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Father of the Pride
Father of the pride.png
Screen shot from the Season 1 DVD
Format Animated sitcom
Created by Jeffrey Katzenberg
Directed by Mark Risley
Starring John Goodman
Danielle Harris
Cheryl Hines
Carl Reiner
Orlando Jones
Julian Holloway
Opening theme "Viva Las Vegas" performed by John Goodman
Ending theme U2's Beautiful Day
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 14 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jeffrey Katzenberg
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Dreamworks Animation
Pacific Data Images
Imagi Animation Studios
Original channel NBC
Picture format 480i (4:3 SDTV)
720p (16:9 HDTV)
Original run 02010-08-31 August 31 – December 28, 2004 (2004-12-28)
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Father of the Pride is an American animated television series that began broadcasting on NBC on August 31, 2004 and was part of a short-lived trend of CGI series in prime-time network TV (after UPN's Game Over). The show, which was produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his company, DreamWorks Animation, revolves around a family of white lions, the patriarch of which stars in a Siegfried & Roy show in Las Vegas. Despite heavy promotion, the show was very unsuccessful and was quickly cancelled. Transmission and production were also delayed by the real-life on-stage mauling of Roy Horn.


Voice talent

The show featured the voice talent of John Goodman, Danielle Harris, Cheryl Hines, Carl Reiner, Orlando Jones, Julian Holloway, Daryl Sabara and David Herman. The per-episode cost of the series was reportedly US$1.6 million and each episode took nine months to create. Due to costs, physical animation production was contracted to the Hong Kong-based Imagi Animation Studios.


The series employed a small group of seasoned directors which included Mark Risley, Brett Holland, Steve Hickner, John Holmquist, John Wayne Stevenson and Mark Baldo.

Opening sequence

The opening sequence starts off with a red sports car, with the Nevada license plate "MAGIC1", being driven by Siegfried and Roy past many of the attractions in Las Vegas. Cast names are presented on the marquees of the Strip hotels that, along with the Mirage, belonged to the MGM/Mirage Group at the time, before the car swerves into the Mirage Hotel. The scene changes to the lions' house. Larry wakes up, late for his performance, on his favourite couch before dashing towards the stage (but not before having a pre-show beer). John Goodman voices a rousing rendition of Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" as the background music throughout the title sequence.

Series run on NBC

The show was almost cancelled long before its broadcast, following the near-death of Roy Horn in October 2003; but after his condition improved, both Siegfried and Roy urged NBC to continue production. The show was promoted heavily during NBC's coverage of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece and garnered above average ratings for the network, but the show received a negative response from TV critics who considered it to be little more than a gimmick and a shill for other NBC and DreamWorks properties (two early episodes extensively featured The Today Show's Matt Lauer and another featured Donkey - voiced by Eddie Murphy - from the DreamWorks movie Shrek and Shrek 2). Also many TV critics noticed that the show's humor was very similar to South Park (one episode had a character say "Screw you guys I'm going home").

The show's ratings began to decline, and by November 2004 it was pulled from NBC's sweeps line-up. In early December 2004, the CEO of Dreamworks announced that the show was canceled, a few months after it was initially aired. A DVD version of the show has been made available, containing the original pilot, an alternate pilot (which draws heavily on the original), an un-aired episode, and one episode that was voice-recorded, but was not animated, and therefore remains at the storyboard stage.

International airings

It first broadcast on Sky1 in United Kingdom on March 6, 2005. It was also repeated on Sky3. The show was originally on the Global Television Network and can currently be seen on Teletoon in Canada, RTÉ One in Ireland, MTV3 and Subtv in Finland, NHK in Japan, Canal FOX in Latin America, VTM in Belgium, Channel 5 in Singapore, GMA Network in the Philippines, Telefé in Argentina, TV2 in New Zealand , ProSieben in Germany, TVN7 in Poland, and Go! in Australia.


Major characters

Character Voice actor Profile
Larry John Goodman The star of Father of the Pride, Larry is a middle-aged, overweight white lion who through a bizarre series of events becomes star of Siegfried and Roy's world famous magic show (replacing his less-than-delighted father-in-law). Larry tends to speak before he thinks.
Kate Cheryl Hines Kate is Sarmoti's daughter and Larry's wife. Primarily known for her relation to Sarmoti and Larry, Kate is constantly attempting to establish her own individuality.
Sarmoti Carl Reiner Sarmoti is Kate's Father. He has a dislike for Larry and is disappointed with Kate for marrying him, thinking she could have done better. He fancies himself the feline member of the Rat Pack. The name "Sarmoti" is an acronym of "Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible".
Snack Orlando Jones Snack is a gopher and Larry's best friend. He is sneaky, manipulative and constantly getting into trouble with the other residents of the park.
Sierra Danielle Harris Sierra is Larry's rebellious teen-aged daughter. She is an activist with very left-winged views.
Hunter Daryl Sabara Hunter is Larry's somewhat immature 9 year old son. He is always shown wearing a plastic Elizabethan collar to stop him from biting himself and is portrayed as slightly mentally-deficient. He's a fan of Lord of the Rings. He is the most rarely-used main character, being entirely absent from a few episodes. Sarmoti suspects he might be gay.
Roy David Herman Roy is the animal trainer of the Siegfried and Roy duo and frequently has to defend his animals from the criticisms of Siegfried.
Siegfried Julian Holloway Siegfried is the more magically-inclined of the duo and constantly argues with Roy.

Supporting characters

Character Voice actor Profile
Foo-Lin Lisa Kudrow A female giant panda who is very jealous of her younger, pregnant sister, she is very prone to becoming depressed because she has almost given up on finding a man. She constantly looks to Kate for comfort, and finds Sarmoti's cracks about her mental state funny instead of insulting as they're meant to be.
Donkey Eddie Murphy Donkey, co-star of the Shrek films, visits the compound and he is known as a massive star by all of the animals. Larry tries to get him to go to Hunter's school.
Emerson Danny DeVito Emerson is an activist lobster who befriends Sierra, much to Larry's dismay. Emerson was later thrown into the sewers by Sierra after he insulted her father Larry, even though Larry saved him twice.
Blake John O'Hurley Blake is a white tiger and the main adversary of the white lions. The two groups constantly compete to be the stars of the show. Blake is a self-professed "whore for applause".
Victoria Wendie Malick Victoria is Blake's wife. She also competes with the lions to act with her husband in Siegfried and Roy's show. She has a drinking problem, and has already had 2 liver transplants from baboons.
Nelson Andy Richter Nelson, aka 'Bong Bong', is a giant panda whom Larry and Kate try and introduce to Foo-Lin. He is extremely nervous about meeting other women as he had never seen other women because he was isolated before brought into captivity by Siegfried and Roy
Bernie Garry Marshall Bernie is Sarmoti's poker buddy and friend. He is a bit of a suck up, he constantly calls him boss and agrees with every single thing he says.
Tommy David Spade Tommy, a coyote, is the wise-cracking 'guide' that Larry and Sarmoti meet in the Road Trip episode. Eventually Larry and Sarmoti realise Tommy manages to get them lost, and becomes a bit of an annoyance to them both.
Kelsey Grammer Kelsey Grammer Siegfried and Roy take Larry to see Kelsey Grammer in the revised pilot, as Siegfried and Roy believe that he is a real psychologist
Roger Greg Cipes Roger the orangutan is a local at the 'Watering Hole' pub
Hi Larious Seth McFarlane Hi Larious is a snail comedian who is not very funny. He features in a plot against the lions with the tigers.
Vincent Don Stark A flamingo with a sexual interest in sombreros and a New Yorker's accent.
The Snout Brothers John DiMaggio The Snout Brothers are a pair of steroid-abusing, exercise enthusiast warthogs who are old friends of Sarmoti. They are right winged characters who are homophobic.
Lily Amanda Peet A cougar, Lily is the leader of a women's empowerment group, who encourages the compound's women to find the goddess within themselves...and advises that you don't need a man as long as you have your tail - of little comfort to Foo-Lin, whose panda tail is a mere stub.
Tom the Antelope John DiMaggio Tom is an alcoholic, verbally abusive adulterer, who often tries to pick fights after he's had a few.
Duke Dom DeLuise An exceedingly effeminate leopard, Duke is one of Sarmoti's poker buddies. He makes subtle but obvious allusions to his homosexuality, to which his buddies are oblivious.
Chaz Denis Leary A panther, Chaz is one of Sarmoti's poker buddies.
Brittany Julia Sweeney Brittany is a warthog sow whose name might be a play on Britney Spears.
Chutney Brian George Chutney is an Indian elephant and one of Larry's friends. In one episode, it is revealed that he (rather than Lucy Vodden) is Lucy from "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". Through the series, implications that he is in a gay relationship with his turkey "roommate" and that he is otherwise closeted are a running gag.
Justin Pauly Shore Justin is a Jewish,[1] adolescent lion with a mop-top haircut. He is a friend of Sierra and an aggressive, but unskilled, poker player. Larry is comfortable with him spending time with Sierra because either Justin has been neutered or Larry believes him to have been.

Episode list and airdates

The episodes are listed below as ordered on the DVD, with original broadcast sequence and airdate given in parentheses.

  • Original Pilot (1, May 18, 2004)
  • "Sarmoti Moves In" (10, December 28, 2004)
  • "Catnip and Trust" (3, November 14, 2004)
  • "One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend" (7, October 16, 2004)
  • "What's Black, White and Depressed All Over?" (2, August 31, 2004)
  • "Larry's Debut and Sweet Daryll Hannah Too" (4, November 7, 2004)
  • "And the Revolution Continues" (5, November 28, 2004)
  • "The Thanksgiving Episode" (9, December 28, 2004)
  • "Possession" (6, October 12, 2004)
  • "Donkey" (12, November 21, 2004)
  • "Road Trip" (11, December 28, 2004)
  • "Rehabilitation" (8, December 21, 2004)
  • "Stage Fright" (Revised Pilot, 12, May 27, 2005)
  • "The Siegfried and Roy Movie Fantasy Experience Movie" (13, May 29, 2005) (Sky One only)

Scenes that were cut from TV

  • In Sarmoti Moves In, Sarmoti says 'You Fabulous Striped Bastard' after explaining how he made his first kill in Africa was cut from TV airings but was included on the DVD.
  • In Rehabilitation, a line at the rehab center where Alan the Duck asks Larry 'When did he force himself on you?' was cut. At the end of the same episode, he asks Snack the same question. He has a doll, and Snack starts crying, on TV this part is cut to the end titles, but this was included on the DVD.
  • In Donkey, the scene with all the clothing of Grandma Wilson on the floor was cut from future airings on TV but was included on the DVD.
  • In The Siegfried and Roy Movie Experience Movie, Lily says "Because we allow men to define our sense of self-worth." Lily's continued statement of "We have to take responsibility for our lives, as well as our orgasms. As long as I have THIS, *holds up about 9 inches of her tail as if it were a dildo* I don't need a man." This episode then shows Foo Lin, who points over her shoulder at her stubby tail and says "Story of my life." This scene was cut from TV but was included on the DVD. This scene does appear fully while being run on Teletoon.
  • In the original premiere airing of What's Black, White and Depressed All Over?, just after Larry and Sarmoti trade horrified looks when Foo Lin cries out in despair "I'm going to be sleeping on your couch the rest of my life!", the viewer hears a decidedly suggestive licking sound and the camera quickly pans down to show Foo Lin's cat ("Mister Right") sitting on Larry's lap. The cat looks up and says to Larry, "What? Your wife ain't doing it for you. I'm all you've got, sunshine." This scene was quickly cut from the re-broadcast of the episode a couple of days later, and is not included on the DVD. (The scene now freeze-frames and fades to black when Larry and Sarmoti trade glances.)

Comic devices used

The show employs satire, strong language, black comedy, crude adult comedy, and wit. The series has been criticized because it features anthropomorphic animals, giving it the appearance of a children's show (even though the series has a TV-14 rating), while including filthy adult jokes. Satirical elements feature very strongly, with topics such as racism and drugs being covered.

The comic style of the characters Siegfried and Roy furnishes another comic device. Their eccentric lifestyles and personalities allow them to make jokes that other characters wouldn't be able to deliver effectively. Their behavior is often ludicrous and vulgar.


The Parents Television Council's reprimanding for indecency is one possible reason for the demise of the show. Reasons cited for their opposition were the aforementioned use of anthropomorphic animals and the use of "from the creators of Shrek" in their promotions. Shrek was a more family-friendly movie than this series, which means that Father of the Pride could have inadvertently drawn the wrong audience.


  1. ^ He played poker with his left-over Bar Mitzvah money.

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Father of the Pride (created by Dreamworks) is an American animated comedy that follows a family of White Lions who perform in Sigfried and Roy's magic show.



  • (after Kate has torn up a rug) Awesome... am I the only one turned on by this? (Kate looks at him angrily) Yes I am.
  • If I wasn't white I'd be dancing!
  • Hey! I'm a lion! You were upset so I attacked!


  • We live in a civilised community. I have a shower cap.
  • You saw the way he loves that thing... he brushes it's teeth!
  • Oh god! Our daughter's a nip head!


  • Happiness, is being a grandparent.
  • (Talking to his rug) What do you think of our new place? Oh that's right you can't hear me because I killed you and sawdust now occupies where your brain was.
  • You're a fat, middle aged, virgin panda. You deserve Nelson!
  • Larry, I just want you to know. If you were my own son... I'd be pretty disappointed, but I'd make do.
  • I love him... but the kid bums me out.


  • (Questionning catnip) Maybe one of my friend's put it there? Or maybe it's Sigfried and Roy's I mean that would definitely explain the outfits.
  • The better question is why do we live in a world where doors need locks?
  • How come I'm never involved in the adult conversations?!


  • Bombassa!
  • The zebra's alive! Save yourselves and bring me back through the miracle of cloning!
  • My precious... Grampa wants to take the precious... but Grampa's a friend. NO! Kill Grampa...
  • I like elves!
  • (Drunk) Grampa... this tower isn't evil... it's good!

Sigfried and Roy

  • Sigfried: Roy is doing a good thing... WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN?!?
  • Roy: I am Roy! 'Allo!
  • Sigfried: Hello security camera! Here is one crime you cannot stop! (lifts shirt) I stole a six pack.
  • Roy: Sigfried. You are down a million dollars. I... am not going back... TO CANADA!
  • Roy: Magic, you fickle bitch.
  • Sigfried: Roy! You must be quiet! I am watching the tube of boobs!
  • Sigfried and Roy: Activate 'Rocket Pants!'
  • Roy: Sigfried have you lost your head brains?!
  • Roy: Ya, ya very funny. Your arm is a blade that cuts trees.


  • Ok listen up, you need a zebra rug, I need to get a crazy Hindu elephant off my back.
  • (talking into camera) Vegas. Where every thrill is for sale including... murder! (makes Psycho sound effects while zooming camera in and out on zebra)
  • I don't even know why I bothered learning the numbers in maths 'cause I have found the one!


  • (Elephant - Speaking very fast and worried) The Turkey's just my room mate!
  • If only there was a symbol of mob anger! (looks at torches and pitchforks.) ROCKS!


  • Sarmoti:: Look, Kate she's beautiful now, but let's face it. She has a genetic pre-disposition to take up space (pokes Larry)
    Larry:: (sarcastically laughs) I'll remember that when you're begging for your heart medication.

  • Sarmoti: ...But the zebra wouldn't die. I raked him with my claws... he jumped back up! I crushed him with boulders... he sprang back to life! Finally... I pushed him off a cliff. He lay there... lifeless. His blood black in the moonlight. It was done. (falls backwards. Hunter shakes with fear) It's still alive! (springs back up holding dead zebra rug) Zombie Zebra!

Larry: (through Hunter's screaming while he is stuck to a wall) What's going on here?
Hunter: The zebra's alive! Save yourselves and bring me back through the miracle of cloning!

  • Elephant:: Fact. I am Lucy, from Lucy in the sky with diamonds. You don't know this because that damn McCartney takes all the credit!
    Larry:: You're Lucy? But you're a guy.
    Elephant:: It was a difficult time for all of us...

  • Shop Assistant:: I don't know how to make this more clear. We don't sell gifts for White Lions.
    Roy:: I see. Congratulations on being a racist.

Hilarryous: My boss fired me yesterday, I started to cry. My boss said 'I can't watch a grown man cry,' so I gave him a blindfold! Ka-Pow!
Larry::...That was terrible.
Hilarryous:Yeah? and you're gay!

  • Roy:: (Reading a cue card) As you all know, the 3rd World War has left the world a barren wasteland.
    Sigfried:: No, no! This one is for the lions. For their gift!
    Roy:: Oh yeah... Dear Larry and Kate. We wanted to bring you the perfect gift, something you would use everyday. Please be enjoying this delightful Scandanavian Tea Service. Hopefully you will have us over for tea...soon.
    Sigfried:: Very soon.

  • Sierra:: (Catnip is dropped next to her) What's that?
    Kate:: Don't play dumb, this isn't a game. It's Catnip. (opens book) Or as you and your friends may call it, Monkey Junk, Street Cheese or... Siamese Colesaw.
    Sierra:: What? You think that's mine?
    Larry:: We found it in your room.
    Sierra:: Oh my god... you searched my room? What happened to privacy?
    Larry:: We saw a movie about A LION THAT DROVE A TRUCK! We're not going to let that happen to you.

  • Larry: I don't know if I can do this...
    Sarmoti: With my help you can. Because as a lion you've got it here and here (prods his head and chest)
    Larry: Hey! That tickles!
    Sarmoti: You sure you're all lion? Maybe a chimp shmock your grandma?

  • Kate: (notices beer bottles on table) What the..? Dad, were you playing poker in front of the kids?
    Sarmoti: No sweetheart. I'm a drunkard, you know that.

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