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Fatty Bear

Fatty Bear is a fictional teddy bear from game developer Humongous. Fatty Bear starred in a children's adventure game, (Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise), as well as appearing in a solo activity pack (Funpack) and an activity game alongside another Humongous character named Putt-Putt. Like other Humongous games, his starring game is intended to teach problem solving. Fatty Bear wears red overalls and comes to life when everyone else is asleep.

In his adventure game, Fatty Bear's owner - Kayla - has a birthday in the morning. With the player's help, Fatty Bear needs to get everything ready for the big day (activities include wrapping the gift, baking the cake, etc.).


  • Fatty Bear
The main character of the game, Fatty Bear is under the control of the player, who must guide Fatty Bear around Kayla's house performing tasks in order to ultimately prepare Kayla's birthday cake. Voiced by Scott Burns
  • Kayla
She is Fatty Bear's owner. She spends most of the game asleep, waking up at the end to discover the birthday preparations. Voiced by Devinne Jackson
  • Kayla's parents
They play an extremely minor role in the game. Only Kayla's father is actually seen during the game when he says goodnight to Kayla.
  • Gretchen
Gretchen is a rag doll that gives Fatty Bear tasks, such as blowing up balloons and finding missing letters. She wears a blue dress and a white hat. Voiced by Kjerstin Ramsing
  • Matilda Rabbit
A stuffed rabbit in a pink dress who flies by using her ears like a helicopter. She helps Fatty Bear with tasks such as baking a cake.
  • Clown
A toy clown who loves the circus.
  • Moose
A toy moose who says "Watch It." He stands on a ball and has Gretchen stand on his antlers.

Software titles

Though other characters from Humongous (such as Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish) continued to release on a fairly regular timescale, and new characters were introduced (e.g., Spy Fox), the Fatty Bear series was not continued after the first adventure.

  • Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise (DOS, 3DO, (Macintosh) (1993) (Win95/98/Me) (2001) (remade)The scenario behind this game is that Kayla's birthday is coming up, the next day. They have not prepared for it, so Fatty Bear wakes up and, with the help of his friends, organizes a birthday surprise party. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as Fatty Bear thought - he had planned on only making a birthday cake, but in the kitchen was a mysterious wrapped package. When he curiously inspects it, a small brown puppy pops out of it and promptly runs away, tearing the ribbon on her box. Fatty Bear brings the ruined ribbon with him for no apparent reason until you find a better ribbon for the box. There is a bone in the refrigerator that you can use to lure the puppy where you want, but if you get the puppy in the box and don't have the ribbon, she will run away again. The puppy performs little acts of mischief such as stealing the chocolate chips for the birthday cake, running off with letters for the "Happy Birthday" sign, digging in the garden and getting all dirty, and popping balloons you blow up to decorate the room. Oddly enough, doors in Kayla's house automatically open for the puppy as well as Fatty Bear and several other objects dance around or do other things. Perhaps the highlight of the game is making and decorating the birthday cake for Kayla.
  • Fatty Bear's FunPack (DOS, (Macintosh) (1993)

In this single-player product, you play against Fatty Bear 3 board games (Reversi, Lines & Boxes, Tangrams) or the card game Go Fish, most with several difficulty levels. There's also an electronic coloring book with over 30 pages - interesting variation here is that players can mix their own colors and shades, which seemed to work pretty well.

This is a re-packing of two other titles: Fatty Bear's Funpack and Putt-Putt's Activity Pack, with a few updates and 5 new games with Putt-Putt.

These games are supported by ScummVM and can be played on additional platforms to those for which they were released.

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