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The four canines, or fangs, of a domestic cat. (The largest two teeth of the top and bottom rows of teeth.)

A fang is a long, pointed tooth. In mammals, a fang is a canine tooth, used for biting and tearing flesh. In snakes, it is a poison-injecting tooth (see snake venom). Spiders also have fangs, which are part of the chelicerae. Fantasy creatures such as dragons and vampires have fangs as well.

Fangs are most common in carnivores or omnivores, but some herbivores, such as fruit bats, carry them as well. They are generally used to hold or swiftly kill prey, such as in large cats.

Omnivorous animals, such as bears, use their fangs when hunting fish or other prey, but they are not needed for consuming fruit. Apes also have fangs, which they use for threats and fighting. However, humans do not have fangs.


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Fang (ฝาง, pron. fahng) is a city in northern Chiang Mai province.

Get in

You can take the local bus from Chang Puak bus station in northern Chiang Mai. Fang is 152km from Chiang Mai and it takes about 3 hours to get there by local bus. A ticket costs 80 Baht. Halfway the bus stops for a leak and a snack.

From the north, Thaton is about 40 minutes away by songthaew, with Chiang Rai another 3 hours away.

Get around

Unfortunately it's not possible to hire a (motor)bike, because of the few tourists that visit Fang. Discovering the area, which is really beautyful and therefor worth to do so, is only possible by going on a tour. Then you'll be driven around in a car, jeep or pickup.

  • Huai Luk Royal Project (โครงการหลวงห้วยลึก) is located along the Chiang Mai-Fang route. Take a right turn at Km. 95 for around 500 metres. The project provides farming area to Hmong, Karen and lowland farmers. It promotes, researches, and plants flowers, fruits, and vegetables for farmers. Produces of this projects range from vegetables and flowers such as cantaloupe, chrysanthemum, peacock flower to fruits like guava and pomegranate. The best time to visit is during November to March as agricultural products are plentiful.
  • Wat Tham Tap Tao (วัดถ้ำตับเต่า), Amphoe Chai Prakan (on the Chiang Mai-Fang route). Take a left turn at an intersection for 3km. The temple is situated between Km.120 and Km.121. The peaceful temple compound comprises a mid-pond scripture hall and Tap Tao cave, which is the beauty highlight. The cave is somewhat smaller than Chiang Dao cave, but it offers the unique charm of Buddha images inside.
  • Fang Hot Springs (บ่อน้ำร้อนฝาง), Ban Pin, 8km northwest of Fang. The 50 hot springs originate from simmering granite with temperatures from 90 to 100°C. The largest spring one spews out consistent steam with a strong scent of sulphur.
  • Lahu Hillstay, 053-451231, 08-10339273 (). delivers a 2 day trekking into the jungle to a Lahu-village with a one night overstay in a bamboo-bungalow. The guide himself is originally from one of the Lahu-villages.  edit
  • Wilbert Muller-Jabusch, 053-451871, 08-17642330 (). is a guide with a lot of experience and is living for already 25 years in Fang. He was a guide through all over Thailand, but now is only doing the very northern part of the country. He speaks fluently English, Dutch, German and Thai and can also speak with the hill tribes. His knowledge about the area is very broad and divers  edit


Like everywhere in Thailand there are plenty of local restaurants down the streets where you can get Thai and Chinese dishes.

  • Ninecool Coffee fresh coffee and cake, tel:053-452836. They serve very nice coffees (hot&ice) made from the beans of the hills around Fang. There's free WIFI.
  • Phumanee Place, Amarawadee co.,LTD.122/1 MOD 4.T.Viang A.Fang, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50110, 053-452875-6 (). There's free WIFI, hot shower and a restaurant which serves good coffees made from beans of the hills around Fang with a fan costs 350 Baht and an AC room costs 450 Baht (including American breakfast).  edit
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  1. (collective) A people of western Africa.
  2. The Bantu language of these people.
  3. A second, only distantly related language of Africa.



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  1. Fang (people and language)



Fang m. (genitive: Fanges, plural: Fänge)

  1. catch, capture
  2. booty, prey
  3. haul, draught
  4. fang, talon, claw, tusk
  5. (hunting) coup de grâce

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