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Vogue editors Anna Wintour and André Leon Talley during New York Fashion Week
Halleck fashion show during Fashion Rio, winter 2009
Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen on Fashion Rio, winter 2007 catwalk.

A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, it lets the industry know what's "in" and what's "out" for the season. The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the fashion capitals - New York, London, Milan, and Paris.



In the major fashion capitals, fashion weeks are semiannual events. January through April designers showcase their autumn and winter collections and September through November the spring/summer collections are shown. Fashion weeks must be held several months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers a chance to preview fashion designs for the following season. This is also to allow time for retailers to arrange to purchase or incorporate the designers into their retail marketing.


The schedule begins with New York, followed by London, with the third major fashion week in Milan, and ending the events in Paris. These four cities are the traditional "big four" fashion weeks that are followed by new emerging fashion weeks globally. Another fashion week that is gaining importance is the São Paulo Fashion Week, which occurs in Brazil and is the largest in Latin America, is already considered the fifth most important event in the fashion calendar. The Menswear shows occur in between autumn/winter and spring/summer in Milan.

Some fashion weeks can be genre-specific, such as a Miami Fashion Week (swimwear), Rio Summer (swimwear), Prêt-a-Porter (ready-to-wear) Fashion Week, Couture (one-of-a-kind designer original) Fashion Week and Bridal Fashion Week, while Portland (Oregon, USA) Fashion Week shows some eco-friendly designers. Globalization has spawned a culture of inter-state Entrepreneurship within the United States, which has motivated innovative fashion designers like Berny Martin to bring fashion weeks to the mid-west and other regions not normally associated with fashion. Mid-west Fashion Week (MFW) is the most successful of these movements and showcases the talents and visions of both veterans and novices in the mid-west's fashion community. Fashion shows tend to bring communities together and generate money for local businesses, non-profits and charities. Fashion weeks have the potential to bring significant income to a city like Indianapolis where MFW was founded.


In 1943, the first New York Fashion Week was held, with one main purpose: to distract attention from French fashion during WWII, when workers in the fashion industry were unable to travel to Paris to see the shows. This was an opportune moment - as for centuries designers in America were thought to be reliant on the French for inspiration. The fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert organized an event she called ‘Press Week’ to showcase American designers for fashion journalists to see and (more importantly) write about, who had previously ignored their works. The Press Week was a success, and, as a result, magazines like Vogue (which were normally filled with French designs) began to feature more and more American innovations. Up until 1994, the shows were held in different locations, such as hotels, or lofts. Eventually, after a structural accident at a Micheal Kors show, the event moved to Bryant Park, behind the New York Public Library, where it still is today, held inside a number of large white tents in the huge park. However, long before Lambert came along, there were fashion shows throughout America. In 1903, an NYC shop, called Ehrich Brothers, put on what is thought to have been the country’s first fashion show, to lure middle-class females into the store. By 1910, many big department stores were holding shows of their own. It is likely that American retailers saw that they were called ‘fashion parades’ in Paris couture salons and decided to use the idea. These parades were an effective way to promote stores, and improved its status in the eyes of its customers. By the 1920s, the fashion show had become used by retailers up and down the country. They were staged, and often held in the shop’s restaurant during lunch or teatime. These shows were usually more dramatic and theatrical than those of today, and heavily based upon a single theme, and accompanied with a narrative commentary. The shows were hugely popular, enticing crowds in their thousands – crowds so large, that stores in New York in the fifties had to obtain a lisence to have live models! Nowadays, access to NYFW (New York Fashion Week) is by invitation only, and only fashion magazine editors, fashion magazine journalists, models (and ex-models) and celebrities are invited. Other buyers are restricted to the showrooms/stores and the articles in the magazines.


The dominance of the big four benefits industry participants. For example, buyers, journalists, models and celebrities can limit their travel and simply move from one to the other over the four week period. However the arrangement is criticized for stifling design talent in emerging fashion hubs such as Los Angeles.[citation needed]

Cities with fashion weeks

City Name Date established
Amsterdam Amsterdam International Fashion Weeks (AIFW) 2004[1]
Asunción Asunción Fashion Week 2003[2]
Austin Austin Fashion Week 2009[3]
Athens Hellenic Fashion Week 2000[4]
Atlanta Atlanta International Fashion Week 2006[5]
Auckland New Zealand Fashion Week 2001[6]
Baltimore Baltimore's Fashion Week 2008[7]
Bangkok Bangkok Fashion Week 2005[8]
Barcelona Barcelona Fashion Week 1981 (Known as Pasarela Gaudí until 2001)
Beirut Beirut Fashion Week 2008
Belgrade Belgrade Fashion Week 1996[9]
Bellevue, Washington Bellvue Fashion Week 2007[10]
Berlin Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2007[11]
Bogota Bogota Fashion Week 2007
Boston Boston Fashion Week 1995 [12]
Brooklyn Brooklyn Fashion Week 2003-05 Brooklyn Designers 2008 its new form[13]
Brisbane Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2006 [14][15]
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2008
Colombia Colombiamoda Celebrate On Medellin city 2005
Cork Cork Fashion Week 2009
Cape Town Cape Town Fashion Week 2003[16]
Charleston Charleston Fashion Week 2007
Casablanca Casablanca fashion week 2005
Chicago Chicago Fashion Week Marshall Field's Glamorama Cleveland Fashion Week Cleveland 2002 [17]
Columbus, Ohio Columbus Fashion Week 2007[18]
Copenhagen Copenhagen Fashion Week 1964 (Unknown in its current form) [19]
Cyprus Cyprus Fashion Week 2008[20]
Dhaka Dhaka Fashion Week 2008
Dhaka Bangladesh Fashion Week 2009
Dallas Couture Fashion Week Dallas 2009 to present in its current form[21]
Dallas Dallas Fashion Week 2008[22]
Dar es Salaam Swahili Fashion Week 2008
Dubai Dubai Fashion Week 2006[23]
Dublin Dublin Fashion Week
Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Fashion Week 1963[24]
Fort Lauderdale FTL MODA 2007[25]
Gainesville Gainesville Fashion Week 2009[26]
Hong Kong HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 1968[27]
Jakarta Jakarta Fashion Week 2008[28]
Johannesburg Joburg Fashion Week 2007[29]
Kansas City, MO Glance Fashion Week KC 2009[30]
Karachi Karachi Fashion Week 2009[31]
Kenya Kenya Fashion Week 2005
Kiev Ukrainian Fashion Week 1997[32]
Kingston Caribbean Fashion Week Started November 2001 (Now held in June)
Kobe Kobe Fashion Week Started from 2006 A/W collection [33]
Kuala Lumpur[34] Malaysia Fashion Week 2007-2008
Lahore Lahore Fashion Week 2010 [35]
Lagos Nigerian Fashion Week 2007
Las Vegas Las Vegas Fashion Week 2009
Lisbon Moda Lisboa/Lisbon Fashion Week 1994
Liverpool Liverpool Fashion Week 2008
London London Fashion Week[36] 1961 (1993 in its current form)
Los Angeles Los Angeles Fashion Week 2003[37]
Łódź Fashion Week Poland 2009
Luanda Moda Luanda / Luanda Fashion: annually, on January/February 1997[38]
Angola Fashion Week: annually, on June/July 1999[39]
MODANGOLA - Angola's Male Fashion Week: annually, on November 2009[40]
Madrid Madrid Fashion Week 1963
Mallorca Mallorca Fashion Week 2009[41]
Manila Philippine Fashion Week 1997[42]
Melbourne L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival[43]
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week[44]
Mexico City Fashion Week Mexico 1998[45]
Miami Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach 1998[46]
Miami Fashion Week 1998[47]
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami 1998[48]
Midwest, USA


Midwest Fashion Week (MFW)[9] 2004 - Current Downtown Indianapolis March 13-22 and Oct 12-17 2010
Montréal Montréal Fashion Week 2001
Morocco Morocco fashion week (caftan) 1996[49]
Moscow Fashion Week in Moscow 1994 (2003 in its current form)[50]
Moscow Russian Fashion Week 2001[51]
Mumbai Mumbai Fashion Week 2001
Nashville Music City Fashion Week 2008[52]
New Delhi Delhi Fashion Week 2008[53][54]
India Fashion Week 2000[55][56]
New York City New York Fashion Week 1943 (1993 in its current form)[57]
New York City Couture Fashion Week New York 2003 to present in its current form.

Couture Fashion Week

Oslo Oslo Fashion Week 2004
Ottawa Ottawa Fashion Week 2008 in its current form
Oxford Oxford Fashion Week 2009 in its current form
Paris Paris Fashion Week 1973 in its current form
Plovdiv Plovdiv Fashion Week 2000
Plovdiv MEN`s Fashion Week 2010
Plovdiv BRIDAL Fashion Week 2009
Philadelphia Philadelphia Fashion Week 2009[58]
Phoenix Phoenix Fashion Week - separated from Scottsdale Fashion Week 2004[59]
Portland Portland Fashion Week 2003[60]
Prague Prague Fashion Week 2002[61]
Raleigh Raleigh Fashion Week 2009[62]
Reykjavík Iceland Fashion Week 2000[63]
Riga Riga Fashion Week 2004
Rio de Janeiro Fashion Rio
Rome[64] Rome Fashion Week
Sacramento Sacramento Fashion Week 2008[65]
San Antonio San Antonio Fashion Week 2010[66]
San Francisco San Francisco Fashion Week 2004[67]
San Juan Puerto Rico High Fashion Week
Santiago Santiago Fashion Week 2006
São Paulo[68] São Paulo Fashion Week 1995[69]
Sarajevo Sarajevo Fashion Weeks - two rival events [70]
Scottsdale, Arizona Scottsdale Fashion Week 2005
Singapore Singapore Fashion Week. 1987
Seattle Seattle Fashion Week 2003
Seoul Seoul Fashion Week [71]
Shanghai Shanghai Fashion Week
Sydney Australian Fashion Week 1995[71]
Sydney Fashion Festival
Sydney Fashion Weekend
Sofia SOFIA Fashion Week 2004
St. Louis St. Louis Fashion Week
Stockholm Stockholm Fashion Week 1995[71]
Tashkent Tashkent Fashion Week 2006[72]
Tehran 2006[63]
Tirana Albania Fashion Week 2007[73]
Toronto LG Fashion Week 1999 (2009 in its current form) [74]
Tokyo Japan Fashion Week 1985 (2005 in its current form) [75]
Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2008 [76]
Ulan Bator Goyol 1988 [77]
Valencia Valencia Fashion Week 2001[78]
Vienna MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2009[79]
Warsaw Warsaw Fashion Street 1996
Zagreb Zagreb Fashion Week 2003

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