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Fallout: New Vegas
Developer(s) Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher(s) Bethesda Softworks
Designer(s) Josh Sawyer (Project Director)
Series Fallout
Engine Gamebryo
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s) 2010
Genre(s) Action role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD
Input methods Keyboard and mouse, gamepad
.Fallout: New Vegas is a role-playing video game in the Fallout series, in development by Obsidian Entertainment and currently scheduled for release in 2010.^ Xbox 360: Fallout: New Vegas .
  • Xbox 360: Fallout: New Vegas | Rollenspiel | Spiele - Konsolen - Xbox 360 | - one click ahead 16 October 2009 6:29 UTC [Source type: General]

^ Obsidian heeft naast Fallout: New Vegas nog twee games in ontwikkeling.
  • Bethesda kondigt Fallout: New Vegas aan | Games | Nieuws 16 October 2009 6:29 UTC [Source type: General]

^ Fallout: New Vegas announced .
  • Fallout: New Vegas for PS3 - Fallout: New Vegas Playstation 3 - Fallout: New Vegas PS3 Game 16 October 2009 6:29 UTC [Source type: General]
  • Fallout: New Vegas for Xbox 360 - Fallout: New Vegas Xbox360 Game - Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Video Game 16 October 2009 6:29 UTC [Source type: General]

According to Pete Hines, Vice President of PR & Marketing for Bethesda Softworks, the game is "not a sequel to Fallout 3, it's just another game in the universe."[1] Kotaku adds that, according to Hines, "It will be the same sort of role-playing game experience seen in Fallout 3".[2]


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