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In Irish mythology, Findabair or Finnabair (whose name means "fair eyebrows") was the daughter of Ailill and Medb of Connacht.

She loved Fr√°ech but he would not pay her dowry, until bribed by Medb, he agreed to take her in return for his help in battle against Ulster in the T√°in B√≥ Cuailnge (Cattle Raid of Cooley). Fr√°ech was killed by C√ļchulainn, and Findabair was offered by her parents to several warriors, including Ferdiad, if they would fight C√ļchulainn.

When Rochad mac Fathemain, who was Findabair's first love, came to C√ļchulainn's aid, Ailill and Medb sent Findabair to spend the night with him in exchange for a truce. It emerged that the seven kings of Munster had each been offered Findabair's hand in return for their support, and they and their followers turned against the Connacht army. Seven hundred men died in the battle, and Findabair died of shame.

Findabair's name is etymologically related to Gwenhwyfar, the Welsh original of Guinevere.

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