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The Federal Correctional Institution Danbury is a federal prison for women (formerly for men) in the United States. It is located near the city of Danbury in Fairfield County, Connecticut, 70 miles (110 km) from New York City and 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Danbury. This prison was known popularly as a "country club" prison , especially among mobsters who were sent here.

Danbury houses low security female offenders and also has an adjacent satellite camp which houses minimum security female offenders.

  • Danbury Federal Prison CAMP is located up the "hill" from the Federal Correctional Institution and does not have a fence surrounding it. There are between two and three hundred female inmates who may serve between one year and ten years for white collar/nonviolent crimes such as wire fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, mail fraud and drug/traffic conspiracy convictions. At any given time there are one or two guards on duty at the camp and several administrative staff during the day. There are several four to six (wo)man rooms and three (A, B & C) open dorms with bunk beds on site. Each prisoner is assigned a job paying between 18 cents and 1 dollar an hour doing everything from cleaning bathrooms as an "orderly" to working in the warehouse. An inmate is also assigned to drive departing inmates in a BOP car to the bus station in Danbury. There is also a, "Puppy Program" where inmates may apply to train puppies that go on to be EOD Sniffing Dogs. Classes such as Spanish and Accounting are also offered depending upon the inmates who teach them. Church services are offered for Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Wiccan women throughout the week.

The uniform consists of a khaki button up top, khaki pants, white T-Shirt and white socks. After daytime hours you may change into your sweats or pajamas. Shoes are either steel toes for warehouse work or tennis shoes purchased from the store such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok. The mess hall offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a full salad bar. Holidays are given special consideration with Shrimp, Steak, Cornish Hen and pie. For those who choose to cook food in the microwave, you may purchase most anything you find in a local grocery store from the prison store. This also includes cosmetics, hair dye, sweat suits, tennis shoes, stationary, headphones, stamps and phone minutes. Monies must be mailed or wired to the Federal Prison Camp and are credited to your account for which you may access with your Inmate ID Card. This card also serves as a debit card for which you may purchase yogurt, pop tarts, soda, pizza, sandwiches and burritos from the vending machines. There are several televisions set up and mainly divided by English and Spanish. Some of the inmates do not speak English at all. In your free time you may attend classes, use the phone, watch television, have your hair trimmed/blown out, walk on the track, weight lift or do step aerobics. The track and field resembles that of The Family Y. A seasonal sunbathing deck is also provided.

The ambience of the FPC is somewhat harmonious due to the classification of inmates included. Crimes of violence, drugs (other than conspiracy) and those exceeding 120 months make an inmate ineligible for "Camp Status." Violence, arguments and dramatic incidents are few and far between. Having "Camp Status" is a privilege and will be taken away for infractions as simple as making a three way call. Such an incident is often detected through call monitoring and the inmate is placed in the SHU (shOO)/Solitary Housing Unit which resembles a pet store in which cages are stacked upon one another. In the SHU you are permitted one hour a day exercise and a shower twice a week.

Upon arrival to the Camp, one should be financially prepared. A hygiene gift basket is not available. An initial investment of three to four hundred dollars is needed to purchase sweats, tennis shoes, radio, stationary and hygiene items. It is not uncommon to be paged in the middle of the night to do a shift rotation shoveling snow. There is no controlled movement so if one wishes, she may walk outside. In theory one could simply walk away from the Prison Camp. There are quite a few amenities provided at Danbury Federal Prison Camp; after all, there is no parole. It is a far cry from State Prison and with that being said any one who is sent to Federal Prison will be staying a while.

Famous inmates

  • Source: Richeson, Jennifer (Former Inmate, Danbury Federal Prison Camp)

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