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Fifi and the Flowertots is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first broadcast in 2005, which is shown on Nick Jr and in Britain, on Five. It has also been translated into Welsh as "Fifi a'i Ffrindau" and is shown on S4C. In January 2008, it premiered on the PBS Kids Sprout on-demand/cable television channel.

It features a group of flower-based characters and their adventures and activities through the garden. The series is animated by Cosgrove Hall Films (2005-2008) and produced by Chapman Entertainment. Creator Keith Chapman is also the originator of the Bob the Builder series.



Fifi and Peppa Pig in Zagreb, Croatia

Fifi Forget-Me-Not: Fifi does not use any chemicals to make her garden grow. She often forgets words, and when this happens she asks the viewers what the forgotten word is. When she remembers, her friends usually respond in one voice "Fifi Forget-me-not, forgot!" Fifi is voiced by Jane Horrocks.

Buttercup & Daisy: Fifi has two cousins, Buttercup and Daisy. They live in Milk Bucket House. Buttercup is upbeat and bubbly and loves to be the centre of attention. She has a soft toy mouse named Cornflower named after her lovely blue colour. Daisy is rather shy and dreamy. She is a little clumsy and has a very well loved comfort toy named Diddyduck Buttercup is voiced by Joanna Ruiz and Daisy is voiced by Janet James.

Bumble: Bumble a bee, is Fifi's best friend. He helps Fifi when she forgets words. Bumble likes to make honey and he also enjoys sleeping. Although he is a bee, he is allergic to pollen, which makes him sneeze, fly backwards, and often crash into something. In the United States and Canada, Bumble is called Fuzzbuzz. Bumble / Fuzzbuzz is voiced by voice actor Marc Silk.

Violet and Primrose: Primrose and Violet live in Flowertot Cottage. They are best friends and are very close. Violet is rather shy and likes painting and looking after Pip, while Primrose is known for her love of neatness and order. Primrose is bossy, fussy and can easily get stressed. She also hates getting her clothes dirty and can be a bit of drama queen when she doesn't get her own way. Primrose enjoys making her own clothes and is always trying to get Fifi into a pretty dress. Violet is voiced by Maria Darling. Primrose is performed by Jane Horrocks.

Pip Gooseberry: Pip, is the youngest character to live in the garden. He can sometimes be a bit naughty and get too excited. Pip is voiced by Maria Darling.

Poppy: Poppy owns a market stall in the garden, where she sells everything the garden folk could ever want. She is friendly and loud and enjoys catching up with her friends. In the United States and Canada, Poppy is called Poppady.

Aunt Tulip and Grubby: Aunt Tulip is a tulip and Grubby is her pet caterpillar. Tulip cares a lot for Grubby and is always worried when he goes missing, which happens quite often. Aunt Tulip likes tea parties and long chats with her friends. She has a very loud laugh which all the other Flowertots find funny. Grubby's vocal effects are performed by Marc Silk.

Stingo (right) with Winnie the Pooh in Zagreb, Croatia

Stingo: Stingo, a wasp, is one of the rascals in the neighbourhood. He thinks he is a genius and loves to play tricks on the other Flowertots. He lives in Apple Tree House, is very lazy, and sometimes steals from the other Flowertots.

Slugsy: Slugsy, a slug, is Stingo's sidekick, he refers to Stingo as "Boss". Slugsy is lovable & very clumsy, which often makes him the target of Stingo's anger. He also has a crush on Primrose, and sings the song Slug Love to her during an episode. Slugsy is voiced by voice actor Marc Silk.

Webby: Webby is a spider who gives advice to the Flowertots when they need help solving a problem. Webby is the oldest and wisest resident of the garden. Stingo and Slugsy hide from Webby incase they get caught in her web. Webby is voiced by Maria Darling.

Mo: Mo is a lawnmower who runs on organic compost. He speaks in a language only Fifi can understand, so Fifi translates his words for the rest of the village. Mo collects all the fruit and vegetables for Fifi. The sound effects of Mo are performed by Marc Silk.

Diggly: Diggly is a grumpy but helpful worm who lives in a compost heap, creating compost for all the Flowertots to use. The Flowertots bring their organic rubbish to Diggly's heap for him to create the compost. In the United States and Canada, Diggly is called Wigglit. Diggly is performed in the United States and Canada by Marc Silk.

Episode Guide

  1. Fifi's Talent Show
  2. Flowertots Fallout
  3. Bumble Catches A Cold (US version: Fuzzbuzz Catches a Cold)
  4. Smelly Slugsy
  5. Bumble Gets A Makeover (US version: Fuzzbuzz Gets a Makeover)
  6. Bumble Helps Out (US version: Fuzzbuzz Helps Out)
  7. Stingo Gets Stuck
  8. Flowertots Go Nuts
  9. Bumble's Big Race (US version: Fuzzbuzz's Big Race)
  10. Blueberry Surprise
  11. Picture Perfect
  12. Violet's Party
  13. Leave It To Stingo
  14. Mud Spies
  15. Treasure Hunt
  16. Sports Day
  17. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, Fifi
  18. Life's A Beach
  19. Fifi's In Charge
  20. Hole Lot Of Fun
  21. Knitting Nonsense
  22. Spotty Pip
  23. Don't Go Changing
  24. The Wasp That Cried Ouch
  25. Primrose's Perfume Pong
  26. Chocolate Surprise
  27. Pip Learns To Dance
  28. Fizzy Business
  29. The Belle Of The Ball
  30. Flying Lessons
  31. Fifi's Big Crunch Day
  32. Fifi's Scarecrow
  33. Soup Of The Day
  34. Fiddlesticks Fifi
  35. Fifi's Good Turn
  36. Forget Me Tot
  37. Fancy Free Fifi
  38. Stingo's Shopping Spree
  39. Fifi Follows The Clues
  40. Big Band Night
  41. Daisy Chain Dance
  42. Fun At The Fair
  43. Flowertot Babysitter
  44. Singalong Song
  45. Pip The Gardener
  46. Slugsy's Rescue
  47. Milkshake
  48. Flowertot Rainbow
  49. Frosty Morning
  50. Poppy's Day Off (US version: Poppady's Day Off)
  51. Can We Have Our Ball Back
  52. Violet's Big Bracelet
  53. Compost Chaos
  54. Bumble's Afraid Of The Dark (US version: Fuzzbuzz's Afraid of the Dark)
  55. Count On Fifi
  56. Poppy The Line Dancing Queen (US version: Poppady The Line Dancing Queen)
  57. King Stingo
  58. Hide and Seek
  59. My Friend Fifi
  60. Diggly's Big Adventure
  61. Pip's Playground
  62. Mud Sculptures
  63. Stingo's Naughty Day
  64. Shrinking Pip
  65. Bumble's Special Lunch (US version: Fuzzbuzz's Special Lunch)
  66. Fifi Miss Me Not
  67. Pirate Primrose
  68. Primrose Loses It
  69. Dr Webby
  70. Make Room For Fifi
  71. Slugsy's Song
  72. Stingo's Bridge
  73. Violet's Flower Festival
  74. Pumpkin Pie For Diggly (US version: Pumpkin Pie For Wigglit)
  75. Rockabye Stingo
  76. Inspector Stingo
  77. Fifi's Busy Day
  78. Dingaling Poppy (US version: Dingaling Poppady)
  79. Fifi's Film Show
  80. Pip And The Genie
  81. Runaway Mo
  82. Stingo's Enormous Carrot
  83. Fifi's Pancake Fun
  84. Pip's Pony
  85. Aunt Tulip's Carnival
  86. Storm
  87. Just One Hornetto
  88. Wasps
  89. Slugsy Won't Slide
  90. The Flowertot Taxi
  91. Fifi's Happy Day
  92. Fly High Primrose
  93. Lovelorn Slugsy
  94. Fifi's Snowy Fun
  95. Big Blueberry Hunt
  96. Grubby Ahoy
  97. My Fair Bumble (US version: My Fair Fuzzbuzz)
  98. Mystery in Flowertot Garden
  99. Pineapple Palace Panic
  100. Pip And The Wizard
  101. Poppy's Great Race (US version: Poppady's Great Race)
  102. Snowtime For Pip
  103. Stingo Cleans Up
  104. Stingo Has Visitors
  105. Flowertot Fairies
  106. Shadows
  107. Dandelions
  108. Bumble's Magic
  109. Naughty Twins
  110. Hide and Squeak
  111. Buttercup Bad Wolf
  112. When The Sky Cried
  113. Violet's Song
  114. Poppy's Ice-Cream Show (US version: Poppady's Ice-Cream Show)
  115. Painting Practice
  116. Twinkle Twinkle


  1. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Talent Show (2005)
  2. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's In Charge (2005)
  3. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Chocolate Surprise (2006)
  4. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fun At The Fair (2006)
  5. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Frosty Morning (2006)
  6. Fifi and the Flowertots - Bumper Collection (2007)
  7. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Happy Day! (2007)
  8. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Snowy Fun (2007)
  9. Fifi and the Flowertots - Bumper Collection Vol.2 (2008)
  10. Fifi and the Flowertots - 2 Hour Bumper Collection (2008)
  11. The Best of Fifi and the Flowertots (2008)
  12. Fifi and the Flowertots - Fifi's Carnival (2009)

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