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"Fallen Idols"
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode
Megan and Ryan embracing after a close basketball game.
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 17
Written by Marlene Meyer
Directed by Chris Leitch
Original airdate February 22, 2007
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List of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episodes

"Fallen Idols" is the seventeenth episode of the seventh season of the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.



High school basketball star Ryan and his cheerleader girlfriend Megan go missing after a basketball game at their school. Grissom and Nick find blood drops in the school parking lot and a large pool of blood on the football field, as well as arterial spray on a tackle dummy. They notice that the equipment shed door is open, and investigate; they find broken glass and a shoeprint on the door. Inside the shed, they find Ryan's and Megan's clothes and ropes hanging from some exercise equipment.

The broken glass is determined to be a camera lens and the blood on the field is all Ryan's. Nick and Greg search the school grounds and find pieces of a taillight and Megan's sneaker - evidence of a hit and run. Acceleration tracks left at the scene indicate that the hit was intentional. The CSIs search the area and find Megan nearby, barely alive.

Catherine runs the teens' phone records and finds that Ryan called a Diane Kentner after the game - Diane is the photography teacher at the school. Warrick questions Diane, who says that Ryan wanted copies of photos taken at the game. She also tells him that a student named Charlie is in love with Megan.

Sara and Warrick process Ryan's van, which was found abandoned on the side of a road. They find a bloody sleeping bag and a cell phone in the van. They also find evidence that Ryan was sleeping with multiple partners. Catherine processes the sleeping bag and finds evidence that a body was wrapped in the bag and carried. She also finds pubic lice on the bag - Grissom notes that crabs contain the DNA of both partners.

The cell phone in Ryan's van is traced back to Sheila, Megan's best friend, who is then brought in for questioning. While Brass talks to her mother, Sheila falls asleep, and when her mother attempts to wake her, she is found dead on the couch. The autopsy shows that she died of a subdural hemorrhage caused by a blow to the head which occurred about the same time that Ryan and Megan went missing. Doc Robbins notes that Sheila had crabs and also swallowed a camera memory card.

Greg finds a camera with a missing lens and a missing memory card in Sheila's bookbag. Archie pulls a video from the memory card. On the video, Ryan is tied up and is forced to confess that he has crabs. His captors say that they will post the confession on YouTube and on Ryan's Friend Agenda page (a site similar to MySpace). Archie runs a voice comparison between Sheila's voice mail and a voice on the video, and learns that Sheila was one of Ryan's captors. An image on the video shows that Charlie was also a captor.

Warrick follows a link for a "Hit List" on Ryan's Friend Agenda page and finds a list of girls Ryan has had sex with - Diane is on the list. Diane's fingerprints were also found on Ryan's van, and the pieces of taillight found at the scene came from a Saab, the type of car Diane drives. Warrick questions Diane and she denies any sexual involvement with Ryan.

Nick confronts Charlie with evidence implicating him in the murder of Ryan. Scared, Charlie confesses what actually happened: Angry at Ryan for mistreating Megan, Charlie devised a plan to force Ryan to confess on video to having crabs. Sheila, who had slept with Ryan and thus caught crabs from him, was in on the plan. However, Ryan got loose and chased them out of the shed. Sheila pulled the memory card out of the camera and dropped the camera in the process; Ryan threw the camera at her and hit her on the head, causing her to swallow the memory card. Sheila pushed Ryan into the tackle dummy which tore open his carotid artery. Sheila and Charlie then wrapped Ryan's body in the sleeping bag and loaded him in the van; Sheila drove the van away. Megan freaked out when Ryan hit the tackle dummy and ran away. Charlie confirms that he and Sheila were the only two captors.

Grissom extracts DNA from the crabs and finds Diane's DNA, proving that she had sex with Ryan. Brass and the CSIs search a storage facility that Diane rents, which has been transformed into a studio and has photos of Ryan flashing on the walls. In the center of the studio, Diane is found dead, lying next to Ryan's dead body on a bed. They also find photographic evidence that Diane followed Ryan that night and that Megan pushed Ryan, proving that Charlie lied to Nick in order to protect her. It is implied that Diane hit Megan with her car to get back at her for killing Ryan by killing her.

Nick goes to the hospital to talk to Megan. He easily sees that her so-called amnesia that she appeared to have during her other questioning isn't real. When he leaves Megan's hospital room, Ryan's parents who found out about the evidence that shows that Megan killed Ryan, ask if she's going to be on trial for Ryan's murder. They are unhappy when they find out she isn't.

The next day at the high school a staff member goes and removes Charlie's picture from the hallway wall.

After the shift ends, Sara and Grissom go to her apartment, where she shaves off his beard.


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