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Final Fantasy: Unlimited
FFU title card.jpg
(~Fainaru Fantajī: Anrimiteddo~)
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
TV anime
Director Mahiro Maeda
Studio Gonzo
Network Japan TV Tokyo
Philippines ABS-CBN (including Studio 23), Animax,
Thailand Truevision, CH7
Original run 2 October 200126 March 2002
Episodes 25
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Final Fantasy: Unlimited (FF:U ~ファイナルファンタジー:アンリミテッド~ FF:U ~Fainaru Fantajī: Anrimiteddo~ ?) is an animated Japanese television series based on Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy role-playing game franchise.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited also incorporates both 2D animation and 3D graphics, and takes elements from the Final Fantasy games with quite a few easter eggs, some obvious, others obscure. It was licensed for North America and the United Kingdom by ADV Films, and 7 volumes of videos were released on DVD. In 2003, the series soundtrack Final Fantasy: Unlimited After 2 was released. The continuation of the story has also been released in a variety of other media.



The story begins with a strange black tower of energy, which would later come to be known as the "Pillar of Darkness", appearing in the Sea of Japan off the coast of Sadogashima. The tower's appearance causes seismic fluctuations that confound geologist Joe Hayakawa and his team. Returning home, Joe finds his pregnant wife Marie outside setting up equipment with which to study the phenomenon. Suddenly, a large crimson dragon-like creature with what looks like a gun barrel for a head emerges from the Pillar, and proceeds to lay to waste the military forces that try to attack it. When all seems lost, another dragon appears from the Pillar; this one silver-white and serpentine in appearance, with what looks like a blade for a head. The two creatures proceed to destroy each other, causing a reaction in the Pillar of Darkness.

Twelve years later, fraternal twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa find and board an interdimensional train to Wonderland, a strange world connected to Earth by the Pillar of Darkness, to find their parents, Joe and Marie, who have not returned from their latest of many trips there. On the train they meet Lisa Pacifist, a woman with special powers known as Kigen Arts.

When the trio arrive in Wonderland, they find out just how different it is from Earth, meeting a number of allies and enemies. Allies include Chobi, a chocobo who quickly takes a mutual liking to Yu and joins the group on their journey, and Kaze, a mysterious amnesiac gunman with a grudge against a sword-wielding warrior clad in white who he believes was responsible for the destruction of his homeworld. Kaze wields the Magun, a gun powered by bullets filled with "Soil" which summons a variety of great creatures to destroy his enemies.

Enemies include Earl Tyrant, a spoiled brat of a child living in the floating fortress palace of Gaudium as well as the ruler of Wonderland. Tyrant has four underlings referred to collectively as the Lords of Gaudium: Fungus, a humanoid mushroom man with super strength and regenerative powers; Herba, a humanoid plant woman with a shallow, self-centred attitude; Pist Shaz XI, a humanoid shark creature made of water who takes pride in analyzing the data of his opponents; and Oscha, a mysterious black humanoid figure whose face is always hidden behind a mask and Tyrant's closest servant. Also in service of the Earl is Makenshi, a sword-wielding warrior clad in white, though he prefers to be alone, staying away from the antics in the throne room, and seems to have his own agenda.

Lisa and the twins also find allies in the Comodeen, a rebel army group seeking to overthrow the Earl and establish true and fair order in Wonderland. Led by Knave, a strong man with a romantic nature, the Comodeen is made up entirely of volunteer members whose homeworlds were destroyed by Chaos. Despite the strength of their opponents, the Comodeen are a force to be reckoned with thanks to battle plans formulated by Miles, a tomboyish woman and second-in-command, and equipment and other supplies created by Cid, the resident mechanical mastermind who feels a little too strongly for his creations.

Early on in their journey, the group are accosted by a part of Omega, a mysterious being that destroys everything in its path simply by existing. Omega was defeated at some point prior to the beginning of the series, its body shattered into component pieces and forced into dormancy, during which it takes the form of a translucent pink crystal, referred to as an Omega Crystal. Though many pieces are still dormant during the series, three have awakened and attack the Interdimensional Train. As explained by Lou, a lycanthrope girl the group meet on the train who travels with the group for a while, developing a major crush on Kaze, once a part of Omega awakens, it constantly searches for its "siblings", other Omega Crystals, to eventually reform into the full creature. Eventually, one of the parts of Omega succeeds in destroying the Train, revealing the reason it was attacking it: the Interdimensional Train is powered by an Omega Crystal.

At one point, the group stops in an endless grassy field, where a large herd of chocobos, led by Chocoimo, an elderly lady and younger sister of Chocobaba who Lisa and the twins met earlier on, are seeking refuge from monster attacks. Chobi meets a female chocobo and, with Yu's permission, leaves the group to be with the herd, leaving Yu upset. Chocoimo and the herd soon find the Ciel Monolith, a pillar built to honour the Ciel Chocobo, a great chocobo with the ability to fly, and who has one descendant per generation who can receive his power: Chobi activates the monolith, receiving the power of the Ciel Chocobo just in time to save Yu's life from an attack on the Train by Omega. With this new power, Chobi rejoins the group.

Tyrant orders the Lords of Gaudium to destroy Kaze numerous times, all of which fail. After finding out about Omega, Tyrant instead orders them to focus on finding the Omega Crystals; Herba, Pist and Makenshi succeed in this respect, with Makenshi finding rather large crystal and getting "promoted" to one of the now five Lords of Gaudium. However, Fungus fails to find an Omega Crystal and Tyrant, upset with his constant failure, as well as other weaknesses, conspires with Oscha to kill him. Oscha meets with Fungus and reveals to him the remnants of his homeworld, a vast forest of mushrooms, which was destroyed by Chaos.

The protagonists eventually reach the remains of Fungus' world, where Fungus himself awaits to defeat Kaze (and the others). With his control over the area, as well as his regenerative abilities, he makes himself practically invulnerable to Kaze's attacks, including multiple summoned creatures. Fungus actually comes close to defeating Kaze when Crux appears, spilling mould over Fungus and the landscape, decreasing his power and allowing Kaze to finally defeat Fungus once and for all.

After the Interdimensional Train is destroyed, the group are saved by the prophet Fabula, who met with Ai earlier on and gave her Poshepocket, a creature shaped like a bag that can summon any item. The group meet with the Comodeen again, and set off in Cid's new submarine, Jane. However, Pist has been busy and surprises them with his new creation: the Ocean Puzzle, a Rubik's Cube-like construction with the remnants of a world destroyed by Chaos in each cube, and a certain challenge to be completed there. Success in a challenge will move the group up toward freedom, but failure will move the group down toward Chaos.

Challenges include Wonderland trivia posed by Somosan, a giant mermaid; a battle between Makenshi and his brother Madoushi who died in Chaos' attack on their homeworld, but was revived by Oscha to feed Makenshi's ensuing negative emotions to Chaos, and a village which evokes happy memories in its visitors to trap them there forever. In the latter challenge the twins (the only ones not yet affected by the memory evocation) meet Moogle, a moogle who has been living in the village (his pompom makes him immune to the memory effect) and is revealed to be Kaze's partner. He has the ability to repair the Magun (though not fully) and power up Kaze's summons.

Ai and Yu also face their own challenges: Ai falls into a monster-infested wasteland and meets Clear, a boy dressed in a full suit made of Flying Water to suppress his powers; he is revealed to be a piece of Omega and as such is constantly pursued by Gaudium. Later, Yu manages to infiltrate Gaudium and meets with the Earl himself. Yu also finds his parents, who have been brainwashed into serving the Earl as his chefs, creating food from the negative emotions of the people of Wonderland. Furthermore, they do not recognize Yu at all. Yu returns to the submarine traumatized.

The protagonists eventually make it to Teros, where they try to harvest Flight Water, a strange floating bubble-like material, to be used as the power source for Cid's ultimate invention: his airship, Silvia. However, Pist interferes and corrupts one of Kaze's summons to destroy all the Flight Water. Yu and Ai are also reunited with Lou, who travels with the group for a while longer.

Eventually, the protagonists reach Gaudium, with Cid programming the defence systems to destroy each other, and Makenshi reveals his true intentions: he had only posed as being in service of the Earl to obtain information on Chaos. Now, with all that he needs, he defects to the side of the protagonists. Makenshi kills Pist by transforming him into Mist and summoning him as a Mist Dragon to destroy the Ocean Puzzle. With this, events start drawing to a close. The Earl reveals that he is Chaos, and transforms into a form similar to a phoenix in dark purple and black. Chaos declares that he will "eat" the protagonists, and attacks Jane.

Ai, Yu, Lisa, Kaze and Makenshi awaken in Gaudium's Chaos Chamber, trapped with all their powers deactivated through various means. Chaos, who has reverted to his "Earl Tyrant" form, reveals that Jane was destroyed, along with everyone on it. Oscha then reveals some shocking truths: not only are Yu and Ai not Joe and Marie's biological children, but they aren't even human. They were created as the most powerful catalysts to evolve the Inner World, and found by Joe and Marie on their first trip into the Inner World, which was caused by them being sucked into the Pillar of Darkness directly (and causing Marie to have a miscarriage). The Hayakawas took them home and raised them as their own children. Furthermore, Oscha stole the "Inner World Watch" worn by Chobi as a timetable for the Interdimensional Train, and added a tracking feature to follow the group's movements. Oscha had planned the twins' journey through Wonderland from the very beginning. This causes Ai and Yu to break down.

Makenshi attempts to summon his sword to attack Chaos, but Chaos catches it in one of his tentacles and impales Makenshi with it, almost killing him.

Furthermore, all the Omega Crystals have been gathered, including Kuria, who gets fused with his Flight Water suit to form the Crystal of Omega's heart. Finally, it is revealed that Ai and Yu, as well as all the Omega Crystals, are to be fused with Chaos to form a complete Chaos-Omega hybrid which will destroy all the "Outer Worlds" (worlds linked to the Inner World through the Pillars of Darkness) and rule over the completed Inner World as a god. Just as this process is started, Lisa implores the Hayakawas to snap out of their trance and save their children, which they manage to do.

Suddenly, Lou and Moogle arrive. Lou destroys the fusion machine, freeing Ai and Yu, as well as Lisa and Kaze, but gets impaled on one of Chaos' tentacles as punishment. She dies in Lisa's arms, wondering if the way she feels about Kaze is mutual.

Crux, who had disposed of all of Kaze's Soil bullets and Makenshi's Mist bottles, saved one empty bottle for Makenshi, which she gives to him. Revealing himself to be alive, Makenshi uses the empty bottle to perform one last summon, transforming himself into Mist to summon the ultimate Mist Dragon, and sacrificing himself to stall Chaos and give Kaze an opportunity to attack. Despite having no Soil bullets, Kaze remarks that "[he] didn't have any bullets the last time, but [he] was still able to reach Chaos"; Kaze has regained his memory. Lou speaks to Kaze and tells him that he can "use [her]". Fueled by Kaze's tears, Lou's body dissipates into a Soil bullet, and the truth about Soil is revealed: it is a magical substance, made of the crystallized souls of those who died fighting Chaos. Moogle decides to sacrifice himself to provide Kaze with a second Soil bullet. Finally Kaze sacrifices himself to become the third Soil bullet, leaving Lisa to fire the Magun and summon Bahamut. The two serpents fly into the sky and clash.

The epilogue plays over the credits: Chobi and the Comodeen survived the attack on Jane, with Ciel-Chobi flying through the sky, and the Comodeen follow closely behind in the airship, Silvia. Ai, Yu, Lisa, Joe and Marie are unconscious, but alive, on a floating piece of the remains of Gaudium. One of Kaze's earrings lies next to Lisa as a tear rolls down her cheek. Fabula leaves a cryptic message that the adventures of the "intrepid travellers" are not yet over, and will possibly be revealed "when we meet again".



Phase Episode
English Episode Title Japanese Episode Title
Phase 1 01 Wonderland: Journey into the Darkness 異界 -やみへのたびだち- (Ikai: Yami e no Tabidachi)
02 Magun: Man of the Black Wind 魔銃 -くろきかぜのおとこ- (Magan: Kuroki Kaze no Otoko)
03 Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent 果実 -あまいかおりのまち- (Kajitsu: Amai Kaori no Machi)
04 Makenshi: The White Etude 魔剣士 -しろきエチュード- (Makenshi: Shiroki Echūdo)
Phase 2 05 Cid: The Adventure of the Underground Waterway シド -ちかすいみゃくのぼうけん- (Shido: Chikasuimyaku no Bousen)
06 Kigen Arts: The Saviour of Souls 氣現術 -いのちまもるもの- (Kigenjutsu: Inochi Mamorumono)
07 Subway: Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel 地下鉄 -じげんトンネルのてき- (Chikatetsu: Jigen Tonneru no Teki)
08 Soil: The Heart of the Magun ソイル -マガンのしんぞう- (Soiru: Magan no Shinzō)
Phase 3 09 Oscha: The Endless Project オスカー -おわりなきしごと- (Osukā: Owarinaki Shigoto)
10 Mansion: The Memory of Sagiso 屋敷 -サギソウのおもいで- (Yashiki: Sagisō no Omoide)
11 Ciel: The Departure of Chocobo シエル -チョコボとのわかれ- (Shieru: Chokobo to no Wakare)
12 Fungus: Eternal Life フングス -えいえんのいのち- (Fungusu: Eien no Inochi)
Phase 4 13 Meteor: Abominable Memory メテオ -いまわしききおく- (Meteo: Imawashiki Kioku)
14 Omega: Reunion and Departure オメガ -さいかいとたびだち- (Omega: Saikai to Tabidachi)
15 Jane: The Moving Ocean Puzzle ジェーン -うごきだすうみパズル- (Jēn: Ugokidasu Umi Pazuru)
16 Kigen Dragon: Behind the Smile 氣現獣 -えがおのむこうに- (Kigenjū: Egao no Mukō ni)
Phase 5 17 Frog: The Smallest Great Adventure カエル -ちっちゃなだいぼうけん- (Kaeru: Chicchana Daibōken)
18 Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo 魔道士 -きりとくものたいけつ- (Madōshi: Kiri to Kumo no Taiketsu)
19 Ai: Meeting with Clear アイ -クリアとのであい- (Ai: Kuria to no Deai)
Phase 6 20 Yu: The Secret of Gaudium ユウ -ガウディウムのひみつ- (Yū: Gaudiumu no Himitsu)
21 Cactus: The Wandering Sea サボテン -さまよえるうみ- (Saboten: Samayoeru Umi)
22 Moogle: Long Lost Memories モーグリ -なつかしいおもいで- (Mōguri: Natsukashī Omoide)
Phase 7 23 Teros: In Search of Flying Water テロス -とびみずをめざして- (Terosu: Tobimizu o Mezashite)
24 Chaos: The Earl Unveiled 混沌 -はくしゃくのしょうたい- (Konton: Hakushaku no Shōtai)
25 Kaze: The Glory of Life 風 -いのちかがやくとき- (Kaze: Inochi Kagayaku Toki)


The North American complete FF:U boxset re-arranges the series into five discs of five episodes each. The English complete FF:U boxset retains the seven disks as released singularly.

Phase Episodes
Phase 1 01-05
Phase 2 06-10
Phase 3 11-15
Phase 4 16-20
Phase 5 21-25


The theme songs of the series are:

Opening Theme

  • "Over the FANTASY"
Lyrics: Yuko Ebine
Composition: Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangement: Takahiro Ando
Vocals: Kana Ueda

Ending Themes

  • "VIVID" (Episodes 1-12)
Lyrics and composition by: Takashi Genouzono
Arrangement by: FAIRY FORE & Masao Akashi
  • "Romancing Train" (Episodes 13-24)
Lyrics: motsu
Composition and arrangement: t-kimura
Vocals: move
  • "Over the FANTASY" (Episode 25)
Lyrics by: Yuko Ebine
Composition by: Nobuo Uematsu
Arrangement by: Takahiro Ando
Song by: Kana Ueda

Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse 1 was composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Shirō Hamaguchi. It was released on December 19, 2001 on the label Geneon. Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse 2 was composed by Uematsu, Hamaguchi, and Akifumi Tada. It was released on April 17, 2002.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse 1 and 2 listing
Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse 1 Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse 2
  1. Top Title
  2. Ai's Theme
  3. Mysterious Boy, Fungo
  4. Yu’s Theme
  5. A little courage
  6. The endless road...
  7. Subtitle
  8. Enter Kaze
  9. Difficult battle
  10. Silent wind
  11. Departing wind
  12. The Magun has Thawed
  13. Firing of the Magun
  14. Preview
  15. Enter monster
  16. Trampled by the monster
  17. Colossal Fortress Gaudium
  18. Tyrant's dinner table
  19. Unseen anxiety
  20. Strange feeling
  21. Subway
  22. Fabula's mansion
  23. The absurd world
  24. Chocobo will walk, no matter how far
  25. Get out of here ~
  26. Emergence of an alternate world
  27. Summoning the beast's return
  28. City of fruit
  29. Nihilistic world
  30. Cid the genius scientist
  31. The hearts that touch
  32. Recollections of Lisa
  33. Over the FANTASY
  34. Over the FANTASY (Luckspin Remix)
  35. Over the FANTASY (EXOTIC Remix)
  1. Prayer: Lisa
  2. Home Town: Kaze
  3. Recollection: Kaze
  4. Over the FANTASY (TV Size)
  5. Underwater Voyage
  6. The Ocean Puzzle
  7. Reminiscence: Ai and Yu
  8. Peace~Hard Fight: Ai and Yu
  9. Hard Fight: Lisa
  10. Kigen Dragon
  11. Comodeen
  12. Miles
  13. Cid
  14. Cactuar
  15. Lou
  16. Transformation: Lou
  17. Moogle
  18. Chocobo
  19. Ciel Chocobo
  20. VIVID (TV Size)
  21. Fungus
  22. Herba
  23. Pist
  24. Oscha
  25. Formidable Enemy
  26. Run!
  27. Omega
  28. Shotgun Kaze
  29. Makenshi
  30. Sword Dragon
  31. Demon Sword
  32. Death
  33. Battle to the Death
  34. Phoenix
  35. Victory
  36. Airborne Assault
  37. Romancing Train (TV Size)


The story of Final Fantasy: Unlimited, left incomplete by the television series, was continued in several other media and released only in Japan. These are listed below, ordered by the chronology of the events they cover.

  • The Bonds of Two (双の絆 Sou no Kizuna ?) is a novel. It explores a side-story that is set in the time of the television series (somewhere before episode 12).
  • Final Fantasy: Unlimited Before is a drama CD that features a flashback to the destruction of Kaze and Makenshi's worlds. FF:U Before was awarded to competition winners in Japan.
  • Final Fantasy: Unlimited After is a book containing a 32 page manga and 120 page script. It was released in 2002 by DigiCube. It covers the twins' return to their own world, revelation of Lisa's past and introduces a new villain under Gaudium: Soljashy.
  • The After Spiral is a series of web novels published on the official Japanese FF:U website (which has been taken down). The first of these short stories takes a quick plunge into Makenshi's past, while the rest describe an encounter between the show's heroes and Soljashy on the twins' childhood home of Sadoshima, where Ai and Yu are briefly reunited with their old friend Touya Satomi.
  • Final Fantasy: Unlimited After 2 is another radio drama. It deals with Comodeen's final attack on Gaudium and brings a conclusion to the conflict between Lisa and Soljashy, however it leaves many questions yet unanswered.


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Final Fantasy: Unlimited follows the adventures of Yu and Ai, two children who are looking through Wonderland to find their parents. They travel with Lisa, a kindly yet mysterious woman who protects them, and Chobi, the ever-recognizable Chocobo. Soon enough they are tangled in a fight between Kaze, the man who wields the powerful, summon-calling Magun, and the Lords of Gaudium, made up by Makenshi, Fungus, Herba, Oscha, and Pisto, led by the Earl, who plans to use Chaos to destroy all other worlds and become a god.


Recurring quotes

  • Kaze: It has moved. Soil is my Power! The Magun has thawed.
  • Kaze: The Soil Charge Triad to use on you has been decided!
  • Crux: Kukuruyu.
  • Crux-2: Kukkurudyuu


Wonderland - Journey into the Darkness (1.1)

  • Fabula: Good invited guests, do come in. Welcome to the night of Wonderland. I am Fabula. The Conjuction, yes! Twelve years ago, that was the day when the Pilar of the Darkness of Chaos first appeared. But now, a new journey, a new wandering is about to begin. A wandering in a new place... Wonderland.


  • Kaze: Where… Where is this place?
  • Ai: It’s called Wonderland. Did you fall in here on accident too, Mister?
  • Kaze: Wonderland...Tell me, is that scoundrel here too?
  • Yu: Scoundrel?
  • Lisa: What’s your name?
  • Kaze: I… I don’t remember my name…
  • Lisa: Well that’s not good


  • Kaze: The origin of all things, Mother Black. The heat that will scorch all creation, Fire Red. And finally, the critical point of everything, Burning Gold. Burn up! I summon you, PHOENIX!

Magun - Man of the Black Wind (1.2)

  • Earl Tyrant: For example, thes Shiklis Greens are a good appetizer, and can be used as a side dish in salads. If it was gizzard, it wouldn’t work at all. It would destroy my perfect order, my harmony. Someone is trying to destroy my harmony.
  • Kaze: An infinity that surpasses the heavens, Sky Blue. A completeness that goes through solid ground, Earth Brown. And finally, the deception to hollow out a dimension, Magic Violet. Come out! I summon you, TYPHON!

Fruit - The Town of Sweet Scent(1.3)

  • Kaze: The cry of a soul without light, Forest Green! The soil that forbids the birth of life, Virgin White! And finally, to freeze all things, Ice Blue! Shine! I summon you, SHIVA!!

Makenshi - The White Elude (1.4)

  • Kaze: I know nothing of ideals. As long as I get to finish things, I couldn't care less what happens to this world, or who dies!
  • Makenshi: You always act SO cool, Black Wind...Led by the mysterious song of mist, you shall sleep! Etude of White Silver!

Cid - The Adventure of the Underground Waterway (1.5)

  • Kaze: A deep sleep enveloped by death, Steel Gray! The bubbling blood, Crimson Heat! And finally, the light that pierces the darkness, Lightning Yellow! Roar! I summon you, IXION!

Kigen Arts - The Savior of Souls (1.6)

  • Kaze: The one who tears apart boulders with its teeth, Shark Gray! The one who envelops all thirst, Water Blue! And finally, the one who feeds on empty space, Crusher White! Cry out! I summon you, BISMARK!

Subway - Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel (1.7)

  • Kaze: The grinding teeth of incandescence, Carinal Red! The gale of red lotus flowers, Dark Crimson! And finally, the strength of steel, Burnt Sienna! Incinerate! I summon you...IFRIT!

Soil - The Heart of the Magun (1.8)

  • Pist: The brilliance of intelligence, Marvelous Orange! The endlessness of curiosity, Maniac Purple! And finally, the strength of absolute victory, Ultra Shocking Pink! Now appear, the Ultimate Summon!

Oscha - The Endless Project (1.9)

  • Oscha: I am one of the Four Lords of Guadium. My name is Oscha.


  • Kaze: Where is White Cloud?
  • Oscha: White Cloud...Oh my, you sure do like Makenshi.
  • Kaze: I have a score to settle.


  • Kaze: The light that shines in face of courage, Bullet Silver! The darkness that devours in the face of destruction, Destroy Black! And finallly, facing the road of extinction in a flash of an instant, Steel Gray! Penetrate! I summon you, ODIN!

Mansion - The Memory of Sagiso (1.10)

  • Kaze: The anger that cuts off everything, Storm Blue! That which absorbs all color, Ash Gray! And finally, that which falls into infinite darkness, Silent Black! Come Forth! I summon you, ATOMOS!

Ciel - The Departure of Chocobo (1.11)

  • Kaze: The protecting earth that makes even the heavens cry, Gaia Brown! The hidden quiet passion, Deep Vermillion! And finally, the everlasting vitality of life, Ever Green! Smash! I summon you, TITAN!

Fungus - Eternal Life (1.12)

  • Kaze: Chaos...Omega....No! My enemy is the White Cloud. Makenshi...

Meteor - Abominable Memory (1.13)

  • Fungus: Ha! I thought I was going to to die, but this land is indestructable...Unlike you!
  • Makenshi: Drawn by the tune of the mysterious mist, sleep now! Prelude of White Flame!
  • Kaze: A thunderous boom shatters the skies, Horizon Gold. A wrath of anger that pours down from the heavens, Aero Black. And finally, a wedge of light strikes for all eternity, Auto Silver! Destroy! I summon you, METEOR MASTER!
  • Fungus: And now...I can finally...Die.

Omega - Reunion and Departure (1.14)

  • Lisa: Why must we fight?...

Jane - The Moving Ocean Puzzle (1.15)

Kigen Dragon - Behind the Smile (1.16)

Somosan: I can practicaly smell your intellect.

Frog - A Tiny Huge Adventure (1.17)

Madoushi - The Battle Between Mist And Clouds (1.18)

  • Oscha: Welcome back, Lord Madoushi.
  • Madoushi: Our world has been devoured and decimated by the insatiable hunger of Chaos. Now, I'm free of all care.
  • Makenshi: Brother...


  • Madoushi: Enveloped in a beautiful song, now sleep! Pure Red Requiem!
  • Makenshi: Enveloped in a beautiful song, now sleep! Pure White Requiem!

Ai - An Encounter With Clear (1.19)

Yu - The Secret Of Gaudium (1.20)

  • Earl Tyrant: My friends call me Tyrant. But you can call me the Earl.
  • Makenshi: All things...depart to my beautiful melody! Nocturne of Glowing White!

Cactus - The Wandering Sea (1.21)

Moogle - Long Lost Memories (1.22)

  • Yu: Kaze...?
  • Ai: It looks like a mini-mister.
  • Moogle: Huh? Who are you guys?
  • Ai: How about you tell us your name first!
  • Moogle: I'm the charming harmless mascot who everyone loves! I'm Moogle Kupo!
  • Ai: What is that?
  • Moogle: I'm a soil missionary, by the way, my last name is Kupo!
  • Ai: Why do you keep telling us your last name!?

Teros - In search for Flying Water (1.23)

  • Lou Lupis: You know, I've been looking all over by myself for Mr. Kaze, but I haven't been able to find him anywhere.
  • Ai: You mean mister? He's right over there.
  • Lou Lupis:Mr kaze!!!!!!!!
  • Makenshi: the everlasting duet! Duet of the White Night!
  • Makenshi: You always act SO cool, Black Wind...
  • Kaze: White Cloud...The Soil Charge Triad to use on you has been deceided!

Chaos - The Earl Unveiled (1.24)

  • Makenshi: Black Wind, if you can't return to the way you were on that day, I'll have no choice, but to put to put you back to sleep. Be tempted by the concerto played by the mist, and sleep! Concert of White Silver!


  • Makenshi: You talk too much...

[He presents a empty bottle, Pist chuckled as Makenshi envoke his mist power. Pist then got sucked into the body..]

  • Pist: You turned me into Mist?! Nooo!
  • Makenshi: Play it, Pist! The Rhapsody of Innocence!

[Makenshi uses the Sword Dragon Pist had became to destory the Ocean Puzzle, and Pist's palace.] ---

  • Makenshi: Play! Quartet of the White Wall!


  • Earl Tyrant: You want to fight me? Hahaha!

(Transforms into his true form)

  • Earl Tyrant/Chaos Tyrant: I really hate you guys. So guess what...I'm gonna eat you!

(Unleases a shockwave on Jane, affecting everyone on board.)

  • Kaze: Chaos...
  • Chaos Tyrant: DIE!

(Destroys Jane wth his tendrils.)

Kaze - The Glory of Life (1.25)

  • Makenshi: The mist of my soul, make music! Symphony of the White Cloud!


  • Kaze: Aura...My sister....I don't care how much blood must be shed as long as its used to destroy Chaos. Within the rays of light brimming in my eyes, Tear Rainbow!
  • Moogle: Alright Partner, use my Soil!
  • Ai & Yu: Moogle!
  • Kaze: The absolutement of all things mortal, Soul Gunmetal.
  • Kaze: The Soil Charge Triad to use on you had been decided!
  • Kaze: Lisa, fire me....The helix of my life, ENDLESS WHITE!
  • Lisa: Chaos! Stop taking lives!

{She fire, after the fight between GunDragon & ChaosSword Dragon...}

  • Makenshi: Black Wind...Kaze...
  • Kaze: White Cloud...

{Fade to Oscha decending into Chaos}


(Fade to the ending credits)

  • Fabula: What do you suppose happened to our travelers? Someday I will tell you, when we meet again.

Final Fantasy Unlimited - Before (CD 1)

  • Kaze: Is there any Soil left?
  • Pepo: The other moogles have become Soil, but they got blown away by these strong winds. I can't find your partner, Kupo. The other warriors of the Wind have also been annihilated by that thing!
  • Kaze: Am I...The only survivor?
  • Pepo: It's the end of the world! That's no summon to destory that fiend that decended from the sky. We Moogles didn't even get a chance!

[Kaze & Pepo saw Makenshi]

  • Makenshi: Hold your fire. I bring you one of your own. She is unconscious, but otherwise uninjured.
  • Kaze: Aura!
  • Makenshi: So her name is Aura… She is very beautiful.
  • Pepo: What have you done to Aura, you fiend!?
  • Makenshi: I have but saved her from being consumed by the enemy.
  • Pepo: "The enemy? Aren't you one of them!?"
  • Makenshi: We have all been made to fight each other, deceived by our true enemy.
  • Pepo: Deceived!?
  • Makenshi: It is because of this enemy, I lost my world and brother. And now it wants this world as well.
  • Pepo: Don't listen to him, Kaze. Shoot him!
  • Aura: Wait… This man… is telling the truth,.


  • Kaze: The Soil Charge Triad to use on you had been decided! Within the rays of light brimming in my eyes, Tear Rainbow! The absolutement of all things mortal, Soul Gunmetal.

[Chaos attempts to stop them.]

  • Kaze: Do me this favor...
  • Makenshi: Favor?
  • Kaze: Fire me… The helix of my life, ENDLESS WHITE!
  • Makenshi: So this is the power of Unlimited… Let's finished this!

[Kaze is fired into Choas, turning it into Chaos Gundragon.]

  • Kaze: Destroy Chaos while I have it at bay!
  • Makenshi: Must you act SO cool, Black Wind… The mist of my soul, make music! Symphony of the White Cloud!

[Makenshi turns himself into Mist and summons Sword Dragon to fight…]

Final Fantasy Unlimited - After

  • Kaze: The heat that will scorch all creation, Fire Red. To freeze all things, Ice Blue! And finally, the light that pierces the darkness, Lightning Yellow! Howl! I summon you, TRI-DIASTER!
  • Kaze: A cry of the cursed darkness, Curse White! The eye of lightless darkness, Shadow Purple! And finally, venom of the darkest sin, Poison Black! Judgement! I summon you, HADES!
  • Kaze: A bladestorm of bonds, Sword Viridian! The squall of fortitude, Kingdom Blue! And finally, a prideful gale, Warrior Platinum! Slaughter! I summon you, KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND!

Final Fantasy Unlimited - After Spiral

  • Kaze: Recover your Mist...Then we'll settle everything.

[Kaze leaves]

  • Makenshi: So you wish to destroy every world and every living being here and now!? Aura…She wouldn't want that…

Episode 0

  • Young Makenshi: I'm watching so I can learn to use a sword!
  • Young Madoushi: Little brother. If you learn out of interest, you'll only get hurt.
  • Young Makenshi: Not out of interest. I want to be strong like you.
  • Young Madoushi: Then tell me, what will you do once we're equals?
  • Young Makenshi: I'll make up my mind once I've caught up with you.
  • Young Madoushi: You sure have a way with words…But you're too young.
  • Young Makenshi: But you learned when you were my age!
  • Young Madoushi: Well, I rather teach you myself once I become the best swordsman in the land before teaching you. But if you are that deparate...., you have alot of catching up to do.

[He gets Makenshi a practice sword...Flashback ends.] -

  • Ai: Makenshi! Hurry it up! What are you still doing here?
  • Makenshi: I'm coming.

Episode 1

  • Ai: Look, Makenshi. You can't just stand there looking dumb. You help too!


  • Soljashy: These Outside World distractions annoy me so..


  • Ai: Is this...Clear...


  • Yu: What's with the new hairclip, Sis?
  • Ai: Makenshi gave it to me. It's Clear's crystal… I want to give it back to his family one day.


  • Ai: Lisa, I don't like that smile on your face. Stop it. You don't have to smile when you don't feel like smiling…

Episode 2

  • Yu: Touya, Sis and I are going to Wonderland to find our mom and dad
  • Touya: Are you two crazy?! It's dangerous! You're gonna get yourselves killed
  • Yu: We made up our minds about it. Here are the stuff you let me borrow.
  • Touya: Keep it. When you get back, finished all of the games before giving them back to me.


  • Lisa: Wait… He's their childhood friend.
  • Makenshi: Childhood friend…?


  • Lisa: Well, you know what they say about fighting…
  • Ai: It just shows how much you care for each other? Forget it, Lisa. Everybody says that, but it's all one big misunderstanding.


  • Ai: Hey, Makenshi! How far could you throw a stone? Come on, give it a shot.
  • Makenshi: …Why?
  • Ai: I'm bored! The least you could do is entertain me for a bit!


  • Touya: Face it, you two, those Wonderlanders aren't even human.
  • Lisa: You're wrong, they are human!

Episode 3

  • Ai: Makenshi! Be sure to get yourself back home! Don't go getting lost, OK!?


  • Makenshi: Crux, what happened?
  • Crux: Kukuruyu.
  • Makenshi: Black Wind...


  • Soljashy: So you have arrived. What a gaudy entrance. Keep it down. You wouldn't want people in the neighbourhood to accuse you of noise pollution, now, do you?

Episode 4

  • Soljashy: If you want no harm to gcome from this girl, you will come with me.
  • Yu': Chobi, get Touya far away from here.
  • Touya: Yu!? Don't be an idiot! Why only me?
  • Yu: I don't want you to get mixed up in this


  • Kaze: Step aside. Chaos must be destroyed!


  • Kaze: A bladestorm of bonds, Sword Viridian! Facing the road of extinction in a flash of an instant, Steel Gray! And finally, a wave of fresh rage, Gladuis Red! Annihilate! I summon you, RAIDEN!


  • Soljashy: My, you seem to be in a rather tight spot.
  • Touya: Wha?
  • Soljashy: Terribly sorry about our last meeting. Here, my card.

Episode 5

  • Ai: Hey, Makenshi! You're late!
  • Crux: Kukuruyu-

(Shoved out of the way by Ai.)

  • Ai: But you did save us in the end, so thank you.
  • Makenshi: Think nothing of it.
  • Yu: Makenshi...Can you teaxh me to fight?
  • Yu: You guys protected me all the time and I wuish to fight too-
  • Makenshi: Do not seek strength simply to fight. Your heart will only empower Chaos.
  • Ai: Yu… Have you always felt this way?
  • Yu: Yeah
  • Makenshi: You children are not meant to fight. It is enough that we must take up arms and venture into the battlefield.


  • Makenshi: Even if you were to shoot Yu now, Chaos will not feel your bullet
  • Lisa: Kaze please! Don't shoot him. Yu is fine, he's not feeding Chaos or anything!

[Kaze refused to respond. Forcing Lisa to get in the way of fire]

  • Lisa: I won't let you hurt him…!

[Ai, gets sick of this.]

  • Ai: Hey! You're at our house and if you don't behave Mister Kaze, you can sleep outside for all I care!

[She knocks the weapon away from Yu's direction.]

  • Ai: Yu's my little brother! If you think I'd let some stupid Chaos take my brother away from me, you're mistaken!

[Kaze puts his weapon back into its holster. Lisa breathes a sigh of relief and Kumo puts away his sword. Yuh, left speechless...]

  • Yu: I'm weak...


  • Crux: Kukuryu...
  • Ai & Yu: What?
  • Yu: Maybe we can ask Cid to make Crux able to speak like us.
  • Ai: Knowing Cid, he'll disassemble her for the sake of science!
  • Crux': Kukuryu!?


  • Makenshi: Ai...Lisa, you two stay here. The Black Wind is still here. You… should be safe with him.
  • Ai: Right! We'll make sure he doesn't tear down the house.
  • Yu: Touya? I'm sorry about yesterday...Here, these belong to you-

[Touya slaps the bag out of his hands. Yu noticed the cold look in Touya's eyes.]

  • Touya: Stay away from me, monster!
  • Yu: Monster?

Episode Six

  • Yu: Monster?
  • Touya: Give back the Mr and Mrs Hayakawa...And the real Ai & Yu Hayakawa!
  • Yu: What?
  • Touya: It was stupid for me to hope with the world is in this condition, and with me still expecting the Hayakawa twins to come home safely.
  • Yu: Touya...
  • Touya: No! You're not the Yu I know! You're one of those monsters from Wopnderland! It's because of you this is all happening! I never want to see your face ever again!

[Touya leaves the broken Yuh to lean on Chobi. Crux picks up the paper bag and hands it to Yuh.]

  • Crux: Kukuruyu...
  • Yu': Thanks...Sis and the others must be worried.


  • Ai: Yu?
  • Yu: ....

[Makenshi enters]

  • Ai: Alright, Makenshi! What happened? Why is Yu pale like that!?
  • Makenshi: It would seem he has been played by Soljashy.
  • Ai: What? What's that supposed to mean? …Has Satomi done something?
  • Makenshi: ....
  • Ai: It was Satomi, wasn't it? Did he say something? What did that Wonderland salary man done!?


  • Soljashy: Dear me, I am disspointed...Where might you be headed after all the effort I had put to keeping you away from trouble?
  • Touya: No, where do you think you're going!?
  • Soljashy: Me? Why, I am going to take the twin Chaos Rulers back to Gaudium, where they belong.

But since you here, you might as well have another part in my plan. Besserio Number 1, let us abduct the boy.

Episode Seven

  • Ai: Look Yu, even if we are Children of Chaos, we're still ourselves.
  • Yu: Still ourselves?
  • Ai: Yeah! We're going to kick Chaos's butt, then we'll back back here with Mom and Dad. Maybe even Lisa, Mister and Makenshi will be here too. I mean, they don't reall have a place to go. Maybe the Comodeen can stay here too.
  • Yu: But sis, we don't have enough rooms.
  • Ai: We can have Slivia land on the Garden and they are can live there. Cid seems like he'll get along real well with Mom and Dad. So let's promise we both be back here after it's over.
  • Yu: Ok...
  • Ai: Now come on, Lisa's worried. And so is Makenshi, though he doesn't show it. Mister is half-asleep as usual, but forget about him. Let's go.


  • Makenshi: Ai?
  • Ai: Yu and I are going. But they won't catch us. If they think we're gonna let things go their way, they've got another thing coming!
  • Yu: We're the ones Soljashy wants. And besides…I want to meet Touya again. I want another chance to talk with him, properly this time.


  • Makenshi: Remember, you two are not to seek strength for the purpose of fighting.
  • Yu: Makenshi…Thanks you, for everything.


  • Touya: No, you idiots…! Run! Get out of here!

[Too late, the lighthouse comes to life and grabs the twins with its railings.]

  • Ai: Makenshi!?
  • Yu: Don't tell me they got Makenshi…
  • Soljashy: The truth hurts, don't it?
  • Ai: Stupid Wonderland salary man! Where is Mister when you need him…!?

[As on cue, Kaze arrives...] ---

  • Yu: Touya…Hold on...just a while longer…!
  • Ai: Satomi… You need… to go on… a diet…!


  • Touya: Why...after everything I said...why help me?
  • Yu: ....Because we're friends. Even if I'm not human...This IS my home and both it and the people here are dear to me. I only hope to return here someday.
  • Ai: It's just as Yu says, even if you're an idiot, you sure least try to understand this. We're the same two we've always been. And it's not like we know why those weirdos keep calling us the "stray children of Chaos"!

[The children laughed as a new monster raises from the remains of the Besserios Kaze & Makenshi destoryed.]

  • Soljashy: Annoying...That last bit of hope is always the hardest to snuff out. Show them despair, Ki-
  • Ai: Oh please, not "King Besserio~…"!
  • Soljashy: Ki-...Tornado Besserio!


  • Kaze: An infinity that surpasses the heavens, Sky Blue! A light that fills the devilish dark, Holy Black! And finally, hope at the end of a trial, Judgment White! Shine! I summon you, ALEXANDER!


  • Ai: Dummy!
  • Touya: Now what did I do!?
  • Ai: Yamato knows Yu is Yu hot shot, but you get deluded. Therefore, that's proof you're an dummy. Even the dog gets it, but you don't. You dummy! I'm gonna keep calling you an dummy because that's just what you are.
  • Touya:………Big Sis Hayakawa, are you mad at me?
  • Ai: Of course I'm mad! You doubted my little brother! What kind of a question is that?


  • Touya: Yu is still Yu...Only a little stronger...We'll be back here before them, to welcome them back, right?

Final Fantasy: Unlimited After 2

  • Dolk: I'm sorry, Lisa…This is the way it should be…

[A fissure cracks in Dolk's body.]

  • Cid: It seems Dolk's life is dependant on Soljashy's. There's nothing we can do for him...
  • Lisa: No! I won't let you die! I won't!

[She was about to use the Kigen arts when...]

  • Dolk: Please...don't...just let me rest...
  • Lisa: Live! Please!
  • Dolk: I can finally...say goodbye. Don't cry… You are a strong person."
  • Lisa: There's nothing strong about me!

[Kaze points his Shotgun at Dolk, much to the twins' shock.]

  • Ai: Makenshi?!
  • Makenshi: If Black Wind can not kill him...I will do it.
  • Lisa: Please, don't!
  • Dolk: Lisa...Even in death..I will be your strength...

[With that, Kaze kills Dolk. The man's body formed into a new Soil bullet. Lisa was crying.]

  • Kaze: The Soil of Grief – Chain Gold.
  • Lisa: Kill me, I beg you! Shoot me… using that Soil!
  • Yu: Lisa...
  • Ai: Don't give in to Chaos!
  • Makenshi: Black Wind! The pain she is suffering now is something every living being, every heart experiences. Why can't you understand this!? If she does not overcome this, she wouldn't be able to fight Chaos!
  • Kaze: Chaos…


  • Herba: MaGun-baby, you've been a bad boy for killing Dolk-honey. Even bfore I had Soljashy had him, that man was giving Chaos such a feast...
  • Lisa: You...You did this to Dolk…
  • Herba: That's right. Get mad, cry it out. I love that feeling of disorder! You know, Dolk-honey was only thinking of saving you. He didn't care what would became of himself – so noble! It almost bring a tear to my eyes... Just kidding!

[Herba's laughter caused Lisa to finally snap.]

  • Lisa: Herba...I'll..Never forgive you for this....


  • Makenshi: It is her anger that drives her there...This all began twelve years ago with the Pillar of Darkness, allowing Chaos to come to your world. Lisa is intent on destory the pillar itself, in exchange for her own life."
  • Ai: It can't be… Is Lisa going to die!?


  • Kaze: That which falls into infinite darkness, Silent Black! One that hates the pain of lament, Pain Blue! And finally, to restrain all things, Chain Gold! Resonate! I summon you, ANIMA!


  • Lisa: You save me…?
  • Kaze: It was his Soil… that saved you. Rest.
  • Makenshi: Let's go, Black Wind.
  • Kaze: Right.
  • Ai: Where do you two think you're going?
  • Makenshi: The gate to Wonderland is open, Chaos must still be destoryed.
  • Yu: Then we'll go too!
  • Makenshi: No. You must continue to live your lives here.
  • Kaze: Lisa...Stay alive.

[Lisa run after him, but...kaze point his gun at her.]

  • Kaze: Don't follow me...

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