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First person is also good for shanking
Third person is better suited for navigating ladders

First person view or the more common term, first person, is in reference to the vantage point of the player during a video game. Quite simply it is the view you see with your own eyes in real life. First person view has the advantage of giving the player better accuracy in a game that requires shooting like first person shooters. Made even easier to control with the use of a reticle. Unlike real life though, first person view suffers from a lack of peripheral vision and character orientation. For this reason any games with terrain or crates of various heights you have to jump over are a chore to get through in first person games.

To get around this some games have a function within the game to switch from first person to third person at the gamers choice (an example of this is Metroid Prime's Morph Ball & Metroid Prime 2's Screw Attack). Some games even do this switch seamlessly by itself whenever the player needs a better view of his/her surroundings like in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.

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