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From Old French fixer, from fixe, from Latin fixus.




fix (plural fixes)

  1. A repair or corrective action.
    That plumber's fix is much better than the first one's.
  2. A difficult situation; a quandry or dilemma.
    It rained before we repaired the roof, and were we in a fix!
  3. (informal) A single dose of an addictive drug administered to a drug user.
    "Just one fix!" -Alain Jourgensen
  4. A prearrangement of the outcome of a competitive process, such as a sporting event, a game, an election, a trial, or a bid.
    • 1963, Howard Saul Becker, Outsiders: studies in the sociology of deviance‎, page 160:
      As the professional thief notes: You can tell by the way the case is handled in court when the fix is in.



to fix

Third person singular

Simple past
fixt or fixed

Past participle
[[fixt or fixed]]

Present participle

to fix (third-person singular simple present fixes, present participle fixing, simple past and past participle fixt or fixed)

  1. To mend, to repair.
    That heater will start a fire if you don't fix it.
  2. To attach, to become attached; to affix.
    A dab of chewing gum will fix your note to the bulletin board.
    A leech can fix itself to your skin without you feeling it.
  3. To become acutely focused or obsessed.
    She's fixed on the idea of becoming a doctor.
  4. To prepare.
    She fixed dinner for the kids.
  5. To make a contest, vote, or gamble unfair; to privilege one contestant or a particular group of contestants, usually before the contest begins.
    A majority of voters believed the election was fixed in favor of the incumbent.
  6. To make a business of getting paid to arrange immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion[1]
  7. (US) To surgically render an animal, especially a pet, infertile.
    Rover stopped digging under the fence after we had the vet fix him.
  8. (mathematics, transitive) To map a (point or subset) to itself.
  9. To avenge, to best; to serve justice on an assumed miscreant.
    He got caught breaking into lockers, so a couple of guys fixed him after work.
  10. To purposefully stare at someone.
    He fixed me with a sickly grin, and said, "I told you it wouldn't work!"


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  • Notes:
  1. ^ Sutherland, Edwin H. (ed) (1937): The Professional Thief: by a Professional Thief. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [Reprinted by various publishers in subsequent decades.]



fix (comparative fixer, superlative am fixesten)

  1. fixed (costs, salary)
  2. quick
  3. smart


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