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Filipino Canadian
Alex PagulayanLexa DoigConrad Santos
Alex Pagulayan · Lexa Doig · Conrad Santos
Total population
1.3% of the Canadian population
Regions with significant populations
Toronto CMA 171,980 [2]
Vancouver CMA 78,890 [3]
Winnipeg CMA 36,935 [4]
Calgary CMA 25,565 [5]
Montreal CMA 23,510 [6]
Edmonton CMA 19,625 [7]

Canadian English, Canadian French, Tagalog, Spanish, Visayan languages and other Philippine languages


Predominantly Catholic. Minority other denominations.

Related ethnic groups

Filipino people, Overseas Filipinos, Asian Canadian

Filipino Canadians are Asian Canadians who trace their ancestry to the Philippines or Filipino people. Filipino-Canadians are also a subgroup of the Overseas Filipinos.

Canada only had a small population of Filipinos until the late 20th century. To date, there are currently around 400,000 Filipino Canadians in Canada, most of them living in urbanized areas. This number is growing yearly due to Canada's more liberal immigration laws to compensate for their low population growth. Filipino-Canadians are the third-largest Asian-Canadian group in the nation after the Indian and Chinese communities. They are also the largest Southeast Asian group in the country. Between the years of 2001 and 2006 the Filipino community in Canada grew from 308,575 to 410,695 or a growth of about 33%, compared to the rest of Canada which only grew by about 5%. On average, Canada received about 20,500 Filipino immigrants every year between 2001 to 2006. Assuming this annual growth, the population is expected to hit 500,000 by 2010.



The first Filipinos migrated to Canada in 1931. In 1950, 10 Filipinos were recorded in Manitoba. These first generation Filipino-Canadians were mainly women who worked as nurses, teachers and in the health sector. These first Filipinos came from the United States to renew their visas after they had expired in hopes of returning to the United States. Most of these women returned to the United States but some decided to stay in Canada. From 1946 to 1964, the total of Filipinos in Canada was 770. During the 1960s, Canada recruited more professionals, mostly from the United States with some coming directly from the Philippines. Most of these nurses, technicians, office workers and doctors arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the late 1960s, more Filipinos came to Winnipeg to work in the garment industry. During the 1970s, most Filipinos came directly from the Philippines to Winnipeg to work in clerical, sales and manufacturing fields. In the late 1970s, more Filipinos came to join their relatives who worked in Canada under the family reunification program. More and more Filipinos decided to settle in Ontario, particularly in Toronto, where jobs were prospering. During the 1980s, Canada saw an influx of Filipino contract workers, many who found work as live-in caregivers. Many of these contact workers, later became landed immigrants under the Live-In Caregiver Program. During the 1990s, more Filipinos came as families and independents instead of being sponsored by family or being recruited as contract workers. From 1990 onwards, there has been a steady flow of Filipinos entering Canada, with about 10 to 20 thousand coming in every year. As of December 2008, the Philippines took over China as Canada's leading source of immigrants.[8]



Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area ("GTA") is home to the largest Filipino community in Canada with about 1 out of 2 Filipinos in Canada calling the GTA home. The Filpino community in the GTA grew from 133,680 in 2001 to 181,330 in 2006 representing a growth of 35% in 5 years. On average, the GTA receives 9,500 Filipinos immigrants every year. Filipinos living in the GTA number around 200,000 making them the fourth largest visible minority behind the Chinese, Indian and Black communities. Tagalog is the seventh most-spoken language in the city of Toronto. There are smaller Filipino populations in other municipalities such as Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill and Oakville.

There are many religious, town and sport associations in the Greater Toronto Area. The Filipino Centre Toronto ("FCT") provides health, educational, social and commercial services to the community. It also assists newcomers to the City of Toronto by providing immigration and settlement services. Another organization established for the community is the Philippine Independence Day Council ("PIDC") whose members represent various other associations in Ontario. PIDC organizes numerous events for the Filipino community including the annual Mabuhay Philippines! Toronto Summer Festival.

Population Distribution

Most Filipinos in the GTA are concentrated in the municipalities immediately outside of Toronto or in Toronto itself. Scarborough, North York and East York in Toronto continue to be popular settling places for Filipinos, while the municipalities of Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Pickering, Ajax, Richmond Hill and Oakville are becoming increasingly popular destinations.

City of Toronto

    • Scarborough - 39,445
    • North York - 29,405
    • Toronto/East York - 18,115
    • Etobicoke/York - 15,570
  • Total - 102,535

Durham Region

  • Total - 7,650

Halton Region

  • Total - 4,465

Peel Region

  • Total - 42,900

York Region

  • Total - 17,140


Several newspaper outlets, radio programs, and television programs in Toronto operate to serve the Filipino community, and to broadcast news and information from around the GTA and from the Philippines. These media outlets are all members of the Philippine Press Club of Ontario.


  • Atin Ito
  • Balita
  • Filipiniana
  • Filipino Bulletin
  • Libreto
  • Likha Newsmagazine
  • Little Manila Confidential
  • Mabuhay Canada Philippine News Gazette
  • Manila Media Monitor
  • OK Philippines!
  • One Philippines
  • Peryodiko Radikal
  • Pinoy Global News
  • Planet Philippines
  • Philippine Courier
  • Philippine Times
  • Taliba
  • The Philippine Reporter

Radio Programs:

  • Minerva FM
    • Sunday - 8pm - 9pm on CMR 101.3 FM
  • Boses Pinas
    • Monday to Friday 10-11pm on CHHA 1610 AM
      • Monday - Boses Pinas Spectrum
      • Tuesday - Grace For You
      • Wednesday - Trip!
      • Thursday - Todo Banda
      • Friday - Count It All Joy
  • Pearl of the Orient
    • Saturdays 6:30-7:00 pm on CHIN 100.7 FM
  • Talakayan Radio
    • Saturdays 10-11 am on CHKT 1430 AM
  • Tinig Himig Pinoy
    • Mondays 10-11 pm on CIAO 530 AM
  • Radio Migrante
    • Tuesdays 4-5 pm on CHRY 105.5 FM
  • Tr!p 101
    • Sundays 9-10 pm on CMR 101.3 FM
  • Taglish Radio
    • Sundays 5-6 pm on CFMU 93.3 FM (Hamilton)

Television Programs:

Many Filipinos in Toronto also subscribe to TFC (The Filipino Channel), GMA Pinoy TV (through Bell & Rogers) and/or Filipino TV (through Rogers & Telus).

Metro Vancouver

Vancouver is home to the second largest Filipino community in Canada with nearly 94,000 Filipinos residing there. Filipinos in Vancouver make up the third largest Asian Canadian and visible minority group behind the Chinese and East Indians. Most of British Columbia's 94,000 Filipinos reside in the Greater Vancouver Area where the jobs are concentrated. About 1 out of 5 Filipinos in Canada call Metro Vancouver home. They contribute to the city's economy greatly like many of the Asian-Canadians. Vancouver is also home to the only branches of Goldilocks Bakeshop in Canada with 2 as of 2008. It is the only city in the country served by Philippine Airlines.


Winnipeg is home to nearly 50,000 Filipinos making them the third largest Filipino community in Canada. The Filipino community in Winnipeg is the largest visible minority group in Winnipeg ahead of the Chinese-Canadians and Indo-Canadians (but excluding aboriginal Canadians, who are not counted as a "visible minority" by Statistics Canada). Winnipeg is home to the oldest Filipino community in Canada with Filipino immigration to Winnipeg beginning before 1950. Winnipeg was home to the largest Filipino community before the 1980s. About 1 out of 10 Filipinos in Canada call Winnipeg home. There is also Filipino community centre called The Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM) providing social and service to the Filipino community and also holds events such as Folklorama. There are a lot of Filipino politicians that live in Winnipeg. There are also Filipino newspapers such as The Pilipino Express News Magazine, The Filipino Journal, Ang Peryodiko and others. There is also a radio station, CKJS, which broadcasts Filipino related news, music, lifestyle and much more.

Greater Calgary

Calgary is home to over 25,000 Filipinos making them the fourth largest Filipino community in Canada. Filipinos started coming in droves in Calgary in the early '80s and '90s. They mostly came as professionals and employees of the service industry. Many of them have also established their own family businesses and are contributing greatly to the city's vibrant economy.

Greater Montreal

The fifth largest Filipino community in Canada, Montreal is home to nearly 25,000 Filipinos. Filipinos in Montreal are concentrated in the Cote-des-Neiges area and around Decarie Expressway, both areas have many Filipino establishments and professional offices. The Filipino Association of Montreal and Suburbs is an advocacy group for Filipino Canadians active in and around the city of Montreal, Canada. It is the oldest such association in Quebec.[9] Many of Filipino Canadians in Montreal (or the entire Quebec province) are fluent in French.

Edmonton Capital Region

According to the 2006 National Census, 21,150 Filipinos live and work in the Edmonton Capital Region. Various Filipino associations celebrate the culture and take part in large metropolitan events such as the Edmonton Heritage Festival. In 2002, the Filipino community presented its home nation as the "Featured Country" during Capital Ex (formerly Klondike Days). Edmonton is also the home of the Philippine Cultural Society, the Philippine Choral Society, and the Kakalagan Dance Society.[10]

Radio station CKER-FM also broadcasts community programming to Filipinos in Edmonton.

National Capital Region

The National Capital Region made up of the cities of Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec is home to the sixth largest Filipino community in Canada with nearly 10,000 Filipinos residing in Canada's capital. Ottawa is also the home of the Philippine Embassy and ambassador to Canada.

Southwestern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario is home to almost 10,000 Filipinos. Most of them live in the cities of Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, London and Windsor. Southwestern Ontario is home to a successful and thriving Filipino community.


The city of Hamilton situated on the western shore of Lake Ontario is home to over 5,000 Filipinos. Hamilton is home to the first Filipino community centre and school in Canada both opening in the early 80s and late 70s, respectively.

Niagara Region

The Niagara region on the south shore of Lake Ontario is home to nearly 3,000 Filipinos. They form a tight knit community concentrated in the cities of St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. Niagara-on-the-lake is home to a very successful community and the only town to have had a Filipino mayor in Canada, Arturo Viola.

Northern Canada

The northern territories of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut have a Filipino community of about 975, despite an extremely cold climate. The Filipino community has grown steadily from 735 in 2001. Filipinos in the Northwest Territories make the largest visible minority group there with a population of 690. Filipinos in the Yukon Territory are the second-largest minority group to the Chinese with a community of 210 living there. Nunavut has a growing Filipino population of 75. The territories received about 50 Filipinos on average a year from 2001 to 2006.

Population Demographics

Most Filipinos who immigrate to Canada settle in the large urban areas where there are more jobs and a vibrant community life. These areas include: Metro Vancouver, Greater Calgary, Edmonton Capital Region, City of Winnipeg, the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Montreal.

As of the 2006 Canadian Census

By City
  • Toronto - 102,555
  • Winnipeg - 60,000
  • Mississauga (Toronto CMA) - 30,705
  • Vancouver - 28,605
  • Calgary - 24,915
  • Edmonton - 18,245
  • Montreal - 17,100
  • Surrey (Vancouver CMA) - 16,555
  • Brampton (Toronto CMA) - 11,980
  • Markham (Toronto CMA) - 7,370
  • Ottawa - 7,115
  • Vaughan (Toronto CMA) - 5,360
  • Hamilton - 4,040
  • Windsor - 2,630
  • London - 1,790

By Census Metropolitan Area [11][12][13][14][15][16]

  • Toronto CMA - 171,980
  • Vancouver CMA - 78,890
  • Winnipeg CMA - 36,935
  • Calgary CMA - 25,565
  • Montreal CMA - 23,510
  • Edmonton CMA - 19,625
  • Ottawa - Gatineau CMA - 7,330
  • Hamilton CMA - 4,880
  • Windsor CMA - 3,145
  • Victoria CMA - 2,760
  • Oshawa CMA - 2,155
  • St. Catharines - Niagara CMA - 2,130
  • London CMA - 1,990
  • Guelph CMA - 1,965
  • Saskatoon CMA - 1,915
  • Kitchener CMA - 1,850
  • Regina CMA - 1,230

By Province/Territory [17][18][19][20]

  • Ontario - 203,220
  • British Columbia - 88,975
  • Alberta - 51,090
  • Manitoba - 37,785
  • Quebec - 24,200
  • Saskatchewan - 3,770
  • Nova Scotia - 700
  • Northwest Territories - 690
  • New Brunswick - 530
  • Newfoundland and Labrador - 305
  • Yukon Territory - 210
  • Nunavut - 80
  • Prince Edward Island - 30

The majority of Filipino-Canadians are women who make up about 56% of the population.

By Gender
  • Male - 175,640
  • Female - 235,055

Community Events

Major Community Events in Canada
Date Name Region
June Pistahan sa Toronto Toronto, ON
June Philippine Festival Vancouver, BC
June Philippine Heritage Celebration Winnipeg, MB
June Kalayaan Picnic Mississauga, ON
June 12 Philippine Independence Day Nationwide, Canada
July Mabuhay Philippines! Toronto Summer Festival Toronto, ON
July Pista sa Nayon Montreal, PQ
July PCUAA Summmerfest Toronto, ON
July Pateros Town Fiesta Edmonton, AB, Toronto, ON, Vancouver, BC and Winnipeg, MB
August Filipinos Making Waves Toronto, ON
August Filipino Day at Wonderland Vaughan, ON
August Philippine Summer Festival Vancouver, BC
August Kultura Filipino Arts Festival Toronto, ON
September Filipiniana Festival Winnipeg, MB
December 16 to 24 Simbang Gabi Christmas Dawn Masses Nationwide, Canada
December 25 Pasko Christmas Feast Nationwide, Canada

Notable Filipino Canadians


  • Cris Aglugub - Manitoba former NDP MLA, the Maples 1999
  • Mable Elmore - first Filipino to be elected MLA in British Columbia
  • Flor Marcelino - first Filipino woman elected MLA in Manitoba
  • Mike Pagtakhan - Winnipeg City Councillor, Point-Douglas Ward (2002–present)
  • Rey Pagtakhan - First Filipino-Canadian Member of Parliament (1988–2004), First Filipino-Canadian Cabinet Minister (2001–2004)
  • Conrad Santos - First Filipino Canadian elected in Canada in 1981 (to the Manitoba Legislature), and First Filipino Canadian to run for the leadership of A political party (Manitoba NDP, 1989)
  • Arturo Viola - former mayor, and now city councillor of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


  • Kristoff Abrenica - scholar for ABS-CBN's first season of Pinoy Dream Academy
  • Joey Albert - singer; recording artist
  • Chiqui Pineda Azimi - singer, recording artist, writer, photographer
  • Anjo Pallasigui - producer, co founder of Minerva Records, co owner M Studio, host Minerva FM
  • Filbert Wong - songwriter, music producer, co founder of Minerva Records, co owner M Studio
  • Sonny Azurin - Toronto based session bassist, he has sessioned for tons of artists both foreign and local. Among which include David Pomeranz, Michel Legrand, Michael Johnson, Ms. Angela Bofill, Christopher Cross, Rex Smith, Kenny Rankin, El DeBarge and Ms. Patti Austin. He has played on the 3-locally produced albums of David Pomeranz, most notably the 10X Platinum album "Born For You", "The Eyes of Christmas" and the newly released "On This Day".
  • Miguelito Andaluz - actor; filmmaker; credits include Less Than Kind,Everest '82,Summer Love - The Documentary,21 Jump Street
  • Carmela Antonio - Toronto-based singer-songwriter
  • Nina Lee Aquino - director; dramaturge; playwright; artistic director (fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company)
  • Jose Herman "Boots" Aracena - Montreal-based pianist; FCMM Music Director; choir coordinator
  • Manny Bade - Toronto-based singer
  • Michelle Bayle - actress
  • Patricia Bermudez-Hizon - sports commentator; product endorser; TV host
  • Mikey Bustos - Canadian Idol finalist; singer from Toronto
  • Eleanor Calbes - world-renowned opera singer; director of Mississauga City Centre Opera
  • Lilac Cana - Toronto-based classical singer; writer; producer
  • Romeo Candido - Toronto-based independent film producer; musician; director
  • Jess Carlos - Host of Pinoy Global News segment of Filipino EH TV Toronto
  • Nancy Castiglione - spokesmodel for Bobson, TechnoMarine, So-en clothing line; TV personality; actress; singer
  • Jesse Catibog - Toronto-based b-boy; Top 14 So You Think You Can Dance (Canada)
  • Grace Chan - Vancouver-based Mezzo-Soprano opera singer
  • Bong Chavez - singer; recording artist
  • Rodney Ronquillo - Toronto-based singer/songwriter; composer; arranger; record producer
  • Chyrell Samson - Toronto-based singer/songwriter
  • Josie De Leon - Toronto-based singer/songstress
  • Philbert De Torres - Canadian Idol semi-finalist; Pinoy Pop Superstar finalist; YouTube Celebrity
  • Vanessa del Bianco - actress, TV personality, product endorser
  • Ma-Anne Dionisio - theatre actress; roles include Kim (Miss Saigon) and Eponine (Les Misérables)
  • Lexa Doig - actress on Stargate SG-1 and Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
  • Anna Estrada-Rejante - Toronto-based singer/songstress
  • Elise Estrada - singer; recording artist; Pinoy Pop Superstar finalist
  • Kumintang Folk Ensemble - Saskatoon based dance troupe
  • Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe Canada - Mississauga-based dance troupe established in 1966
  • Folklorico Filipino Canada - Toronto-based dance troupe established in 1974
  • Ray Ann Fuentes - recording artist; performer; now Pastor
  • Emm Gryner - Toronto-based singer/songwriter of mixed Filipino ancestry. Multiple Juno Awards nominee.
  • Carlo Gimenez - British Columbia-based guitarist of the American indie rock, acoustic band Meg & Dia
  • Philip Guerrero(PJ Phil) - host of YTV's The Zone in the mid-1990s
  • Neil Huab - singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, recording artist(Cantana Band)
  • Rannie Ilag - Winnipeg-based songwriter
  • Ron Josol - stand-up comedian from Toronto
  • Elena Juatco - Canadian Idol finalist; roving reporter Canadian Idol (Season 4)
  • Martha Joy Lim - Canadian Idol finalist; singer of mixed Filipino ancestry; GMA Network personality
  • Bayani M. Llagas - Toronto-based singer, guitarist, songwriter, composer
  • Hazel Lorraine - actress; model
  • Anthony Joseph Lusaya - Filipino-Canadian Singer
  • Jane McLean - actress
  • Casey and Jennifer Mecija - musicians (Ohbijou)
  • Rodel Naval - deceased singer, songwriter and actor
  • Joy Olimpo - TV personality; model; columnist
  • Leilene Ondrade - actress; model; finalist on Flavor of Love (Season 1)
  • Daphne Osena-Paez - TV personality
  • Mara Parr - Toronto-based composer; musical director; vocal coach; choir director; arranger
  • Aaron Paul - TV personality, "Filipino Eh" segment "Pinoy Kids' Corner", Toronto
  • Earl Pereira - Wide Mouth Mason bassist
  • Philippine Heritage Band - Vaughan-based marching band established 1980
  • Anthony Polvorosa- “Winnipeg’s Style Guru”; owner of PROVICI Cosmetics; TV personality
  • Ina Raymundo - actress; model
  • Rey-Ar Reyes - singer; graphic designer; Creative Director, Pilipino Express News Magazine;
  • Ariel Rivera - singer-songwriter, multi-platinum recording artist, actor
  • Mark Santiaguel "Global's Popstars: The One" finalist, singer
  • Gervacio Santos - Film Editor; FAMAS Award Hall of Famer
  • Judy Ann Santos - actress
  • Kirk Salcedo - actor
  • Riza Raquel Santos - beauty queen; soldier; Miss Canada-Earth 2006 pageant, second place winner on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2
  • Tisha Silang - former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe; beauty queen; TV host; entrepreneur
  • Alex Steele - actress
  • Cassie Steele - actress on Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Ramon Torralba - former member of Hotdog Band; songwriter; musical director "Filipino Eh" TV Show
  • Jessica Trisko - Winner of Miss Earth 2007
  • Roy Tugbang - Operatic Tenor; 14 years old
  • Nikki Valdez - actress
  • Myles Valentin - Co-creator Stuff White People Like
  • Edward Van Timbol - actor
  • Rommel Billanes - Toronto-based singer ; FCT Singing Idol Winner 2009


  • Deo Moreno - producer, managing director Filipino TV, owner M Studio, director of Minerva FM, host of Malaya TV
  • Ace Alvarez - producer, "Front Page Philippines" OMNI TV Toronto; Managing Editor, "Manila Media Monitor"
  • Gie Alvarez - host, "Front Page Philippines" OMNI TV Toronto; Associate Editor, "Manila Media Monitor"
  • Joel Recla - producer and host of Pearl of the Orient Show, CHIN Radio and TV International, 100.7 FM in Toronto, Saturdays, at 6:30 pm.
  • Kathreen Pascual-Binaday, publisher, Mabuhay Canada Philippine News Gazette, Lifestyle Editor for "Talakayan" radio show
  • Jess Cabrias - producer/host of "Talakayan" radio show (1430AM Fairchild Radio), columnist of "One Philippines"
  • Pauline Chan - 11:30pm news anchor, CTV Toronto
  • Ruben Cusipag - publisher, "Balita" (Toronto); recipient, "Most Outstanding Filipino-Canadian" award
  • Maricel Dicion - traffic reporter, 680 News Toronto
  • Baby de Guzman - Host, "Filipinesca" 1st Filipino-Canadian television show during the 80's Channel 47 Cable 4, Radio Host, Pilipinas; Noon at Ngayon during the 90's CJMR
  • Rei Ching - Toronto-based Freelance Stage and TV Director/Producer
  • Marck Salamatin - Winnipeg-based host/producer, "The Best of Filipino Music" (CKJS 810 AM, 2002 to 2004); co-host/producer, "PSN Community Connect Radio Program" with Ayen Dandan-Zamora, Michele Majul, and Maui Zamora (CKJS 810 AM, 2007 to present); writer/columnist "Progressive Retrospective" with Pilipino Express News Magazine; and owner of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) youtube channel, "Manila Pop Hits."
  • Marianne Dimain - news reporter, Citytv Toronto
  • Jennifer Ellson - host/writer, "Mabuhay Pilipinas" CHTV Montreal; journalist, "The Gazette"(Montreal); "Forbes Asia" (Singapore); "Russian Newsweek" (Moscow); "The Sun" (Toronto); "Philippine Daily Inquirer" (Manila); "Most Outstanding Young Filipino-Canadian" awardee
  • Zenaida Ferry-Kharoubi - publisher/editor, "Filipino Star"; owner, Gilmore College (Montreal)
  • Renato Gandia - city hall reporter, Calgary Sun, Calgary, Alberta
  • Hermie Garcia - publisher/editor, "The Philippine Reporter" (Toronto)
  • Melissa Grelo - news reporter and anchor, CablePulse 24
  • Emmie Joaquin - publisher/editor, "Pilipino Express" (Winnipeg) Pilipino Express News Magazine;
  • Michele Majul - columnist, Career Connexion, "Pilipino Express" (Winnipeg); radio host, PSN Community Connect 9 - 10 pm CKJS 810 AM
  • Nicole Lampa - news reporter, videographer CTV Southwestern Ontario
  • Eddie Lee - publisher and editor, "Atin Ito" (Toronto)
  • Bin Kon Loo - publisher and editor, Filipiniana News (Toronto)
  • Richard Madan - political specialist, reporter Citytv Toronto
  • Hazel Mae - former Rogers Sportsnet anchor
  • Joe Sulit, Lito Taruc, Chester Pangan, Lucille Nolasco, Ayen Dandan-Zamora, Michele Majul, Maurel Zamora and Donna Natividad-Arenas - program producers, hosts, for Filipino programs aired over CKJS in Winnipeg
  • Fred Magallanes - publisher and editor, "Filipino Forum" (Montreal)
  • Flor Marcelino - publisher and editor, "Philippine Times" (Winnipeg)
  • Jessie Migneault - Host/Producer - NEGO Show
  • Rosalinda Natividad-Cantiveros - Editor-in-Chief, "Filipino Journal" (Winnipeg)
  • Sharon Navarro - former anchor, CablePulse 24 and CTV Toronto
  • Matet Nebres - reporter, CTV Toronto
  • Kris Reyes - news reporter, anchor; Citytv Toronto
  • Michael Serapio - associate producer, Canada AM, Sunday Edition, The Giller Awards; reporter, Citytv Toronto
  • Marivel Taruc - Anchor CBC News: Morning
  • Nicole Reyes - co-host, NBA XL on Rogers Sportsnet
  • Paul Sunga - Host of "FTV" (Canada), product endorser; TV/Event/Radio host (Philippines)
  • Rob Dela Cruz- co-anchor, Philippine Sundae (1997–1999)
  • Cheryll San Juan - publisher and managing editor, "Filipino Life Magazine"[1] (Toronto)
  • Kim Villafuerte, Jason Bagni, Jazzmine Buslon and Bernice Buktaw - hosts of "TRIP", a Filipino youth-oriented talk/music show aired over CHHA 1610 AM Voces Latinas Toronto
  • Maria Luisa Tiro - ABS-CBN News Correspondent, Canada; Freelance writer
  • Cheryl Ching Sy - Producer and GMA-7's Program Manager
  • Marlon Manuba - Food Supervisor, Providence Retirement Home
 neil soliven - machine operator new flyer industries, community and event volunteer. winnipeg,mb.


  • C. E. Gatchalian - playwright, poet, fictionist
  • Primrose Madayag Knazan - playwright, published author, native of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Vivian del Mundo-Da Rocha - writer/critic's books);; former Malacanan Press Office Asst. Editor; mixed ancestry (Portuguese-Chinese and Spanish-Filipino)
  • J. Torres - Award winning Filipino-born Canadian comic book writer.



  • Rod Dioso - digital artist [2]
  • Josephine Liwanag Geronimo - portraitist [3]
  • Nestor Gutierrez - painter [4]
  • Romi C. Mananquil - professional artist and founder of the Philippine Artists Group [5]. His art work was used in the 1 and 2 peso coin in the Philippines and his 5 peso vignette called "Declaration of Philippine Independence" was also used in the 100,000 peso centennial note, a Guinness Book of Record holder [6]
  • Francis Manapul - comic book artist, who worked for Top Cow and currently for DC Comics
  • Cheryl Torrenueva - interior designer, seen on HGTV shows such as "Rooms that Rock", "Restaurant Makeover" and "Colin and Justin's Home Heist".

See also

Sending Money to the Philippines from Canada

[7] According to Statistics Canada, Filipinos are among the top immigrants sending money back home from Canada. The world Bank Group has prepared a report on the Remittance Costs from Canada. A portion of the report, pertaining to the cost of sending money to the Philippines, is found in the link preceding this short note.

Click here for information on remittance costs not cited in the World Bank report

Canada-Philippines relations

Philippine Officials in Canada

Philippine Embassy, Ottawa

  • Ambassador Jose S. Brillantes
  • Consul General Joseph Angeles
  • Consul Shirley Banquicio

Philippine Consulate, Toronto

  • Consul General Alejandro Mosquera
  • Consul Imelda Panolong
  • Vice Consul Edna May Lazaro

Philippine Consulate, Vancouver

  • Consul General Ruth Morales Prado
  • Consul Raly Tejada
  • Vice Consul Melanie Rita Balisi Diano

Honorary Consuls

  • Consul General Felixberto M. Guerrero, Calgary
  • Consul General Esmeralda P. Agbulos, Edmonton
  • Consul General Hazel Ouano Alpuerto, Newfoundland
  • Consul Dr. Carlos S. Maningas, Saskatchewan
  • Consul Edda G. Pangilinan, Winnipeg

Canadian Officials in the Philippines

  • Ambassador Robert Desjardins, Manila
  • Consul Robert Lee, Cebu


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