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Social Liberal Party
Leader Geert Lambert
Founded 2001 (as Spirit)
Preceded by Spirit, Vlaams Progressieven
Headquarters national secretariat
Woeringenstraat 21 Brussels
International affiliation None
European affiliation European Free Alliance
European Parliament Group None
Official colours Purple
Politics of Belgium
Political parties

The Social Liberal Party (Dutch: About this sound Sociaal-Liberale Partij , SLP) was a Belgian Flemish political party formed after dissolution of the moderate nationalist People's Union (Volksunie) party. Prior to 19 April 2008 it was known as Spirit, and intermediately as Flemish Progressives (VlaamsProgressieven). [1] The party fused with Green! in the end of 2009 thus ceasing to exist.[2][3]



The People's Union separated into two parties, the social liberal Spirit and the centre-right New-Flemish Alliance (N-VA), which formed a cartel with the Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V) party. The formation of a cartel is seen as a way in which Spirit and N-VA can guarantee their influence and position in Flemish and Belgian politics. The forming of the cartel led the liberal wing of the party to join the Flemish Liberals and Democrats (VLD).


Former party logo

Spirit was the abbreviation for

  • Sociaal (Social)
  • Progressief (Progressive)
  • Internationaal (International)
  • Regionalistisch (Regional)
  • Integraal-democratisch (Completely democratic)
  • Toekomstgericht (Future oriented)

2007 elections

In the 10 June 2007 general elections, the Social Liberal party was in a cartel (electoral alliance) with Socialist Party Different (SP.A) and won 14 out of 150 seats in the Chamber of Representatives and 4 out of 40 seats in the Senate.

End of the cartel

In the autumn of 2008, following a scandal causing its leader, Bettina Geysen to step down, the Social Liberal Party ended its cooperation with SP.A. Geert Lambert was elected the new leader. Many prominent party members, including cofounder Bert Anciaux, left the party, [4]


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