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Origin Kansas City, Missouri
Genres Rock
Modern rock
Hard Rock
Alternative rock
Alternative metal
Years active 2007-present
Dylan Westlake
Brett Johnson
Chris Ellis
Ben Grace
Former members
Nathan Ellis
Nick Faulconer

Failsafe is an American mainstream rock band from Kansas City, Missouri, that was formed in late 2007 by Dylan Sean Maloney. Failsafe has become known for their energetic live performances and catchy, hard-hitting songs.




Formation (2007)

Failsafe is a mainstream rock band from Kansas City, Missouri that was formed in late 2007 by vocalist/guitarist Dylan Sean Maloney. The band, originally a trio consisting of Maloney and long-time friends Nick Faulconer (drums) and Chris Ellis (bass), soon added guitarist Brett Johnson to the team in search of a fuller sound. Beginning their career as a cover band, Failsafe played numerous local shows covering various songs by their favorite artists, while working on their own original material.

In a radio interview with KC Music Live, Dylan Sean Maloney speaks of the origin of the name Failsafe:

"The name of our band is Failsafe. The music we write as a group often deals with real-life problems and complicated issues that young people go through every day. Although we don't explicitly talk about these issues, the meanings can be found in our music. Since the word 'failsafe' essentially means 'fallback,' or simply 'backup plan,' it symbolizes our way of expressing the angst, pain, joy, and confusion of dealing with life's issues. So in that way, writing, recording, and performing music is our 'fallback,' or Failsafe."[1]

Spring 2008 demo (2008)

In early 2008 Failsafe recorded a three song demo at Re-Flexx studios in Overland Park, Kansas, which they released in the spring, quickly selling all 100 copies. Following the release of the demo, Failsafe was approached by Quickstar Productions LLC whom requested to feature Failsafe's song "Losing Your Grace" on their upcoming compilation CD Rock 4 Life, Vol. 16. Failsafe accepted the request.

"Losing Your Grace" single (2008)

Following Quickstar Productions' request to feature Failsafe's song "Losing Your Grace" on their upcoming compilation CD Rock 4 Life, Vol. 16, the band elected to enter the studio and re-record the song at a professional level. Failsafe re-recorded "Losing Your Grace" in summer 2008 at Gray Wolf Studios in Belton, Missouri, where it was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jeff Scheetz. Rock 4 Life, Vol. 16 was released on September 11, 2008 on over 300 online retailers including iTunes, Rhapsody, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Napster, and many others.[2] "Losing Your Grace" debuted as the top selling song off Rock 4 Life, Vol. 16 and still remains at the top today.

Rock 4 Life is a benefit compilation CD for Primary Sclerosing Cholanitis. Quickstar Productions LLC sheds some light on the inspiration behind the CD saying, "The inspiration for this benefit CD came from the onset of PSC on a close friend of Quickstar Productions."[3]

Blood Runs Cold EP (2009-present)

Following a summer of heavily playing shows (which included opening for major rock acts such as national classic rock act Shooting Star and a Gorilla Productions regional Battle of the Bands victory at Kansas City's Beaumont Club), Failsafe spent the fall working on original material for their debut EP Blood Runs Cold. Failsafe entered Grey Wolf Studios in January 2009 to begin work on the EP. The EP was produced by Jeff Scheetz and Failsafe lead guitarist Brett Johnson. The engineering, mixing, and mastering of the EP was also done by Scheetz.[4] Blood Runs Cold EP is set to be released on April 28, 2009. Failsafe plans on using summer '09 to tour and promote the EP, along with begin working on new material.



  • Dylan Sean Maloney - drums/vocals (2009 - present); lead vocals (2007-2008); rhythm guitar (2007)
  • Brett Johnson - lead guitar (2008 - present); bass (2008)
  • Chris Ellis - bass (2009 - present); guitar/auxiliary vocals (2007-2008)
  • Ben Grace - rhythm guitar (2009 - present)


  • Nathan Ellis - drums (2008)
  • Nick Faulconer - drums (2007-2008)
  • Nathan Long - bass (2007)


  • Spring 2008 Demo (2008)
  • "Losing Your Grace" single (2008)
  • Blood Runs Cold EP (2009)


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