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Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo y Mendoza (Naples, May 30, 1580 - Madrid, December 11 de 1634), was a Spanish noble and admiral.

He was born in Naples as the son of Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, 5th Marquis of Villafranca, then commander in chief of the Spanish Army in the Kingdom of Naples, and Doña Elvira de Mendoza.

He served in the Spanish fleet under command of his father and rose quickly through the ranks, as did his elder brother García Álvarez de Toledo, 6th Marquis of Villafranca. In 1617, he became Capitán General de la Armada del Mar Océano or Armada de Barlovento.

He gained several victories against the Dutch, in 1621 near Cape Saint Vincent and Gibraltar in 1623 in the English Channel, blockading the Dutch coast. In the same year he defeated a Moorish incursion near Gibraltar.

In 1625 he was appointed General of Portugal (then in a personal union with Spain), and Capitán General of the Army of Brazil. He sailed towards Brazil at the head of a fleet consisting of 34 Spanish ships, 22 Portuguese ships and 12,566 men (three quarters were Spanish and the rest Portuguese). There he reconquered the strategically important city of Salvador da Bahia from the Dutch on April 30, 1625. This victory would prove decisively important in the Dutch-Portuguese War to oust the Dutch from Brazil over the next two decades. In 1629 he commanded a spanish expedition that expelled the english and french colonial settlers from the islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

For all of his victories he was awarded the title of Marques de Villanueva y Valdueza on January 17, 1634.

Marriage and children

Don Fadrique married in Madrid, on August 12, 1627 with his cousin Doña Elvira Ponce de León, daughter of Don Luis Ponce de León, VI Marqués de Zahara, and Doña Victoria Álvarez de Toledo.

They had three children :

  • Doña Elvira de Toledo, married Don Juan Gaspar Enríquez de Cabrera, 6th Duke of Medina de Rioseco.
  • Doña Victoria de Toledo, married her cousin Don Francisco Ponce de León, 5th Duke of Arcos.
  • Don Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo y Ponce de León, 7th Marquis de Villafranca and Grandee of Spain.

Don Fadrique also had two illegitimate children.




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