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FindArticles logo.png
URL FindArticles
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Reference
Registration Optional
Owner CBS Interactive
Created by LookSmart
Launched 2000
Current status Online

FindArticles is a website which provides access to articles previously published in over 3,000 magazines, journals, and other sources.[1][2] Many articles are freely accessible, but the site also offers a large amount of premium content, which is provided through the HighBeam Research database and is only available with a free trial or a monthly fee.[1] In total, FindArticles controls over 11 million resource articles, going as far back as 1998.[3][4][5]

The site was founded in 2000 as a partnership between LookSmart, which authored the search technology, and the Gale Group, which provided the articles.[3][4] The two companies had first partnered to provide content in August of that year, and soon resulted.[6] As it grew, FindArticles moved away from an all-free model driven by advertising[4][7] to the current admixture of free and paid content.

The site remained a part of LookSmart throughout the various changes in that company until it was sold to CNET Networks for $20.5 million on November 8, 2007, as part of a larger sell-off of LookSmart properties.[5][8] Looksmart's need to offload non-critical assets in the wake of poor corporate performance, along with CNET's commensurate desire to expand its library of offerings, motivated the deal.[5] FindArticles' SEO value - i.e., the frequency with which its articles appear as search engine results - likely factored into the final purchase price.[5][9]

FindArticles is now part of the BNET division of CNET Networks.[2]


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