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Fallen Hearts  
Original cover of Fallen Hearts
First edition cover of Fallen Hearts
Author V. C. Andrews
Country United States
Language English
Series Casteel series
Genre(s) Gothic horror
Family saga
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publication date August 1988
Media type Print
Pages 406
ISBN 0671642561
Preceded by Dark Angel 1986
Followed by Gates of Paradise 1989

Fallen Hearts is a 1988 book by V. C. Andrews. It is the third out of five books in The Casteel Series.

Plot summary

Fallen Hearts continues the Casteel series with Heaven, now fully grown and living in Winnerow, working as an elementary school teacher. She began dating her High School sweetheart, Logan Stonewall, again, shortly after returning from Farthingale Manor, after Troy’s subsequent death.

Logan eventually proposes to Heaven, and she feels compelled to invite her biological father, Tony Tatterton to the wedding. Thanks to Logan’s correspondence with Tony, they end up having the wedding reception at Farthingale Manor. It doesn’t take long for Tony to convince Logan into doing business at Tatterton Toys and starting up a factory in Winnerow. Tony also subdues Logan and Heaven into residing at Farthingale Manor. Heaven agrees, much to her dismay.

Logan spends most of his time in Winnerow, setting up and building the new Tatterton factory. While he is away, Heaven begins exploring once condemned parts of Farthingale Manor. During one of her exploits, Heaven discovers her uncle and former lover, Troy, still alive and residing in the cottage behind Tony’s home, even though Tony had told her that Troy had drowned. This is a continuity error, since Tony said Troys' body was discovered in the previous book. In a night of forbidden love, they have sex one last time before Troy leaves Farthingale Manor for good. Heaven feels guilty about her one night with Troy but soon discovers her husband shares a similar indiscretion with Heaven's sister (who is not an actual blood relation) Fanny while he was away. Heaven is impregnated by her encounter with Troy, and Fanny by her encounter with Logan. Heaven forgives Logan for this but vows to never tell him about her night with Troy.

Soon, Luke Casteel and his third wife Stacie are killed in a car accident, and Heaven and Logan take custody of their son, Drake. After Luke and Stacie's funeral Heaven takes Drake back with her to Farthy. Where after grieving for Jillans funeral and Heaven's finding of Luke and Tony's agreement for Luke to never see Heaven again, (in exchange for a circus) Tony tries to rape Heaven. Fanny also tries to get custody of Drake, and seems sure to at the custody hearing where Tony reveals himself to be Heaven's father, (triying to get back at Heaven for leaving him at Farthy) not Luke Casteel, meaning Heaven is not a blood relation to Drake, whereas Fanny is. Heaven asks Fanny to give her custody of Drake in return for a million dollars, and after a heated argument, Fanny agrees, and Drake is returned to Heaven and Logan.

The book ends with Heaven giving birth to a girl she names Annie, and Fanny to a boy she names Luke.

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