic and psychic measures of their characters and their own careers, there is no resisting Face/Off. This you gotta see."[13] Richard Corliss of Time Magazine said that the film "isn't just a thrill ride, it's a rocket into the thrilling past, when directors could scare you with how much emotion they packed into a movie."[14]

Some critics felt the film's violence was overkill, and that the action sequences dragged out too long. Barbara Shulgasser of the San Francisco Examiner called the movie "idiotic" and argued that "a good director would choose the best of the six ways and put it in his movie. Woo puts all six in. If you keep your eyes closed during a Woo movie and open them every six minutes, you'll see everything you need to know to have a perfectly lovely evening at the cinema."[15]

Face/Off holds a 93% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 54 positive reviews out of a total 56 and a score of 82 on Metacritic with 25 reviews counted.[16][17] The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Sound Editing at the 70th Academy Awards, but lost to Titanic. Face/Off also won the Saturn Awards for Best Directing and Writing, and the MTV Movie Awards for Best Action Scene (the speedboat chase) and Best Duo for Travolta and Cage.[18]

The ride

Face/Off was a Vekoma inverted face-to-face boomerang roller coaster at Paramount's King's Island theme park in Cincinnati, Ohio. The ride was notable in that every other row of seats was turned around so that riders faced each other, looking into the eyes of their fellow riders through the course of the attraction, literally facing off. After the sale of the Paramount Parks to theme park conglomerate Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., the Paramount movie names had to be removed due to licensing contracts, and the ride was renamed Invertigo.


Face/Off: Original Soundtrack Music By John Powell
Soundtrack by John Powell
Released July 1, 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Score
Length 41:42
Label Hollywood Records


  1. Face On (4:57)
  2. 80 Proof Rock (4:29)
  3. Furniture (7:12)
  4. The Golden Section Derma Lift (3:15)
  5. This Ridiculous Chin (6:51)
  6. No More Drugs For That Man (7:27)
  7. Hans' Loft (3:37)
  8. Ready For The Big Ride‚ Bubba (3:54)

Album credits

  • Orchestra Conducted By: Lucas Richman
  • Orchestrated By: Bruce Fowler, Steven Fowler, Walt Fowler, Yvonne S. Moriarty, Ladd McIntosh and Lucas Richman

Additional music

Several pieces of music and songs were used in the film but not included in the soundtrack.[19] These include:


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Face/Off is a 1997 film about a revolutionary medical technique that allows an undercover agent to take the physical appearance of a major criminal and infiltrate his organization.

Directed by John Woo. Written by Mike Werb and Michael Colleary .
It's like looking in a mirror - only not taglines


Castor Troy

  • You watch your FUCKING mouth!
  • (singing) I'm ready. I'm ready for the big ride, baby.
  • [after waking from his coma and watching a video of his surgery] Dr. Walsh! I'm just enjoying some of your greatest hits here. I hope you don't mind: I took a few of your uh groovy painkillers. You know, this is fabulous work. Oh God, this is excellent. Oh, bravo. Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo.
  • Oooweee good lookin! Ya hot!
  • Well, I've gotta go. I've got a government job to abuse, and a...lonely wife to fuck.
  • Dress up like Halloween, and ghouls will try to get in your pants.
  • Isn't this religious? Ahhh, yes. The eternal battle between good and evil, saint and sinners... but you're still not having any FUN!
  • No daughter of mine would shoot so wide.
  • I'm about to unleash the biblical plague "Hell"-A. deserves.
  • When all else fails - fresh tactics!
  • [Sean Archer and Castor Troy, each wearing the other's face, meet] It's like looking in a mirror. Only... not.
  • You'll be seeing a lot of changes around here. Papa's got a brand new bag.
  • I AM Castor Troy!
  • You're not having anymore fun, are you, Sean?
  • Interception! Now our side's got the ball. Sorry!
  • Eve.I hate to see you go..I LOVE to watch you leave.
  • Lies, deceit, mixed messages... this is turning into a real marriage.
  • Y'know, I could eat a peach for hours.
  • If I were to send you flowers where would I... no, let me rephrase that. If I were to let you suck my tongue, would you be grateful?
  • (after Castor Troy is mortally wounded) You're right, Seany. I've misbehaved. I have to be punished. But remember... Every time when you look in the mirror, you'll see my face!
  • Well, you're gonna have to pull the trigger, 'cause I don't give a fuck!
  • [holding his gun at Archer] Wow. We have something in common. We both know our guns.
  • Look at me! This nose, this hair, this ridiculous chin!

Sean Archer

  • I want to take his face... off. Eyes, nose, skin. It's coming off.
  • When this is over, I want you to take this face and burn it. Hey, I still sound like me.
  • Doctor, I have, uh, something-- I have this scar-- that-- that-- that if you can p-put this back after, after all this is over-- It-- It's important to me. It's-- It's like a reminder.
  • My scar, the one near my heart. This old bullet wound. I won't be needing it anymore.
  • The assignment was to enter a federal prison as Castor Troy. It's just fucking insane. And it's-- A special ops surgeon, uh, gave me, uh, Castor's FACE! Then, uh-- And then, somehow, Castor came out of his, uh, his-his coma, and he killed everybody... who knew about the mission. But, but not before transforming into me.
  • I was thinking the other day, I-- I remember I once took a date out for surf and turf, not knowing she was a vegetarian. So she ate bread. And, uh, and broke her tooth on a rye seed. And we, we drove around all night, uh, looking for a-- for a all-night dentist. And, and he, uh-- He was so drunk, he fixed the wrong tooth. And it-- When I finally brought her home-- Even though it must have hurt like hell, you, you, you kissed me.
  • I know you don't believe a word I'm saying. Well, here's proof, doctor. Your husband, me, my Sean's blood type is O negative. Castor is AB.
  • When we put this thing away, you can brand the Fourth Amendment on my butt.
  • The man you think is your husband is not your husband.
  • I don't care if I live, and you do.
  • Honey, don't listen to him! He's not your father! Hear my voice, I'm your father!
  • You-you trust that billion dollar satellite. I'll take a 50 dollar snitch at this point.
  • I'm Castor Troy! I'M CASTOR TROY!
  • Any word from the LAPD intelligence, if there is such a thing?
  • Well, if you're Sean Archer, I guess I'm Castor Troy!


  • Tito: Goddamn it! Don't play chicken with the goddamn jet!
  • Tito: Damn it, Sean!
  • Tito: Goddamn it, Sean!
  • Dietrich: You look like you just fucked your mother.
  • Dietrich: No more drugs... for that man.
  • Dietrich: Goddamn my place is getting FUCKED up!
  • Walton: You are now the property of Erewhon Prison. A citizen of nowhere. The Geneva Convention is void here; Amnesty International doesn't know we exist. When I say your ass belongs to me, I mean exactly that.
  • Dr. Eve Archer: [at Michael's grave 6 years after his murder] Happy Birthday, Mikey. He took our baby, Sean. He took our little boy.
  • Sasha Hassler: [last words after being killed in the gunfight] Take care of our boy. Love him so much. Don't let him grow up to be like us, promise?
  • Burke Hicks: Dontcha-dontcha remember the little people?


Sean Archer: Any word from the LAPD intelligence? If there IS such a thing?
Loomis: Not yet, sir.
Sean Archer: Of course not, because we're a covert anti-terrorist team that is so-so SECRET, that when we snap our fingers NOTHING HAPPENS!

Sean Archer: Give it up, Castor. Your time's up.
Castor Troy: Well, you better hit me, Sean, 'cause you got only one bullet left.
Sean Archer: So do you.
Castor Troy: Wow. We got something in common. We both knew our guns.
Sean Archer: What we don't have in common is that I don't care if I live, and you do.
Castor Troy: Sean, that hurts. You're not having any fun, are you, Sean? Why don't you come with us? Try terrorism-for-hire. We'll blow some shit up. It's more fun!
Sean Archer: Shut the fuck up.
Castor Troy: You watch your FUCKING mouth! I'm about to unleash the biblical plague "Hell"-A. deserves.
Sean Archer: Bullshit.
Castor Troy: Oh Oh Oh I see I-I'm bluffing. Maybe I am,but then maybe I am not. Besides, what would you do when you lock me up? You'd drive your wife and kid crazy. Say, how is your daughter, anyway? Your... your darling Janie, your little peach? Is she ripe? Ri-ripe-ripe-ri RIPE!! (shoots the gun but there is no bullet)

Victor Lazarro: Archer! You made a deal with Pollux Troy. That isn't like you.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] When all else fails - fresh tactics!
Victor Lazarro: Fresh? Let me tell you my fresh tactic: from now on, everything to do this case goes through me, you understood? Good. Thanks.

Wanda: You turned your beeper off.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Well, it's my son's birthday.
Wanda: Well, here's some poetic justice, sir: Castor Troy is dead.
Buzz: He got killed while trying to escape Erewhon.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Where's his body? I wanna see his body.
Wanda: It hasn't been recovered yet.
Wanda: Even if he is alive, Castor isn't stupid enough to come back to this city.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] You-you must trust. He's already here.

Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] This is between us. Leave them out of it.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] No. You should have left them out of it. Your son was an accident. I wanted to kill you. But, you took it so personally. Why couldn't you just kill yourself or let it go?
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] No father could.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] No brother could either.
Sasha Hassler: [coming in] Neither could a sister.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Sasha, what the fuck are you doing here?
Sasha Hassler: Gee, Archer, I guess I'm crashing. You okay baby?
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Look, I'm Castor. He's Archer.
Sasha Hassler: I'm bored. Now put your guns down.
Henchman #2: (coming behind Sasha) Why don't you put your guns down?

[Jamie points a gun to Castor Troy and Sean Archer]
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Ah, good girl, Jamie! Shoot him!
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] Honey, don't listen to him, honey! He's not your father! Hear my voice: I'm your father.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Use your eyes, Jamie. Shoot him.
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] Don't shoot, don't shoot. Just, just...
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] This scumbag... this scumbag shot your brother, Jamie! Kill him.
[Jamie shoots Sean Archer]

Burke Hicks: Dontcha remember the little people?
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] Burke Hicks.
Burke Hicks: Yes.
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] I bust... believe Sean Archer busted you for stalking the UN Secretary General.
Burke Hicks: Oh, no, Archer framed me. I had nothing to do with that. Word was you got wasted.
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] [pause] You want to see what "wasted" looks like, little man?

Castor Troy: I don't know what I hate wearing worse: your face or your body. I mean, I certainly do enjoy boning your wife, but let's face it, we both like it better the other way, yes? So why don't we just trade back?
Sean Archer: You can't give back what you've taken from me.
Castor Troy: Oh, well... plan B. Lets just kill each other

Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] You're not the only one in the family with the brains.
Pollux Troy: No, although now I am the only one with the looks.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Touché.

Castor Troy: Say you're sorry.
Karl: I'm sorry.
Castor Troy: I didn't hear it.
Karl: I'm sorry!
Castor Troy: Mean it?
Karl: I'm so sorry!
[Castor Troy tosses Karl to his car]

Castor Troy: Dress up like Halloween, and ghouls will try and get in your pants.
Jamie Archer: Typical, Dad. Some guy tries to rape me and I'm to blame?
Castor Troy: You haven't been the same since Mike died. Hiding someone else's face. While were talking, do you have protection?
Jamie Archer: Protection? You mean like condoms?
Castor Troy: [pulls out his switchblade] Protection. Next time, let Carl drop his pants, slip this in his thigh, twist it, that way the wound won't close. Go on. Get outta here.

Pollux Troy: Seeing that face on you makes me afraid my tiramisu might come back up.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Well, think about me. This nose. This hair. This ridiculous chin. Brother, we're going straight.
Pollux Troy: My goodness. Did you exchange brains as well?
Castor Troy: First thing I need you to confess to is the location of the bomb.
Pollux Troy: What about our $10 million?
Castor Troy: What about if I become an American hero for diffusing the bomb? What's the worth? Know that, thank you, next question.

Dr. Eve Archer: Well, I knew it only a matter of time before you forgot where we lived.
Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] Come on, gimme a break, every house on this block looks the same.

Walton: I stop the fights. Not you.
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] When I get out of here -
Walton: IF you get out of here.
Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] I'm gonna have you fired.

Troy[As Archer]:Oooooee your good lookin'! Your hot! Its like looking in a mirror only not.
Archer[As Troy]: Troy??
Troy[As Archer:Now that, is between us, OK?
Archer[As Troy]:But you were i...i...
Troy [As Archer]:In a coma? Nothing like having your face cut off to disturb your sleep, read the newspaper lately?
Archer[As Troy]: You killed them?
Troy [As Archer]: Yeah well, beats paying the bill, like come on, if a face lift costs five grand...see anything you like!!???
Archer [As Troy]:Tito!
Troy[As Archer]:I torched all the evidence that proves your you, ok sooo....WOW!! Looks like you are going to be in here for...THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS!! Now, I have got to go...I've got a goverment job to abuse and....a lonely wife to fuck.Oh, I'm sorry...make love to! GOD, I miss that face!


  • In order to catch him, he must become him.
  • To destroy your enemy, you must find him, face him, and then... become him.
  • It's like looking in a mirror - only not
  • Only one will survive


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