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First Chester & Wirral
A First Chester and Wirral Scania L94 bus with Wright bodywork in Bromborough, Wirral,
Parent First PMT (FirstGroup plc)
Founded 1990
Headquarters Adderley Green, Stoke-on-Trent
Locale North West
Service area Cheshire, Merseyside
Service type Bus
Hubs Chester, Birkenhead, Liverpool
Operator First Group
Web site First Chester & The Wirral Homepage

First Chester & Wirral is a division of bus operator First Potteries Ltd., running local bus services in and around Chester and the Wirral, north west England. The company is a subsidiary of FirstGroup plc, the largest bus operator in Britain.

The operation consists of two depots in Chester and one in Rock Ferry, Wirral. One of the Chester depots is that of the former Chester City Transport, acquired in 2007; the other two depots originally belonged to the former Crosville Motor Services, and were purchased (along with the then Ellesmere Port depot) by Potteries Motor Traction in February 1990. This explains their geographical separation from the traditional PMT operating area, centred on Stoke-on-Trent, which makes up the remainder of First Potteries, and is now known as First Staffordshire & South Cheshire. (This split used for marketing purposes does not match that required for licensing purposes, which places the south Cheshire operating centres in the North Western Traffic Area alongside Chester and Wirral.)

The company also operates eleven Blue Bird AARE 60-seat school buses in the Wrexham area. Wrexham depot is classed as an outstation of Chester depot, although a separate operator's licence is held for these operations, as Wrexham is located in the Welsh Traffic Area.



The ChesterBus logo prior to being bought by FirstGroup.

On 21 June 2007, it was announced that the then Chester City Council had agreed to sell ChesterBus to FirstGroup, subject to Government approval [1]. ChesterBus, which operated services in and around the City of Chester, was the new name for Chester City Transport following a rebranding and updating of its core network in April 2005. Prior to its sale to FirstGroup, it was wholly owned by Chester City Council and was one of the few remaining municipal bus companies in the UK.



Unusually, the ChesterBus depot dates back to 1878, is located by the railway station in Chester, and was used in the horse and tram days; there are still some cobbles and original narrow gauge tram-lines on these premises. The company had hoped to move to a new site by the end of 2006, but the old depot was still in use at the beginning of 2009.


ChesterBus's livery was cream with a 30 cm blue strip running along the base of the bus sides, sweeping up towards the rear of the bus, and two horizontal yellow bands. It was derived from the 'Blue Diamond' identity used on low-floor buses when they were first introduced; this livery was similar but without the sweeping rear treatment and with only one yellow band. The previous livery of maroon and cream was used on step-entrance vehicles until replaced by the ChesterBus livery. Buses dedicated to Park & Ride services, including eight BMC Falcons, carried a special 'flake grey' Park & Ride livery.

The ChesterBus livery has now been completely superseded by FirstGroup's corporate livery.

Former fleet

At the time of sale to FirstGroup, the most numerous vehicles in the fleet were 17 Dennis Darts with Plaxton Pointer bodywork, dating from 1991-6. These have since been replaced, mainly by Scania/Wright low floor single deckers transferred in from other First subsidiaries. Seven Dart SLFs with Marshall Capital bodywork, bought new in 1999/2000, were among the few vehicles retained, and have been repainted into First livery. Eight BMC Falcons bought new in 2003/4 retained their special 'flake grey' livery for Park & Ride services, but were returned to the Council, and replaced by Volvo/Wright Eclipses.

Following the withdrawal of Dennis Dominators, the double-deck fleet at the time of takeover consisted of Leyland Olympians, the majority of which had Northern Counties bodywork. These have been replaced by Scania N113 double-deckers, cascaded from nearby Rock Ferry depot.

Seven open top double deck tour buses, which were operated under the City Sightseeing brand, were also disposed of. Replacements, in the form of Leyland Olympians, arrived at the beginning of the 2008 tourist season.


There was speculation in the summer of 2006 that ChesterBus would be sold to a private operator, and the sale was confirmed in August with Chester City Council announcing that 12 companies were interested in buying.[2]

In September 2006, Arriva North West and Wales registered a network of services, to commence in January 2007, which duplicated a number of ChesterBus's routes. On 11 October 2006, ChesterBus and Chester City Council commenced an action in the High Court against Arriva, claiming that the registrations were anti-competitive under the Competition Act 1998, and asking for an injunction requiring Arriva to de-register them. In November, most of the registrations were cancelled, though revised registrations for the 1/1A and 15A were made.

The claim centred on the allegation that Arriva were abusing a dominant position, but in a judgement dated 15 June 2007, it was held that Arriva had not been demonstrated to hold a dominant position, and the claim was therefore dismissed.

The agreement of the sale was announced on 21 June 2007. The sale left only 14 municipal bus operators remaining in Britain. On 2 July, Arriva started operating services that duplicate ChesterBus's 1/1A and 15 routes, and from 3 September 2007, Arriva started operating a route identical to that of ChesterBus's number 9 route. Although the Arriva buses have more expensive fares than ChesterBus (£1.00 for a single, £2.00 for a day ticket, compared with 70p for a single and £1.30 for a return on ChesterBus services), they run more frequently, every 10 minutes compared with ChesterBus's every 15 minutes.


The table describes the current fleet as at August 2009.

Image Chassis Body Number Year(s)
Rock Ferry Chester Total
Chester Park and Ride bus 69497.jpg Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse 0 14 14 2009 694xx
Scania L94 Wright Solar 01.jpg Scania L94 Wright Solar 10 0 10 2004-2005 657xx
Wright Axcess-Floline 1.jpg Scania L94 Wright Axcess-Floline 17 1 18 1998-2001 60xxx
Scania L113 Wright Axcess-Ultralow 1.jpg Scania L113 Wright Axcess-Ultralow 23 22 45 1997-1998 60xxx
First Leyland Olympian 01.jpg Leyland Olympian ECW / Leyland 0 6 6 1984-1989 300xx
Chester City Sightseeing Olympian 39935.jpg Leyland Olympian ECW (open-top) 0 6 6 1986-1987 399xx
First Scania N113DRB Alexander 3.jpg Scania N113DRB Alexander R Type 0 3 3 1990-1991 31xxx
First Scania N113DRB Northern Counties 1.jpg Scania N113DRB Northern Counties 0 1 1 1990 31084
First Olympian Royale 1.jpg Volvo Olympian Alexander Royale 6 0 6 1998 3080x
First Volvo Olympian 1.jpg Volvo Olympian Alexander R Type 6 6 12 1997 342xx
First Dart MPD 01.jpg Dennis Dart MPD Plaxton Pointer 2 1 0 1 1999 40042
First Chester Marshall Dart 41069.jpg Dennis Dart SLF Marshall Capital 0 6 6 1999 410xx
First Dart Pointer 2 2.jpg Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2 0 2 2 1998 4013x
First Dennis Dart 01.jpg Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer 4 4 8 1993-1997 401xx
First Chester Optare Solo 2.jpg Optare Solo Optare Solo 0 3 3 1999 40xxx
First Vario 02.jpg Mercedes-Benz Vario Plaxton Beaver 2 0 7 7 1997-1998 500xx
FourWrexhamBlueBirds.jpg Blue Bird AARE Blue Bird AARE 0 11* 11 2002 600xx
Overall Totals 67 91* 160 1984-2009  

* Includes 11 school buses operated from Wrexham outstation

Both the former ChesterBus depot and First's original depot are included under 'Chester'


This is a summary of First Chester & Wirral services:[1] [2] [3]

No. Colour From To Via Notes
1 Orange Line Chester Liverpool Chester Zoo, Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead
Olive Line Chester Blacon Parade
2 Turquoise Line Chester Blacon
3 Yellow Line Chester Rivacre Strawberry Fields, Hope Farm, Whitby, Ellesmere Port
5 Chester Huntington
8 Chester Cliveden Shops
9 Beige Line Chester Pipers Ash
10 Chester Connah's Quay Queensferry
Chester Saughall Blacon
16 Mauve Line Chester Saltney
21 Brown Line Chester Green Lane Shops
Chester Belgrave Road
30 Chester Boughton Heath Park and Ride
31 Chester Sealand Road Park and Ride
32 Chester Upton Park and Ride
33 Chester Wrexham Road Park and Ride
Red Line Bebington West Kirby (38) Birkenhead
Purple Line Mill Park Woodchurch Bromborough, Birkenhead
51 Lime Line Chester Plas Newton Dickson's Drive
53 Chester Kingsway Hoole Road
Green Line Heswall Liverpool Irby (71), Pensby (72), Arrowe Park Hospital, Birkenhead
CRL Chester railway station Chester railway station Chester City Centre Chester RailLink

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