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FIX Hellas beer: Bottle, can, and glass

FIX is a brand of Greek pilsner-style beer. The Fix brewery was founded in 1864 by Carl Johan Fuchs, whose modified name became the company brand. He had come to Greece from Bavaria with King Otto.

FIX became synonymous with beer in Greece, enjoying a virtual monopoly in the country for about 100 years until the mid-1960s, operating a number of factories that also produced fruit juices and beverages. International competition affected company sales. It lost first place in the Greek market in 1973 and, by 1983, the once mighty company was in financial ruin. Despite efforts to save the historic company, it went out of business the same year.

In 1995, the FIX trademarks were bought[1] by the D. Kourtakis wineries from the National Bank of Greece, who had owned the FIX trademarks after the liquidation of the FIX company. The Olympic Brewery (Ολυμπιακή Ζυθοποιία) company was set up, whose main product carries the historic FIX Hellas[2] name, as well as a label design strongly reminiscent of the original FIX label.

The new FIX beer was not financially successful and, in 2009, the Olympic Brewery company was sold to Hitos AVEE[3].

Ownership and usage of the historic trademark has been a source of conflict; there are Fix Beers brewed in the United States and in Canada which claim to use the Fix recipes.[4]


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