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Fiona Xie

Xie in The Champion
Born Fiona Xie Wan Yu
January 24, 1982 (1982-01-24) (age 27)
Singapore Singapore

Fiona Xie Wan Yu (simplified Chinese: 谢宛谕pinyin: Xiè Wǎnyù; born January 24, 1982) is a Singaporean television actress.



Xie was spotted by a talent scout at the age of fifteen while was studying in St. Hilda's Secondary School. She modeled for numerous print and television commercials in Singapore and Hong Kong before joining MediaCorp Studios as a full-time artiste in 2001.

Xie made her acting debut as a nurse in the local hit drama series, Growing Up. Her convincing acting landed her one of her most recognizable roles in the sitcom, My Genie. In 2001, she won "Best Newcomer Award" at Mediacorp's Star Awards after just over a year in show business, after overcoming much criticism about her fake American accent.

Of late, Xie has become known for her talents as a bilingual variety show hostess, in particular of the long-running series, City Beat. She has since hosted other variety shows, such as the photography-based "Say Cheez" for Channel 8, and introducing celebrities' favourite hawker foods in "Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks" for Channel 5. Recently she and actor Ben Yeo also hosted the travel show "Weekend Escapade".

In 2004, Xie made the news when she had to run with Jeanette Aw, Xiao Qiao and Felicia Chin, in bikinis, along the crowded Orchard Road for the drama series "The Champion". She later admitted in an interview that she wore another bikini top underneath, to prevent accidental exposure. That scene alone earned Fiona the nickname of "Boing Boing".

Besides her work as host and actress, Xie has also endorsed numerous products because of her popularity with the mainstream population. These range from Marigold juices to Osim massage products.

In 2005, Fiona was voted as sexiest woman for the "FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Singapore" list, even though she had never posed for FHM before. She continued to be ranked among the Top 10 for the FHM lists in the next 3 years.

In 2006, Fiona attempted her first villain role as a spoilt diamond heiress in the drama series An Enchanted Life, starring alongside Yvonne Lim and Pierre Png.

In 2007, Fiona Xie took part in the second season of the Singapore Edition of Deal or No Deal, where her winnings would go to a selected charity organisation. The episode aired on November 22 2007.

Fiona appeared in her second film project and first ever international film, "Rule #1", directed by local filmmaker Kelvin Tong. The film starred HK actors Ekin Cheng and Shawn Yue, and debuted in Singapore and Malaysia on 13 March 2008.

Fiona starred in a MediaCorp Channel 8 Mandarin drama titled "Just in Singapore" which has been airing since March 2008. She plays a kind-hearted tomboy who sells chicken wings at bazaars and sings ge-tai during the Lunar Seventh Month.

Fiona starred in a MediaCorp Channel 5 sitcom titled "Calefare", which starred Gurmit Singh, Benjamin Heng, Mastura Ahmad and Vadi PVSS. She played a calafare named Joleen Wee, a singer wannabe who actually cannot sing, and often expressed herself in terms of quotes like "eyes wide open", "laugh out loud" and so on.

Fiona Xie was originally slated to be in the Channel 8 2009 year-end blockbuster, Together. She would have been playing the second female lead, the biggest role that she has ever gotten. It was announced on 15th July 2009 that she has pulled out of Together because she has private matters to attend to. She made the news once again for the sudden disappearing act, which none of the local celebrities would dare to do. Although the exact reason behind this has yet to be determined, some of the co-stars provided hints that Xie had expressed discomfort in doing this role. Local artiste Eelyn Kok would eventually replace her role in Together. Xie is also the lead actress in her up-coming movie, 'Fist of Dragon" making it her 3rd movie. She is placed along the likes of other young actresses such as Jesseca Liu, Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Rui En, Felicia Chin and Dawn Yeoh, widely known as The Mediacorp 7 princesses.

On 2 September 2009, Channel NewsAsia carried news reports that Fiona had quit MediaCorp [1], but that was later disputed by another news article [2].

Xie have been getting hosting roles in brand new varities despite her disapperence in local TV. She's selected to host the brand new variety show, Lodge with Me (我行我宿), which is set to air in May 2010, alongside with Felicia Chin, Rui En, and newcomer Kola Zhou.

On 6th December 2009, Fiona appeared in the main story of 8 days and i-weekly, revealing her reasons for leaving MediaCorp and what she had been busy with. She is currently based in Hongkong.


  • 2001
    • Star Awards '01, Best Newcomer
    • Star Awards '01, Nominated for Best Comedy Performer
    • Star Awards '01, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes
  • 2002
    • Star Awards '02, Top 16 Most Popular Female Artistes
  • 2003
    • Star Awards '03, Top 14 Most Popular Female Artistes
  • 2004
    • Star Awards '04, Top 14 Most Popular Female Artistes
  • 2005
    • FHM Singapore's 100 Sexiest Women, 1st position
    • Star Awards '05, Top 14 Most Popular Female Artistes
  • 2006
    • FHM Singapore's 100 Sexiest Women, Top 10
    • Star Awards '06, Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes
  • 2007
    • FHM Singapore's 100 Sexiest Women, Top 10
    • Star Awards '07, Top 14 Most Popular Female Artistes
    • Star Awards '07 25th Anniversary Show, Most Memorable Scene (Shared with Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, Xiao Qiao)
    • Star Awards '07 25th Anniversary Show, Nominated Top 20 Female Actress
    • Star Awards '07 25th Anniversary Show, Nominated Top 20 On Screen Sweetheart
    • Asian TV Awards '07, Nominated for Best Performance by An Actress in a Sitcom (Maggie & Me)
  • 2008
    • FHM Singapore's 100 Sexiest Women, Top 5
    • Channel 8 Countdown Party 2008, Top 20 Favourite Female Lead Role, Lin Xiu Ming in Just In Singapore
  • 2009
    • Star Awards '09, Top 14 Most Popular Female Artistes
    • FHM Singapore's 100 Sexiest Women, No. 13




Year Title Role
2001 One Leg Kicking (一脚踢) Gwen
2008 Rule #1
2010 Fist Of Dragon(龙∙拳)


Year Title Role
2010 Lodge with Me (我行我宿) - To be aired Host
Funtastic (太自由) Host
2009 Singapore Flavours (万里香) Host
Princesses & The Prince (当公主遇上王子) Guest Appearance
Serves You Right! Faith Foo Li
On the Beat 3 (都是大发现3) Guest-Host
I want a holiday (玩游世界) Herself
2008 Lonely Planet Bluelist: Best In Asia Host
Sense of Home Linda
Calefare Joleen Wee
U Are The One (唯我独尊) Host
Just in Singapore (一房半厅一水缸) Lin Xiu Ming 林秀明
Don't Forget the Lyrics Herself
2007 Maggi & Me (Season 2) Maggi
Hey! Gorgeous (校花校草追赶跑) Host
Seamingly Singapore (风行一时代) Host
Happily Ever After (凡间新仙人) Lu Yue/Chang Er
Campus Superstar (校园SuperStar 2) Host
2006 An Enchanted Life (钻石情缘) Zhang Meiya 张美雅
Insiders' Australia (动感澳游) Host
Weekend Escapade (周末万岁) Host
Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks 3 Host
Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks 2 Host
Maggi & Me Maggi
2005 Love Concierge (爱的掌门人) Jiang Ruxin 蒋如心
Pretty Woman (想·得·美) Host
Say Cheez (好摄2人组) Host
Coffee Talk and Hawker Woks Host
2004 The Champion (任我遨游) Lu Kaixin 陆凯欣
Room In My Heart (真心蜜语) Happy 开心
2003 City Beat (城人杂志) Co-host
Home In Toa Payoh(家在大巴窑) Lead Actress
2002 My Genie 2 (我爱精灵2) Genie 0385985
City Beat (城人杂志) Co-host
Innocent Moments (小小儿戏) Host
2001 The Hotel (大酒店) TBA
My Genie (我爱精灵) Genie 0385985
PSC Night (普威之夜) Co-host
City Beat (城人杂志) Co-host
2000 A War Diary (战争日记) Rita
Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd Mrs Lopez
Growing Up (成长岁月) Shirley Ho

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