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Fito live with the Fitipaldis.

Adolfo "Fito" Cabrales Mato, (born October 6, 1966 in Bilbao, Spain), is a songwriter, singer and guitarist.



Adolfo Cabrales, known as "Fito", was born in the Zabala neighborhood in Bilbao, and spent part of his childhood and adolescence in Laredo, Cantabria, and Málaga. In his youth he worked as a barman in a brothel his father owned. In these early periods of his musical career he admits to having consumed drugs, although now he declares himself "clean".

In 1989 Fito joined Iñaki "Uoho" Antón, Juantxu "Mongol" Olano and Jesús "Maguila" García, raised also in Fito's neighborhood, and formed the group Platero y Tú. They recorded their first album in 1991, Voy a acabar borracho ("I will end up drunk"). During the 90s, Platero made a name in the Spanish rock scene, and formed links to other important artists such as La Polla Records (Evaristo has a collaboration in the song Juliette), Rosendo Mercado (Sin solución) and, most prominently, the group Extremoduro, with whom they made a joint tour in 1996.

In 1998, and in parallel to Platero y Tú, the group Fito & Fitipaldis is formed, with the aim of publishing the songs that do not fit in the Platero repertoire. At first both groups coexisted without problems, but after Platero y Tú dissolved in 2001, Fito worked exclusively in his new group, obtaining an even greater success.

Fito is remarkable both in style and personality. He is thin and short (around 1.64 m and 50 kg), usually wears long sideburns and a shaved scalp. He is nearly always seen wearing a flat cap, which he used to give them away after the concerts (when he was with Platero y Tú.)

He currently lives in the town of Gernika, Biscay.


Despite the differences between the Platero y Tú rock & roll, and the blues, soul and jazz mix of Fito & Fitipaldis, Fito has always sung of personal stories, often revolving around night-life, bars, drugs and women.

He refers to his time working in a brothel and other run-down areas of Bilbao in some of his songs: in the Platero y Tú album Muy deficiente, there is a song devoted to the Cantalojas bridge, and a "girl of the Cortes" (a prostitute in the neighborhood by that name.)



With Platero y Tú

  1. Voy a acabar borracho, (1991), Welcome. Reedited by DRO in 1996.
  2. Burrock'n'roll, (1992), DRO.
  3. Muy deficiente, (1992), DRO.
  4. Vamos tirando, (1993), DRO.
  5. Hay poco Rock & roll, (1994), DRO
  6. A pelo, (live, 1996), DRO
  7. 7, (1997), DRO
  8. Correos, (2000), DRO
  9. Hay mucho Rock'n'Roll, "Volumen I" (2002) and "Volumen II" (2005), DRO

With Extrechinato y Tú

  1. Poesía Básica, (2001), DRO

With Fito & Fitipaldis

  1. A puerta cerrada, (1998), DRO
  2. Los sueños locos, (2001), DRO
  3. Lo más lejos a tu lado, (2003), DRO
  4. Vivo… para contarlo, (live, 2004), DRO
  5. Por la boca vive el pez, (2006), DRO
  6. Antes de que cuente diez, (2009), DRO (to be published)

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