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Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 film poster
Directed by James Wong
Produced by Craig Perry
Glen Morgan
James Wong
Warren Zide
Associate producer:
Sheila Hanahan
Art Schaeffer
Executive producer:
Toby Emmerich
Richard Brener
Matt Moore
Written by Glen Morgan
James Wong
Jeffrey Reddick
Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Ryan Merriman
Kris Lemche
Alexz Johnson
Amanda Crew
Texas Battle
Chelan Simmons
Crystal Lowe
Sam Easton
Maggie Ma
Gina Holden
Jesse Moss
Music by Shirley Walker
Cinematography Robert McLachlan
Editing by Chris G. Willingham
Studio Zide/Perry Productions
Hard Eight Pictures
Matinee Pictures
Practical Pictures
Road Rebel
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) February 10, 2006 (2006-02-10)
Running time 93 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English
Budget $34 million
Gross revenue Worldwide: $113,270,608[1]
Preceded by Final Destination 2
Followed by The Final Destination

Final Destination 3 is a 2006 horror film, and the third film in the Final Destination series distributed by New Line Cinema. The film was directed and written by James Wong, who co-wrote and directed the original, and was produced by Craig Perry. The film was originally scheduled for release on February 24, 2006, however, the date was moved to two weeks earlier, February 10.

Final Destination 3 was rated R by the MPAA for strong horror violence/gore, language and some nudity. It received a 15 certificate in the United Kingdom. In Germany, it received an 18 certificate, in contrast to the 16 received by the first two installments, due to the increased relative intensity of violence and gore.



Six years after the explosion of Flight 180 and five years after the pile-up on Route 23, Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a soon-to-be graduate and the school photographer at McKinley High School, visits an amusement park with her friend Carrie Dreyer (Gina Holden), Carrie's boyfriend Kevin Fischer (Ryan Merriman), and her boyfriend, Jason Wise (Jesse Moss), before their graduation. As they board the Devil's Flight roller coaster, Wendy has a premonition that it will crash, killing everyone. Wendy convinces Kevin, fellow high school students Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche), Erin Ulmer (Alexz Johnson), Lewis Romero (Texas Battle), Ashley Freund (Chelan Simmons), Ashlyn Halperin (Crystal Lowe), and McKinley High alumnus Frankie Cheeks (Sam Easton) to leave. The roller coaster starts and derails just as Wendy saw it, killing everyone on it, including Jason and Carrie.

As Wendy is preparing to leave for college, Kevin, who has researched the flight 180 disaster, tells Wendy of Alex Browning, who had a premonition and saved others on the plane. Before he can tell her about the survivors dying in the order they would have died on the plane, Wendy flees in her car. That afternoon, Ashley and Ashlyn go to a tanning salon to prepare for their graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, Wendy connects her camera to her computer, viewing the photos she took before the accident. Viewing an image of Ashley and Ashlyn that is overexposed so it appears as if the two are burning, she feels something is following her and tries calling Ashley, but she and Ashlyn are trapped in their sunbeds and burn to death when the heating system malfunctions.

After Ashley and Ashlyn's memorial service, Wendy tells Kevin that she thinks Death is after them for getting off the roller coaster. Wendy shows Kevin the photos she took at the amusement park, including Ashley and Ashlyn's, and tells him she believes the photos show how the survivors will die. While at a drive-thru, Wendy are Kevin are almost rammed by a truck. The driver in front of Kevin's truck was struck in the head by the cooling fan of Kevin's truck engine. The driver is revealed to be Frankie. The next day they visit Lewis at his college gym. Lewis is unconvinced, and his head is later crushed by a weight machine. That night, the two visit Ian and Erin at a hardware store, but they think Wendy and Kevin are being paranoid. Meanwhile, Erin’s magnet causes some tools to start a forklift that tries lifting a shelf beside the group. While Ian tells them that Wendy should kill herself to save the others, planks of wood drop above him. Wendy intervenes, saving Ian. A plank of wood deflates a bag of sawdust which sprays into Erin’s eyes. She slips and falls on a nail gun that impales her with nails.

The next morning, Wendy falls asleep after browsing through her photos for clues. Her sister Julie secretly gets her bracelet from Wendy’s desk. As she and her friends Perry Malinowski (Maggie Ma) and Amber (Ecstasia Sanders) go to the Tri-Centennial, Wendy awakens. She sees the picture of another passenger in the roller coaster. As she zooms the image, she sees Julie’s bracelet on the passenger’s wrist, indicating that Julie and one of her friends are next. She calls Kevin, who is one of the security staff in the Tri-Centennial, to locate them. Kevin recalls to Wendy that they are next after Julie, Perry or Amber. As Wendy sets off to the Tri-Centennial, Ian follows her, seeking revenge for Erin’s death. Julie runs from Kevin after he spots her making out with some boys. As Wendy arrives, two pranksters accidentally free a horse who is scared by the fireworks. The horse gallops away with a rope still tied to it. Julie gets caught on the rope and dragged along the field. As she is about to be impaled by a harrow, Kevin saves her. When Wendy asks Julie about the person who sat beside her on the roller coaster, Perry stands up, and is impaled by a flagpole triggered by the horse. Wendy leaves, remembering that Kevin is next. Just as Kevin is about to be engulfed by a fire caused by a grill, Wendy saves him. As Wendy, Kevin and Julie depart, Ian arrives. They spot Ian who blames Wendy for Erin's death and taunts her. Shortly after an argument, some fireworks are launched toward the group, almost killing Wendy. They narrowly miss Ian, making him believe he will not die. As he states this, the fireworks break a cherry picker which crushes Ian's right side.

Five months later, Wendy is waiting for a subway train. She decides to leave after spotting several omens on the train. At the doors, she notices Julie entering the train and decides to stay. Wendy tells Julie that she has a feeling that Death has not stopped hunting them. At the end of the train, she sees Kevin. The train derails after a rat breaks the subway's wire controls. As the three are separated, Julie is crushed by one of the train’s hubcaps. Kevin’s head is shredded into the subway’s walls after the glass he is leaning on breaks. The train separates, sending Wendy onto the track unconscious. As Wendy regains consciousness, she discovers her leg is broken and she cannot walk and a train is heading toward her. She awakens to realize the subway derailment was a premonition. She warns Kevin and Julie, and the three try to escape the train. The screen fades to black just as the train crash is heard, presumably leaving no survivors of the Devil's Flight derailment.


"Choose Their Fate" Edition

On the "Thrill-Ride" edition of the Final Destination 3 DVD, among the extra features, there is a "Choose Their Fate" feature which allowed the viewers to choose to play the movie either in its original theatrical version or to play the version which changes the outcome of the characters in the movie (the characters' deaths are in the same order, only their deaths are different).

The movie will usually stop before any of the deaths actually happen, asking viewers what outcome would they choose.

Featured Songs


Final Destination 3 was successful both on film and DVD. The film was released in the United States on February 10, 2006, and opened at #2, showing across 2,880 screens. In its opening weekend it took $19 million, averaging to a little under $6,940 per theater. As of April 16, 2006, FD3 had made $54,098,051 stateside, though the movie continued to screen across the country for another seven weeks after domestic tallies closed.

The film grossed even more in foreign markets, making over $59 million. Worldwide recorded gross has now reached approximately $113,270,000 so far, out performing both the original and sequel in the series.

Final Destination 3 has received generally mixed reviews from critics: on Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently holds a 44% approval rating, based on 112 reviews (49 positive, 63 negative).[2] The original two films received similar scores. Besides deriding the film for the high level of violence and the reference to the attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001, a common complaint directed at the film was that it failed to offer anything new. The BBC awarded a rare 1 star out of 5, after awarding the first installment four stars and the second three. However, they praised Winstead's performance, stating: "...the real tragedy is that promising young actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead must endure this torture."[3]


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