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A man with facial stubble.

Stubble is the regrowth of shaven body hair on the legs, armpits or chest that is short and rough to the touch. It is also the term used for short stalks of grain or hay left in a field after the crop has been harvested.


Facial stubble had been a German fashion since the beginning of the 16th century, when many young men sat for their portraits sporting stubble growth.[citation needed]

During the 1980s stubble on men became fashionable. This was also known as designer stubble and was groomed, shaped, and maintained as a regular beard. Electric clippers can be used to maintain stubble on the face as a men's fashion style. A modified electric razor called the Miami Device is said to trim stubble to simulate one, two, or several days' growth of stubble.[1]

The term five o'clock shadow when used in America refers to a visible, stubble of beard growth that occurs late in the day on the faces of men who have shaved their face that morning.

A study in the U.K. found that women rated men with facial stubble as tough, mature, aggressive, dominant, masculine and as the best romantic partners, either for a fling or a long-term relationship.[2]


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This article is about the a cappella group; for other meanings, see five o'clock shadow.

Five O'Clock Shadow was an a cappella group from Boston, Massachusetts, existing from 1991 to 2003. The band had performed on FOX News, A&E Network, ABC, ESPN and VH-1's "breakthrough" series. They released 4 cassettes and 5 CDs, winning many Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards. The band has become active on a part-time basis again after a period of being disbanded.

Currently, the members are:

  • David Stackhouse, vocals, vocal percussion, bass. As "Stack", as he is commonly known, does both the beats (vocal drums) and the vocal bass line simultaneously, he is also a "beatbass", a termed he has coined. He is also one of the few users of the specialist neck microphone known as a "thumper", by VOCOMOTION that accentuates only the low frequencies below 125 Hz emitted from within his neck.
  • Paul Pampinella, baritone. He is also a member of jazz a cappella group Vox One and also currently teaches voice at his alma mater, Berklee College of Music.
  • Dan Lennon, tenor.
  • Oren Malka, tenor.
  • Caleb Whelden, tenor.


  • Quintet (1994)
  • Buzz (1995)
  • So There (1998)
  • Misfit Toys (2000)
  • Wonders of the World (2001)

Former Members

Former members include

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