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Fear of Girls
Produced by Andy Hunt
Ryan Wood
Angela Dalton
Written by Ryan Wood
Starring Tom Lommel
Scott Jorgenson
Music by Chris Kurtz
Editing by Clint Carlson
Release date(s) 2005, 2007, 2008
Country United States
Language English

Fear of Girls is a series of short mockumentaries created by Dangerously Adorable Productions and written and directed by Ryan Wood.[1] They detail the lives of two heavy Dungeons & Dragons players and LARPers, Doug Douglason and Raymond Ractburger.[2]


Episode one

The two main characters are stereotypical D&D/LARPing "dorks." Raymond wears an oversized t-shirt with a picture of a dragon on it, they re-enact medieval battle scenes in Doug's brother's living room in full costume, and they are socially inept. Although Raymond likes girls and has an unrequited crush on the pizza delivery girl (who is obviously repulsed by him), Doug is less enthusiastic and there are scenes of homoerotic tension between the two. They also claim to be "platonic life partners."

There is a short middle segment in which Doug dresses like a Druid and has an obviously antagonistic relationship with his sister-in-law (while his brother, a pastor, attempts to keep the peace and explain away Doug's behavior).

Fear of Girls Episode 1 was the #1 Blogged site in the world at one time according to,[3] and was Slashdotted January 29, 2006.[1] Additionally, during the week of February 3, it was the top link on blog trackers and resulted in the filmmaker being contacted by Mtv.[4]

Episode two

Episode 2 departs somewhat from the original formula, but is a continuation of the first episode. In it, Doug and Raymond have become somewhat famous for appearing in the first episode and briefly discuss the odd people they've met as a result.

Eventually, they decide to use their new fame to start a special game and invite three girls to participate. The first girl to show up is a self-professed psychic and admirer of Doug (who does not return her affections). The second is an overdramatic method actress who is trying to use Doug and Raymond to promote herself. The third is an actual female gamer who actually becomes involved in the adventure and manipulates Raymond so that she can kill off his character. She does this because she is upset by the fact that Doug and Raymond created her character for her rather than letting her create her own.

Episode three

In episode 3, Doug and Raymond describe a new RPG they have created and attempt to find funding ($10,000) to produce it. Raymond is shown at his mother's house (where he still lives), surrounded by her sizable collection of dolls. His sales pitch to her is an abject failure, with him reading directly from a prepared script and finally knocking over a whiteboard, only to finally blurt out "Can I have $10,000?"

Next, Doug attempts to present his idea to his brother and hostile sister in law, who eventually agree to fund the game's creation of Doug will attend an "event" with them. The event, clearly planned by the sister in law, is an "extreme exorcism" hosted by a professional wrestler with bulging muscles. When the exorcist attempts to exorcise Doug by placing him in a headlock, Doug shouts that he has been "hate crimed" as he is a "registered druid". The result is that the wrestler is taken to jail and Doug's family refuses to give him the money.

Eventually, Doug and Raymond obtain their money by shilling for a spam website that sells erectile dysfunction pills and mortgages.


  • Tom Lommel as Game Master Doug Douglason
  • Scott Jorgenson as Raymond Ractburger
  • Charles Hubbell as Pastor Douglason
  • Emily Hansen as Maryann Douglasson
  • Angela Dalton as Pizza Girl
  • Ellie Johnson as Jogger #1
  • Paola Cardenas as Jogger #2
  • Eric Webster as Jerk
  • Heidi Fellner as Vanessa
  • Brandon Marilee Williams as Solera
  • Jazmine Kim Sigler as Female Gamer
  • Nancy Marvy as Raymond's mother
  • Bill Borea as Reverend Roy Heat, extreme exorcist


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