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Father of Invention
File:Father of
Directed by Trent Cooper
Produced by Dana Brunetti
Kia Jam
Kevin Spacey
Written by Trent Cooper
Jonathon D. Crane
Starring Kevin Spacey
Johnny Knoxville
Virginia Madsen
Heather Graham
Camilla Belle
Music by Nick Urata
Cinematography Steve Yedlin
Editing by Heather Pearsons
Distributed by Horizon Entertainment
Pangea Media Group
Release date(s) February 15, 2010 (2010-02-15)
Country United States
Language English

Father of Invention is a 2010 American comedy film starring Kevin Spacey, Camilla Belle, and Johnny Knoxville.


A television infomercial introduces the audience to a rich entrepreneur Robert Axle (Spacey), a "fabricator" who combines other people's inventions into popular consumer products. But one of his products causes severe injuries to purchasers, which results in an eight-year term in prison.

Released and broke, he wants to get back on his feet with fresh inventions. More important, he wants to reclaim the love of his estranged daughter (Belle), whom he neglected when she was a youngster. First, though, he must get past a doubtful parole officer, dubious employers and his daughter's man-hating roommate (Graham).

Other roles include Spacey's ex-wife (Madsen), her new husband (Robinson), and his new employer (Knoxville). A second roommate, played by Anna Anissimova, starts out as one of the film's more notable personalities, then turns into something of a plot gimmick.





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