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Far right, extreme right, hard right and ultra-right are terms used to discuss the qualitative or quantitative position a group or person occupies within right-wing politics. Far right politics involves supremacism, believing that superiority and inferiority is an innate reality between individuals and groups and involves the complete rejection of the concept of social equality as a norm.[1] Far right politics supports segregation and separation of groups deemed to be superior from groups deemed to be inferior.[2] Far-right politics and political views commonly involve authoritarianism, demagoguery, homophobia, nativism, racism, sexism, and xenophobia.[3]

The terms have been used by different scholars in somewhat conflicting ways.[4]

The ideologies associated with the far right are fascism, Nazism, racial supremacists (especially neo-fascists and neo-Nazis group), religious extremists, and other ultra-nationalist or reactionary ideologies and movements.[5][6][7][8][9] The terms are often used to imply that someone is an extremist.

The term far right has been used by some, such as National Public Radio, to describe certain authoritarian governments that promote free market capitalism, such as that of Augusto Pinochet in Chile.[10][11] The BBC has called politician Pim Fortuyn's politics (Fortuynism) "far right" because of his policies on immigration and Muslims.[12]



The political terms left and right arose during the French Revolution, the term far right originally referred to throne-and-altar monarchists such as Joseph de Maistre and Louis de Bonald.[citation needed] The original French meaning of far right is specific to a Roman Catholic nation, and more specifically to a Gallican society in which church and state were closely tied to one another. In this context, the term can be expanded to include the kind of Caesaropapism that occasionally existed in some Eastern Orthodox kingdoms. This specific interpretation of the term far right lost favour in the decades following the Revolutions of 1848, as a return to the Ancien Régime became increasingly implausible. By the reign of Pope Pius XI, this interpretation of far right had essentially become anachronistic even in conservative Catholic circles.

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