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Fecundism (word derived from fecundity) is the politics of willfully promoting high birth rate among a group for the sake of enlarging its numbers related to other groups and, consequently, its political influence.

In practice, it is difficult to prove whether a group is conducting fecundism, or if high birth rate is natural consequence of a group's beliefs or actions (and would therefore exist even if it would not result in higher political influence). The religious groups involved most often have long-standing principles and family structures that predate any democracies in which they may take part (although some, such as the Quiverfull movement, openly acknowledge it, and use Psalm 127:5 in its justification). Nonetheless, some groups commonly claimed to practice fecundism include:


Fecundism can change the dynamics of a democracy, as the one man, one vote principle favours larger groups over smaller, and so the fecundism is certain to give larger and larger influence to the group which chooses it.


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