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Fiassuit is an Greenlandic metal band from Aasiaat that formed in 1998. They are currently located in Nuuk, Greenland and are not signed to any record label.

The band's name is Greenlandic and literally means "The Fiascoes". Contents [hide]

   * 1 History
   * 2 Members
         o 2.1 Former members
   * 3 Discography
         o 3.1 Studio albums
         o 3.2 Singles
   * 4 External links

[edit] History

Fiassuit was formed in 1998 by childhood friends Iinnguaq Fleischer (Bass and vocals at the time), Kunuut Kaali Fleischer (Drums) and Inuaraq Gedionsen (Guitar and vocals). They played their first concert in May 1998 and took their family and friends by surprise. They then played at the Cultural House of Greenland, Katuaq in January 1999, which was broadcasted nationwide and received an encouragement prize from the Nipiaa Rock Festival Committee in September 1999.

In 2000, Fiassuit added two more members to the band. Erninnguaq Broberg (Which was a DJ at the time) and Oleeraq Kristiansen (On bass, thus relocating Iinnguaq to rhythm guitar) and in 2001, they played their first concert away from Greenland at Euromance in Finland. After the trip, Fiassuit took a hiatus due to the fact that they were mere teenagers at the time and had to go abroad to further educate themselves. After a year without any activity, they came back to their hometown but did not become active again, but when they were invited to Italy to play, without any rehearsal, they went and played.

After coming home from Italy, Iinnguaq had moved to Nuuk, so Sakius S. Petersen was added to the band to take Iinnguaq's place. In 2003 the band also added Isabella Barbi as vocals, and Kunuut Kaali parted ways with the band to move to Nuuk as well. Inuaraq temporarily took over his duties as a drummer and an substitute member was found in Inunnguaq Kristiansen which took over Inuaraq's duties in guitar. Karl A. Møller was then added to the band and became the drummer. Inuaraq went back to guitar and Sakius was relocated to keyboard duties. Fiassuit began recording tracks for their debut album which Shadow of The Shame was relased June 2005.

In between 2005 to 2008, Fiassuit took a prolonged hiatus, once again due to education. In the time being Inuaraq and Oleeraq had moved to Nuuk and Fiassuit once again resurfaced in Greenlandic media, when they were invited to play at the Riddu Riddu Festival in Norway. They were accompanied by rapper Sami Tekle. Also in 2009, they added Knud Karl Larsen to the band as vocalist and rapper.[1]

[edit] Members

   * Iinnguaq Fleischer - Vocals, Guitar (1998 - present)
   * Inuaraq Gedionsen - Guitar (1998 - present)
   * Kunuut Kaali Fleischer - Drums (1998 - present)
   * Oleeraq Kristiansen - Bass (2000 - present)
   * Knud Karl Larsen - Vocals, Rap (2009 - present)

[edit] Former members

   * Erninnguaq Broberg - DJ and Bass (2000 - 2005) 
   * Sakius S. Petersen - Guitar (2003 - 2005
   * Inunnguaq Kristiansen - Guitar (2003)
   * Isabella Barbi - Vocals (2003 - 2005)
   * Karl A. Møller - Drums (2003 - 2005)
   * Sami Tekle - Rap (2008)

[edit] Discography [edit] Studio albums and singles

   * 2005: Shadow of The Shame
   * 2005: Lost in Time (Maxi-single)

[edit] Footnotes 1^ Fiassuit's biography on English.

[edit] External links

   * Fiassuit at MySpace
   * Fiassuit at Facebook


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