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Directed by Luciano Salce
Written by Paolo Villaggio
Starring Paolo Villaggio
Liù Bosisio
Gigi Reder
Anna Mazzamauro
Music by Fabio Frizzi
Release date(s) 1975
Running time 100 min.
Language Italian

Fantozzi (aka "White Collar Blues") is a 1975 cult Italian comedy movie. It is the first film in the saga of the unlucky Italian clerk Ugo Fantozzi, played by its creator, Paolo Villaggio.


The movie starts with Pina, Ugo Fantozzi's wife, calling the Italpetrolcemetermotessilfarmometalchimica industry (where her husband works at) asking to look if her husband is still there, since she hasn't had any news about him since 18 days. They'll find out that for some reasons, Fantozzi got stuck inside the closed walls of the industry's old bathrooms.

In the first episode, Fantozzi has a new plan to reach his office on time. He sets his alarm clock at 7:51 and tries to do everything in just a couple of seconds, so that he can get the bus at 8:00 and get in the office at 8:30. 5 seconds to wake up, 3 seconds to drink very very hot coffee and other things. But he'll end up not being in time to get on the bus so he'll decide to get on the bus by jumping from the balcony. He'll make it, but he'll end up making all the passenger which are already on the bus fall out. He'll finally reach his office (on an ambulance) in time, but he'll faint before reaching the stamping machine.

In the second episode, Fantozzi goes at the funeral of the mega-president of the industry (dead at age 126) After the funeral, Fantozzi asks to Miss Silvani if she would like to go out and get a drink with him. She accepts but she'll end up causing troubles to him, by insulting some rude drivers who were next to them. They'll beat up Fantozzi, since they think it's immoral to punch a woman. He'll end up having his car destroyed.

In third episode, Fantozzi plays in the football match organized by Filini, but the match will end up being cancelled due to rain.

In fourth episode, Fantozzi and Filini go out for a trip at the lake. First, they'll get in trouble by filling with water an important guy's car. Then, they'll get injured by fixing the tent and then they'll get lost by sailing on a bad little boat.

In fifth episode, all the company employees' children children have to go to the director's office and tell a poem they made up. Fantozzi's daughter, despite creating a very original poem, will get insulted and made fun of, cause of her terrible, looks. Fantozzi, realizing what's happening, storms in and just by looking at his supposed "superiors" manages to make them stare down in shame. After wishing them "merry christmas and happy new year" in a scathing tone he leads his daughter away. When she asks him why the people were calling her "Cita" (referring to Tarzan's pet monkey) he tells her a white lie pretending they were actually comparing her to Rita Hayworth. This is one of the few episodes where we see the human and moral stature of Fantozzi.

Sixth episode. It's New Year's Eve, and Fantozzi goes to a New Year's Eve party with his colleagues. Everything is a disaster: the waiter throws every plate over Fantozzi's dress, he falls through a window during the dance and the band leader rigs the clock (he has to go to another party) and runs away at half past ten. At midnight, someone throws a heavy cuisine over Fantozzi's car, destroying it.

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