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Fann Wong
at the Asian Festival of First Films Gala Reception on 25 November 2005.
Chinese name 范文芳 (Traditional)
Chinese name 范文芳 (Simplified)
Birth name Fann Woon Fong
Born 27 January 1971 (1971-01-27) (age 38)
Occupation actress
Years active 1994–present
Spouse(s) Christopher Lee (2009–present)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Fan ().

Fann Woon Fong (Chinese: 范文芳pinyin: Fàn Wénfāng, formerly 范雯芳; born 27 January 1971), better known by her stage name Fann Wong,[1][2] is a Singaporean actress, singer and model.

At Singapore's Star Awards 1995, Fann became the first actress to win both the Best Actress and Best Newcomer awards in the same year. After gaining regional exposure and popularity in Asia through film and television productions, she became the first Singaporean actress to break into Hollywood, playing Chon Lin in the 2003 film Shanghai Knights. She was also the youngest actress to have earned an All-Time Favourite Award at the Star Awards. In late 2002, Fann became romantically attached to Malaysian actor Christopher Lee, with whom she has collaborated eight times.[3] She married the actor on September 29, 2009.[4] She is known to zealously safeguard her privacy.[5]


Early life and career

Early days: Television career

Born in Singapore to Hakka middle-class tailor parents, Fann shared her childhood with three siblings - an older sister, as well as a younger brother and sister. She was educated at Temasek Secondary School, where she took her GCE 'O' Level examinations in 1987.[6][7]

At the age of sixteen, she won a beauty contest organised by Her World, a Singapore fashion magazine.[2] She started a successful modelling career in Singapore, and spent the next two years modelling part-time while taking her GCE 'A' Level examinations at a private school. She afterward earned a diploma in fashion merchandising from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts.[6]

Fann moved to Taiwan in 1993. One of her earliest successes was in an Oil of Ulan (now Oil of Olay) commercial aired in Taiwan and Singapore.[2] The following year, a Singaporean television producer discovered her and cast her in Dreams Come True, a Singapore drama series.[2] Fann soon starred in two more Singapore television series, The Challenger and Chronicle of Life.[2]

After a year in the Singapore television industry, her role in Chronicle of Life won her Best Actress and Best Newcomer awards at Singapore's 1995 Star Awards.[8] In 1996, her role in The Unbroken Cycle won her first regional nomination at the Asian Television Awards.[9] She continued to star in a large array of drama serials, including A Romance in Shanghai (produced in Shanghai), Wild Orchids (filmed in Sydney) and Brave New World (filmed in Amsterdam and Belgium).

In late 1996, Fann released in Singapore her first Mandarin pop album Fanntasy, which contained a duet with Taiwanese singer Jeff Chang.[10] The album was retitled I Live Alone and repackaged with two additional songs for the Taiwanese market and won 4 IFPI platinum sales awards in Taiwan, marking the start of Fann's regional success.[2][11]

Late 90s: Rise of regional popularity

In mid-1998, the release of Fann's hit wuxia drama Return of the Condor Heroes along with her second album, Shopping, further increased her exposure in Taiwan and China.[12] When Hong Kong director Derek Yee saw Fann's "Shopping" music video on Hong Kong's Channel V, he flew to Singapore to cast her as the lead actress in the Hong Kong art film The Truth About Jane and Sam.[12][13] The movie topped the Singapore box office for three weeks[14] and her role as a gritty wild-child won her a Best New Performer nomination at the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2000.[15] In addition, her role as a self-centred stockbroker in Out to Win attracted a million viewers in Singapore during its finale.[16]

In 1999, Fann released her third album Missing You, recorded Private Number with British boyband 911,[17] and performed Moments of Magic, Singapore's official millennium song.[2][18] These musical successes resulted in her being the first Singapore artiste to stage a solo paying concert ("My Story" - Fann Wong In Concert) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2000.[19] That same year, she released her fourth Mandarin album, No Problem.[20]

During the next few years, Fann focused on her acting career. She played a two-timing television reporter in the omnibus Hong Kong film When I Fall in Love... With Both,[21] acted as a lovelorn insurance agent in the Singaporean romantic drama Looking For Stars,[22] as well as played the title character in the Taiwanese period drama Madam White Snake.[23] She also began hosting travelogue shows, including Travel Hunt: Japan and Fann Adventure, which was filmed in South Africa and Malaysia.[24]

2003: Hollywood

In 2002, Fann became the first Singaporean actress to score a major role in a Hollywood production as Chon Lin in Shanghai Knights. When the film was released in early 2003, Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post stated:

Fann is an enchanting new film presence. Clearly modelled after Zhang Ziyi of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, she combines a dancer's grace with a fighter's speed, and looks great standing still or whirling.[25]

The Hollywood Reporter's David Hunter noted that Fann was "more than equal to playing the strong woman fighter who's also pretty darn cute", while John Keenan of the Omaha World-Herald stated that "Fann's stunt work is actually more memorable than Jackie Chan's here".[25] In Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post stated that she "seems set to displace Lucy Liu as Hollywood's Asian babe du jour".[25] She was subsequently nominated under the Best Fight category in MTV Movie Awards 2003,[26] and in 2004, won the Singapore Street Festival's Best International Artiste Award.[27]


In 2004, Fann continued acting in China period dramas such as Moon Fairy and My Fair Lady.[28] She also starred in a Singapore serial on the SARS epidemic titled Always On My Mind, which won her a Best Actress nomination at the 2004 Star Awards.[29] In mid-2004, Fann was cast in the lead role in the German-Singapore telemovie, House of Harmony.[30] In late 2004, Fann released her first publication, a semi-autobiographical comic book Girl Illustrated.[31] After a musical hiatus of five years, she released her first compilation, In Love With You.[32]

2005 to Present

In April 2005, Fann was invited to the Cannes MIPTV Media Market where she promoted House of Harmony and discussed possible collaborations with European industry professionals.[33] House of Harmony has since been telecast in Germany, Austria, France and Belgium to a combined prime-time viewership of over 80 million.[34 ] That same year, Fann took on a lead role in a Taiwanese art-house romance film, Dragon Eye Congee, which was nominated for five categories at the inaugural Asian Festival of First Films.[35]

In August 2005, she made her voiceover debut in Singapore's first 3D animation film, Zodiac, The Race Begins, which was released in early 2006.[36] Furthermore, she also contributed her songs for the soundtracks of the movie.

In November 2006, Fann made her first promotional visit to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She performed at the Tonle Sap Water Festival Mega Concert and visited the Krousar Thmey blind school,[37] where she donated cassette recorders and biscuits.[38]

In early 2007, Fann signed a management contract with China's Huayi Brothers. Fann also became the first Singaporean artiste to release a self-illustrated 3G animation titled Fanntasy World.[39] The release of her Singapore film, Just Follow Law, in which she had to play an uncouth and scruffy man in a woman's body, was a major attraction at the Chinese New Year box office and won her critical acclaim in the Singapore and Malaysian media.[40][41]

In 2008, she was invited to be a judge at 6th "spirit of fire" international film festival which was held in Russia. "Ah Long Pte Ltd" hit the 1st spot in both Singapore and Malaysia's box office during the Chinese new year.Later, the film "Dance of Dragon" that she paired with Korean hunk Jang Hyuk led her to win her 1st international best actress at West Hollywood International Film Festival.

In 2009, Fann starred with then-boyfriend Christopher Lee in The Wedding Game.The movie later won the best feature film at 1st international comedy film festival which was held in Thailand.In June, she finished her new Chinese movie "yi bu liu shen"(English tiled to be announced).

Now she's filming "lan se shi che ju" starring with Alex Fong and Chang Chen in Hainan.

Personal life

Fann has been romantically involved with Singaporean actor Christopher Lee since late 2002,[42] although the pair only admitted their relationship in mid-2005.[3] She has had only one prior romance — an 11-year relationship with businessman Anthony Chan.[43][44]

Fann and Lee have collaborated eight times in television productions, and have played lovers in six of these.[3] The 2004 Star Awards saw colleagues Chew Chor Meng, Zoe Tay, Huang Biren and Mark Lee attempting to out their romance,[44] while Zoe Tay urged Lee to propose to Fann at the 2005 Star Awards.[45] After Fann and Lee publicly admitted to their relationship in mid-2005,[3] they were seldom seen together. However, in December 2006, they walked together hand-in-hand down the blue carpet of the 2006 Star Awards ceremony. The gesture was noted by the Singapore media as a rare public acknowledgement of their relationship.[46]

In September 2008, it was rumored she would be marrying Christopher Lee.[47] They finally got married on May 16, 2009. They were together for 8 years. Fann's hobbies include illustrating comics, shopping, and eating.[48]



Year Recognition
  • Her World Magazine (Singapore) Cover Girl Winner
  • Asian Television Awards, Best Actress Nomination (The Unbroken Cycle)
  • Singapore Star Awards, Best Actress Nomination (The Unbroken Cycle)
  • Singapore Hit Awards, Media Recommendation Award Nomination(Local Singer)
  • Singapore Star Awards, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
  • Singapore Star Awards, Best Actress Nomination (The Matchmaker's Match)
  • Singapore Star Awards, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
  • Singapore Star Awards, Best Actress Nomination (Heroes in Black)
  • Singapore Star Awards, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
  • Singapore Star Awards, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
  • Singapore Street Festival, Best International Artiste Award
  • Singapore Star Awards, Best Actress Nomination (Always On My Mind)
  • Singapore Star Awards, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste
  • China Bai He Jiang, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste Award
  • West Hollywood International Film Festival, Best Actress (Dance of the Dragon)
  • Singapore Star Awards, Best Actress Nomination (The Defining Moment)

Fann was also an annual recipient of a popularity award at the Singapore Star Awards from 1995 to 2004 (titled 'Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes'). This culminated in her being awarded the All-Time Favourite Artiste Award at the 2005 Star Awards.


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