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A family film is a film genre that is designed to appeal to a variety of age groups and, thus, families. To attract these diverse audiences, film makers often create works that operate simultaneously on several levels of appeal. Comic songs might appeal to younger children, for example, while wittier jokes and pop culture references attract adults.

In December 2005, Steven Spielberg's 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial came first in a poll of the 100 Greatest Family Films.[1] The genre today generates billions of dollars per annum.[2]

Family films generally do not contain content that would be deemed unsuitable for children. In the United States, such films are usually conceived so as to guarantee nothing greater than a G or PG rating; however, there are some exceptions such as Dr. Dolittle, which received a rating of PG-13. This rating does not distinguish between children's films and family films.

Some examples of family films include:



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