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The Vice President of the Government of Spain, Vicepresidente del Gobierno in Spanish, is the second in command to the Prime Minister of Spain, filling in for him when he is absent or incapable of exercising his power. The person for the post is usually handpicked by the Prime Minister from the members of the Cabinet. The title of "First" is to distinguish from the Second Vice President of the Government, as in the last legislatures there have been usually two. The Headquarters of the First Vice Presidency of the Government of Spain is the Edificio Semillas, in La Moncloa Complex.

Currently, María Teresa Fernandez de la Vega is the First Vice President, Minister of Presidency and Minister-Speaker of the Cabinet.

Vice President or Deputy Prime Minister?

Being a constitutional monarchy, the government of Spain is headed by a Prime minister but the official title in Spanish is Presidente del Gobierno, literally President of the Government. This can be confusing to foreigners and indeed is to many Spaniards, who sometimes translate the title into English as President. Therefore, the Spanish Vice President of the Government is actually the equivalent of a Deputy Prime Minister, not a Vice President.

List of First Vice Presidents of the Government of Spain

  • Transitional Governments (1975 - 1977)
    • (1975 - 1976): Fernando de Santiago, military
    • (1975 - 1976): Manuel Fraga Iribarne
    • (1975 - 1976): Juan Miguel Villar Mir

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