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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles logo
Genre(s) Action role-playing, city-building
Developer(s) The Game Designers Studio, Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Square Enix
Creator(s) Akitoshi Kawazu
Platform of origin Nintendo GameCube
First release Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
JP August 8, 2003
Latest release Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
JP November 12, 2009

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (ファイナルファンタジー クリスタルクロニクル Fainaru Fantajī Kurisutaru Kuronikuru?) is a series of video games by Square Enix. Created by Akitoshi Kawazu, the Crystal Chronicles series is a spin-off series of the Final Fantasy media franchise.



  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (GameCube) (2003)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (Nintendo DS) (2007)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (WiiWare) (2008)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Nintendo DS, Wii) (2009)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord (WiiWare) (2009)
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Wii) (2009)

The series also comprises a browser game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King - Everyone's Kingdom, and a manga, titled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles ~Hatenaki Sora no Mukō ni~.


The titles in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series take place in an unnamed world inhabited by four humanoid races. The titles take place at different points in the world's history.


Ring of Fates, takes place during the legendary "Golden Age" where all the races lived in peace[1], and when the Great Crystal—into which "all fates are etched"—protected the people from the "malefic glow of the blood-red moon".[2][3] The world is protected from miasma by the Great Crystal, which uses memories as the source of its protective effect.[4] Rebena Te Ra stands as an illustrious city and capital of the Age.

Thousands of years later, a meteor strikes and fragments the Great Crystal, setting up the events of Crystal Chronicles. In this time, the world is covered in a noxious gas known as "miasma", to which direct exposure can prove fatal to humanoids. Monsters are immune, but towns, villages and other settlements throughout must be protected from the ill effects of miasma by fragments of the Great Crystal, which generate a barrier that miasma cannot penetrate. The crystals' effect last for about a year before they must be recharged with the liquid substance "myrrh" obtained from "myrrh trees". Due to its close proximity to the Meteor's point of impact, Rebena Te Ra is a monster-filled ruins that was rendered as such almost immediately after the Meteor fell. My Life as a King takes place shortly after Crystal Chronicles and portrays the world as free from the effects of miasma as kingdoms are rebuilding.

Years later, the events of Crystal Bearers occur following the apparent extiction of the Yukes in a war with the Lilties who became the world's ruling race. Through the Liltie world order, technology is run by the crystals and magic was made illegal and an arrestable offense, especially in the case of the Crystal Bearers.


The world of Crystal Chronicles is inhabited by four humanoid races: Clavats, Lilties, Selkies, and Yukes.

The Clavats (クラブァト Kurabato?) are biologically similar to humans and are a very peaceful race.[5] In Crystal Chronicles, Clavats' main advantage in battle is their high defense, they fight with swords, and use shields as their race-exclusive armor. They also wield axes, as seen first in Echoes of Time.

The Lilties (リルティー Rirutī?) are a proud, stout race of warriors and knights. In the past they ruled the world in an empire,[6] founded off the weapons forged from materials of the Cathurigian mines. The Lilties have a unique, flower-like appearance and are the shortest race in the game—as an adult Lilty is noticeably shorter than most other characters, though they are redesigned for Crystal Bearers to be more human like in size and physique. Of the four races, Lilties are the most powerful with a naturally high attack stat that lets them do heavy damage. In Crystal Chronicles, they take the longest time to cast a spell, equip gauntlets as their race-exclusive armor, and use spears as weapons. Lilties can also use hammers in Ring and Echoes and are use urns for various reasons in Rings. By the events of Crystal Bearers, the Lilties are the dominant race of the world.

Selkies (セルキー Serukī?) are taller than Lilties, around the same height as Clavats, and usually have silver, blue, yellow or light purple hair. They are a rugged race that dress in furs and stolen goods, and are mostly thieves. They usually put their own interests first and are often scorned by the other tribes.[7] In the past, the Selkies were under the control of the Liltian empire and migrated from their ancestral homes to search for a safer place to live. It is said that they come from the sea. Selkies are the speediest of the races and tend to take enemies down with a hit-and-run tactic. In Crystal Chronicles, Selkies' race-exclusive armor is belts and they use rackets as weapons. In Ring of Fates, Selkies attack with bows are the only species able to double jump. By the events of Crystal Bearers, the Selkies tend to be at odds with the Lilties every so often.

Yukes (ユーク Yūku?) are tall, slender creatures adept in magic with helmets that usually cover their faces. They also have long, feathered, striped arms and small, vestigial wings.[8] Yukes are powerful magic casters, but are weak physical attackers. In Crystal Chronicles, Yukes use hammers as weapons and their race-exclusive armor is helmets. Their "Defend" command in the game is possibly the most useful for Yukes, as it makes them immune to all physical and magical attacks. Yukes can use the "magic needle" ability in Rings and equip spell books as done in Echoes. Prior to the events of Crystal Bearers, the Yukes were seemingly driven into extinction after their crystal was destroyed.


Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates, and Echoes of Time have had released soundtrack albums to date, and Crystal Chronicles and Ring of Fates each have an associated single. Kumi Tanioka is the main composer for the series, having composed the three released soundtracks. Hidenori Iwasaki is filling that role for The Crystal Bearers, while the composers have not been announced for the other unreleased titles. Nobuo Uematsu, the main composer for the regular Final Fantasy series, contributed one track to the Ring of Fates soundtrack. Yae and Donna Burke sang the Japanese and English versions of the theme song for Crystal Chronicles, respectively, while Aiko sang the theme song for Ring of Fates.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack was released by Pony Canyon in 2003, as was its single, "Kaze no Ne", and a promotional album Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - A Musical Journey. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack and the double A-side "Hoshi no Nai Sekai"/"Yokogao" were released by Pony Canyon in 2007. The latest release is that of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Original Soundtrack by Square Enix in 2009. All the albums and the singles received generally positive reviews, although the Crystal Chronicles album was the most universally appreciated of the three soundtracks. Unlike the soundtracks to the numbered Final Fantasy games, no songs from the Crystal Chronicles soundtracks have appeared in any compilation albums produced by Square Enix or any official Final Fantasy concerts. "Morning Sky", the opening theme for Crystal Chronicles, was played in the first Games in Concert performance in Utrecht, Netherlands on November 26, 2006.


The Crystal Chronicles series has received positive reviews,[citation needed] the reviewers like the multiplayer action, graphics, and the music of the games. What the reviewers generally dislike is the single player modes and the lack of a good story to most of the games. Sales for the Crystal Chronicles games have been very good.[citation needed]

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