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Financial Data Vendors have been in existence as long as financial data has been available. From ticker tapes to television cameras, from databases to websites this multi billion dollar industry provides data to the financial services industry, connecting exchanges to banks and consumers.

The most a consumer in the street might know of the industry will be the existence of names on TV channels such as CNBC or Bloomberg Television. However, the largest four Financial Data Vendors represent the USD 15.222 billion tip of an enormous global market. (2008 Annual figures [1] [2] [3] [4])

Services Offered

(under construction) Different companies variously offer Real time feeds, snapshot services, batch files, terminal products, web based and mobile products. The kinds of data offered include Exchange data, corporate actions, corporate fundamentals,funds values, index compilation. Vendors also look to use their own data to provide other analytical services like price evalutaions to be used to satisfy IFRS rules in asset valuation.

Added Value

(under cosntruction)Financial Data Vendors provide added value in a number of ways, meaning a consumer of the data need only create one interface to receive data from all over the world. Without this normalisation, each consumer would have to build and support interfaces to all of the data sources they needed globally. Secondly, the global nature of vendors means that they have experts in local markets whereas a consumer might not. This menas that the data vendor can provide local knowledge on a certain company or a particular financial instrument.

Global Nature

Many vendors began as local companies, serving their own local markets. However, through merger and acquisition[5] [6] [7]and in response to the increasing globalisation of world markets, vendors now describe themselves as global.

The flags shown here show the home market of vendors, but most major vendors on their own website would describe themselves as global.
Switzerland : SIX Telekurs
United States :Thomson Reuters, Essex Radez, Interactive Data Corporation, Bloomberg L.P., Xasax Corporation, SNL Financial
United Kingdom : CapitalTrack Ltd., Exchange Data International, Valuelink, Carbon Market Data Ltd
Japan : NTT Data
Germany : WertpapierMitteilungen
Singapore : NextVIEW Pte. Ltd.
Luxembourg : Finesti


There are a multitude of references to this industry. Below are some industry associations and below that the most extensive reference, the companies' own websites.

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Companies' Own Websites

SIX Telekurs [4]
Thomson Reuters [5]
Interactive data [6]
Bloomberg [7]
Xasax Corp [8]
Wertpapier Mitteillungen [9]
NextVIEW Pte [10]
Carbon Market Data [11]
CapitalTrack [12]
Essex Radez [13]



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