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Flags of the Yugoslav socialist republics were defined by each of its six constituent republics. The flag of the socialist republic was hung together with the flag of the SFRY on national holidays and other special occasions.

The individual flags of the six Yugoslav socialist republics were as follows:

Flag of SR Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg
SR Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of SR Croatia.svg
SR Croatia
Flag of the SR Macedonia.svg
SR Macedonia
Flag of SR Montenegro.svg
SR Montenegro
Flag of SR Serbia.svg
SR Serbia
Flag of SR Slovenia.svg
SR Slovenia

All of the flags were based on the old historical flags of the respective Yugoslav constituent nations, except the flag of the SR Bosnia and Herzegovina and SR Macedonia which gained statehood after the WWII. Many of them used the pan-Slavic colors, red, white and blue. They were all embellished by a communist symbol, the red star. As for Bosnia and Herzegovina, because of its multiethnic character, its flag consisted of a red flag but with a small SFR Yugoslav flag in the upper-left corner.

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