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First Chōshū expedition
Part of Bakumatsu conflicts
Date September-November 1864
Location Western Japan
Result Shogunal nominal victory
Chōshū Domain
Sonnō Jōi Rōnin force
Tokugawa shogunate
Aizu Domain
Satsuma Domain
Casualties and losses
Death penalty for the leaders of the Hamaguri rebellion None

The First Chōshū expedition (Japanese:第一次長州征討) was a punitive military expedition led by the Tokugawa Shogunate against the Chōshū Domain in retaliation for the attack of Chōshū on the Imperial Palace in the Hamaguri rebellion. The First Chōshū expedition was launched on 1 September 1864.[1]

The conflict finally led to a compromise brokered by the Satsuma Domain at the end of 1864.[2] Although Satsuma initially jumped on the opportunity to weaken its traditional ally Chōshū, it soon realized that the intention of the Bakufu was first to neutralize Chōshū, and then to neutralize Satsuma. For this reason, Saigo Takamori, who was one of the Commanders of the Shogunate forces, proposed to avoid fighting and instead obtain the head of the ones responsible for the Hamaguri rebellion. Choshu was relieved to accept, as were the Shogunate Han forces, who were not much interested in battle. Thus ended the First Chōshū expedition without a fight, as a nominal victory for the Bakufu.

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