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Final Four is a sports term that is commonly applied to the last four teams remaining in a playoff tournament, most notably the NCAA Division I college basketball tournament. Typically it refers to a tournament format where four teams play two rounds of single-elimination games, resulting in a single champion. The term is most often used in the United States and in sports heavily influenced by that country; elsewhere the stage is called the "semi-finals" (which is also used in the U.S.). The term is a registered trademark of the NCAA in the U.S., so no other organizations in that country can use the phrase to refer to their tournaments. The oldest and most common use of the term is in reference to the final four teams in the annual NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship and the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship. Each Final Four team is the regional champion from the East, South, Midwest or West regions of the tournament.

Final Four can also refer to:

In sports:

In television:

  • The last four contenders in StarStruck, a Philippine TV series
  • The last four contestants on many reality shows, such as Survivor

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Final Four

  1. (basketball, US, informal) The four regional champions of the NCAA Division I tournament, one of whom will become the national champion.
  2. (basketball, US, informal) The final two rounds of the NCAA Division I tournament.
  3. (basketball, US, informal) An appearance in the Final Four.
    These two teams have an amazing number of Final Fours between them.

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