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Federal Moguls
Genres Hip hop, Alternative, Dance, Rap Rock, Jazz
Occupations Rapper, singer
Labels Sunset Records
Associated acts The Bloodhound Gang, Troy Walsh, Sunset Records, Burblife Records, JJ Sinatra, Dave Vegas, InnerPartySystem

Federal Moguls is an eclectic hip-hop duo from the suburban Philadelphia area consisting of Q-Ball (DJ/producer and vocalist for Universal Records artists The Bloodhound Gang) and Troy Walsh (Burblife Records, Sunset Records, The Weekend Warriors). Federal Moguls is also the name of a hypothetical investment agency, the top executive officers of which are the aforementioned two gentlemen.



The Federal Moguls were inadvertently born when a simple mixtape collaboration between Mr. Walsh and Mr. Ball ended up yielding almost an album’s worth of material. After reviewing the music created in this collaboration, the two executives realized the potential of their endeavor and decided to establish their own Investment Agency.

In early 2008, Federal Moguls opened their doors to the public and digitally released the initial version of their debut record “High Risk Investment Planning” for free download. Later that year, Federal Moguls were approached by Don Lichterman (president and owner of Sunset Records) in regard to releasing the Moguls products and services worldwide. Shortly thereafter, an agreement was reached and their debut LP was set for a December 16, 2008 international release.

Personal Backgrounds



DJ Q-Ball (born Harry Dean, Jr on October 8, 1974 in Limerick, Pennsylvania) is both the DJ and background vocalist of the band The Bloodhound Gang. Q-Ball graduated from Owen J. Roberts high school in Bucktown, PA. Q is one of the three members of the band who interact with the fans online (the other being lead guitarist Lüpüs Thünder and bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff — Q-Ball has been much more consistent of late). He, like Hasselhoff, doesn't have high hopes for the band. To this end, he is currently studying to be a real estate appraiser. Q-Ball is also one of the three members of the band to have college degrees (Thunder never graduated). In the One Fierce Beer Run DVD, he "mistakes the tour bus for his old frathouse", to quote Evil Jared.

He was perhaps the only member not to mistreat Spanky G, as was indicated by an interview with the former drummer (during the 1997 One Fierce Beer Run tour). The Bloodhound Gang's old website does, however, state that "DJ Q-Ball also lists Spanky G as his favorite hobby". Like vocalist Jimmy Pop, Q-Ball is also a Philadelphia Phillies fan. In addition, he also provides nightly DJ entertainment in the Pottstown, Pennsylvania area.

Troy Walsh

Troy Walsh is an MC/singer/guitarist who rose to recognition through the ranks of The Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype battle circuit during the late 90’s. Later he appeared on the UPN television show Source Soundlab. It was during this time period that he released his independent debut album “Heritage Acres/Phase I”. In 2002, Walsh began attending Penn State University’s main campus where he eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English. While attending the school Walsh became widely known on campus as “Flow-Pa”, a name derived from the nickname of the school’s head football coach Joe Paterno. During his time at Penn State Walsh founded Burblife Records, an imprint he established with associates who formerly worked for Ruffhouse/Columbia Records.

Burblife then began to do extensive work with former professional skateboarder and legendary session musician Chuck Treece and Grammy winner Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo, the product of which was Walsh’s second record, “Country Clubbin”. This LP yielded the single “Country Clubbin”, a hit on the college charts, and its follow up, “Happy Hour”. Shortly thereafter, Walsh began opening for The Bloodhound Gang” who were touring in conjunction with the release of their “Hefty Fine” LP. As a result of his opening slot, Walsh and Q-Ball met and the Federal Moguls were eventually born.

Most recently, Walsh has done work with Grammy Winner and Dr. Dre protégé Mike Elizondo, the results of which are expected to see release in 2009. In addition to the Moguls work, Walsh currently plays solo shows in the Tri-State Pennsylvania area with his live band, “Troy Walsh and The Weekend Warriors”.


The Moguls debut LP “High Risk Investment Planning”, was co-produced by Q-Ball and Patrick Nissley, the lead singer of Island/DefJam act InnerPartySystem. In addition, Mr. JJ Sinatra (Jimmy Franks/Universal Records) functions as the Moguls Senior Sales Associate and Mr. Dave Vegas serves as the Moguls head of Resource and Development.


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