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First Battle of Champagne
Date 20 December 1914-17 March 1915
Location Champagne-Ardenne, France
Result Indecisive
 France German Empire Germany
France Joseph Joffre German Empire Helmuth von Moltke
Casualties and losses
90,000 90,000

The First Battle of Champagne (French: 1ere Bataille de Champagne) was fought early in World War I in the Champagne region of France, between the French and German Empire armies. It was effectively the first significant attack by the Allies against the Germans since the construction of trenches following the so-called 'Race to the Sea' during the autumn of 1914.

The battle

After minor skirmishes the battle began on 20 December 1914 and continued along a significant section of the front - from Nieuport to Verdun, and lasted until 17 March 1915.

Fighting started along the southern edge of the Sayon Salient (near Perthes), and spread to Givenchy (the Battle of Givenchy - 18 to 22 December), Perthes (20 December) and Noyon (22 December).

The battle resulted in little territorial gain, at a cost of 90,000 French casualties, and a similar number of German casulties.[1]


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